Why Does My Google Ranking Keep Changing?


    Your search for a target keyword that you’re trying to rank really well on, and you see that you’ve dropped a place from yesterday. This seems extra frustrating, as you’re investing a fortune in Search Engine Optimization Moreover, you can ask a friend to search for your keywords, and they end up seeing distinct results exclusively. This is a good question and also a common problem. In this digital era, Google rank matters more than people understand. The topmost result in a Google search engine gets approx. 25 to 30 % higher click-through rate. Therefore, not being number one means you’re missing out on thousands of website visitors a month if your main keyword is searched 5,000 times a month. In this content journey, we have compiled a list of reasons you might see different results to help answer why you might see a temporary or long drop when you search for your keyword. 


    Your location

    This is likely to affect the results you see on Google if you and your friend are in various locations while searching or you’re now in a separate town or city. Google will try and show its users the most appropriate result for the person searching, and multiple devices will allow Google to use the phone or the laptop’s GPS or location settings in order to do this.

    Your search frequency

    You may end up seeing the same results more often if you search for the same thing more frequently than someone else. Let’s say you search for your business every so frequently to show a client. You might see your website as the best result over someone that doesn’t visit your website as often – or has never visited it as you frequent your website.

    Similar websites

    Similarly, you might inspect your competitors every so often. The earlier standard will apply to their sites too, and you may end up being served their website as a result because Google acknowledges you prefer sites like theirs. If they’ve reviewed a competitor, then they may see the competition’s website over yours, the same may go for your friend. Or they are more likely to see your website ranked higher than you will if you check out the competition and they only look at yours.

    Increased competition

    It’s conceivable that you genuinely have dropped a place or two for a keyword. Your best SEO agency is probably working as difficult as your budget enables, but there is the outside possibility that your competitor is paying, even more, to have their SEO optimized on an ongoing basis. They may even be utilizing inbound marketing tactics, which might rank them even more elevated than traditional SEO.

    Changing algorithms

    Google utilizes complicated computer program algorithms in order to specify when and how high a website rank. As Search engine optimization agencies and specialists learn the system, some find loopholes, and Google modernizes its algorithm to close loopholes. Google works extremely challenging to ensure only the most appropriate results are served to people using Google. Gaming the system breaks this, so the program is updated occasionally. Moreover, your search engine optimization tactics should be staying on top of these and modifying your website’s content to stay relevant.

    I’m paying Google money, definitely, should I rank higher?

    We’re no longer talking about your organic search ranking if you’re paying Google money. People who pay for Google will have a little green box with an advertisement next to their result. This indicates they’re using Google AdWords and are paying Google to have their website emerge as high as practicable.


    How is organic Google ranking different from Google AdWords?

    Your website’s organic placement in Google totally depends on your search engine optimization. All the traffic you get is free, this is because your website is the most relevant result in Google’s eyes. Though with AdWords, your website is still relevant, you’ve given it a financial boost to get as high to the top as possible. You will pay Google whenever an individual clicks on your advert. The exact amount relies on your bid amount and the level of competition for that keyword. Bidding the most amount of money always means you’ll get to the highest advertising spot either.  

    Just want to be higher on Google, tell me the secret!

    We do get asked this a lot! Even as an organization, we’re guilty of asking Google the exact question. Imagine if there were one straightforward scheme to getting to the top of Google, like a switch on your website you turn on, and it’s unawares optimized perfectly and jumps to the number one spot directly. That would be proficient, wouldn’t it? But you’d unexpectedly have every website in the world – the tens of millions of them there are – all do precisely that without being thoroughly appropriate to the search term. 

    How do I rank higher on Google?

    Your industry might be more comfortable than others due to lower competition, so you might have a more manageable job than the next business. Even if you do rank favorably, you’ll probably boost your competition to start investing in their search engine ranking, so you’ll have to put in more work to remain at the top.

    Google is the latest texpo, but difficult. You pay extra to get better placement, a more oversized stand, and a better display at an expo. One year you’re the largest and the best & you get all the awareness, then the following year your competition has done the same because they saw how prosperous you were. What happens next year? You reinvest in virtual truth and interactive exhibits, and you get the edge. But the year after that you can’t drive for people with VR headsets.

    Moreover, your Google search ranking matters if you plan on acquiring new leads for your sales team through your website or improving online sales on your e-commerce store. Desire to find out some simple methods you can use practical SEO tactics to achieve a higher Google search rank for your website? 


    Technical issues

    Technical issues will preclude Google from going via a smooth crawling and indexing process for your site. You need to make it as easy and fast as possible for Google to process and comprehend your content. These problems can vary from pages being unavailable to something we call flapping where search engines are receiving additional responses for the same request. This may occur because you’re utilizing a load balancer backed by numerous servers that are running multiple versions of your site. Or when there are CDN caching problems. Can Google accurately crawl your site? Run a fast check with Content King to see if Google can efficiently crawl and index your site’s content!

    The competition making moves

    There is no doubt that it’s a difficult job to run the most successful project with lots of websites that are available on the internet. The competition never rests and will keep on making actions, trying to outperform you and make your pages down in the search results. Therefore, you have to try till the end of the game, observing what your competitors are doing for this reason. 

    Investigate, research, and learn to whom you lost your rankings. Identify any search questions for which your positions have sunk. Gather your results and come up with a technique to win those rankings back.

    • What else could have been the cause?
    • Google updates

    Google updates its algorithm constantly, as commented above. Others can have a huge impact, while some changes are barely noticeable. Nevertheless, Google’s updates are a frequent reason for quick ranking changes. 

    As a result, you need to check this carefully, in case this didn’t happen to connect with the Google algorithm updates if your ranking is varied. 

     SEO experts monitor the search engine’s behavior and have built tools that find major changes in rankings, while Google usually remains silent on its smaller updates. 

    Geolocation and personalization

    You need to keep in mind that these results can be personalized when you look towards Google Search results for your website directly in Search. 

    The algorithm takes into account your earlier behavior, the sites you visit most of the time, as well as your geographical location.

    It becomes important for you to use a rank tracking tool that creates non-personalized and non-localized data to get less skewed results about your ranking. Additionally, recognize that their results are still mere beliefs, and it’s better to combine many such platforms to get a more reasonable grasp of your performance.

    How will I come to know about the rank change from Google?

    You can easily observe your traffic, and if there are no major changes, it means your rank analyzer might be assisting your pitch data. In simple words, your ranking affects your performance if your ranking is going down. 

    How do I keep track of my rankings?

    You should use multiple tools together in order to get the most reliable calculations for your rankings. The most suitable option to start with is Google Search Console plus data from Bing Webmaster Tools. After that, integrate these with appropriate rank trackers, such as Accutane, and other platforms so that you have numerous sources for exploring your website’s performance.


    How to Keep Your Google Rankings Stable?

    In simple words, it is not in your hand to do much about natural keyword change modifications, excluding monitoring them and trying to keep up. In addition to this, it is the possibility to capitalize on impulsive. Moreover, it is possible to capitalize on impulsive directions, the case where either you are a content marketing pro or hold one on your side. You should keep material interest keywords in mind and be ready for the surge of activity during the year.

    There is a brief outage, it is because the incredible traffic can crawl around search outcomes quite a bit in order to confirm your site can tolerate seasonal traffic. Always seek to publish the best quality content feasible to keep your site’s ranking high. Consider doing an annual content audit, as well as a backlink audit to terminate content that might be removing your site. Carefully estimate whether a drastic move like a URL difference is worth it in terms of search engine ranking.

    Always keep an eye on your contest, and you don’t need to worry if individuals fluctuate. 

    In case, if you are observing your ranking, you might be under search modification and some other search optimization troubles.  Some of these problems will require experts’ help to detect and fix. You need to consider obtaining search engine optimization experts in order to help you out. In case you consider your website, it may be unfairly penalized by Google’s ranking scale engine. 


    Pro tip

    Consider your ranking on a weekly or even monthly basis to achieve the more oversized picture. Looking at daily interpretation alone can result in imprecise assumptions about your comprehensive ranking.

    Final thoughts:

    Hopefully, after reading this informative content on the google search ranking, you may get ideas about google ranking factors and some additional information also. Furthermore, if you want to know more about google ranking factors, you can read our more blogs on the same topic. Lastly, don’t forget to give your valuable reviews in the below comment section box. Happy searching!

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