The Complete Guide To SEO For Cryptocurrency Websites


    As of November 2022, more than 12,000 cryptocurrencies are available, making the crypto market not only the fastest growing but also the most competitive one. 

    With the emergence of cryptocurrencies, the internet has witnessed an unprecedented surge in the number of people checking up on crypto online. 

    SEO is defined as the optimization of your content so that people searching online are more likely to see it.

    Crypto SEO focuses on optimizing your cryptocurrency blog to increase page views. 

    What is SEO For Cryptocurrency?

    Crypto SEO involves traditional SEO practices but takes into account specialized keywords that relate to the blockchain and cryptocurrency community. 

    Cryptocurrency SEO is very helpful in attracting more organic traffic within the cryptocurrency niche. SEO for crypto and blockchain gives surety to get a greater return on investment for your crypto business. 

    SEO for blockchain and cryptocurrency technical SEO seems like a huge task, but it is a crucial part of the overall marketing strategy that you shouldn’t ignore. You may initiate ranking on Google using the SEO suggestion in this guide.

    We’ve previously created a comprehensive manual on IDO marketing and PR. Search engine optimization for cryptocurrencies is the key to accomplishing this. You can promote your IDO by leveraging SEO and publishing high-quality blog content.

    Need For Crypto SEO?

    SEO may be something you’re already acquainted with or still learning about. Users of search engines get relevant and timely information from search engines. Search engine optimization (SEO) raises a website’s visibility in search engine result pages (SERP), which boosts website traffic.

    The best method to increase target audience awareness of your cryptocurrency, Defi app, NFT or other blockchain product is via strong crypto SEO. 

    SEO for cryptocurrencies contributes to increasing your site’s reputation and trust in the blockchain community.SEO can boost conversions and organic visitors to your cryptocurrency website, it can develop your web 3 brand’s credibility, and compounding can help you grow your blockchain and cryptocurrency business.

    Cryptocurrency Marketing Agency

    There are several reputable crypto marketing agencies to pick from in 2022. You might be thinking about whether hiring a cryptocurrency marketing service is worthwhile. Working with a top crypto agency can considerably speed up the growth rate of your project, giving you access to channels that would have been challenging to handle on your own and even providing price cuts with influencers, media, and other parties.

    Crypto SEO will increase the visibility of your blog material if you consistently produce high-quality blog posts in the cryptocurrency field. The more visitors you receive, the more visibility and traction your IDO campaign will receive. In fact, according to our analysis, IDO platforms with more extensive monthly worldwide organic search traffic raise more money on average for each project. The quantity of funds raised by projects increases along with search traffic. Crypto SEO guarantees a better position in Google search results.

    Your blog will receive greater exposure if it is SEO-optimized. The general optimization of the actual website will rise when your website adds more optimized posts. High-performing bitcoin SEO blogs and the positioning of your website in Google search results are mutually beneficial.

    Using a well-optimized SEO blog is one of the finest strategies to improve your position in Google search rankings. The vast majority of cryptocurrency businesses lack blogs. Their IDOs are more challenging to locate, which is the primary issue.

    They won’t be gaining any original traffic other than by utilizing IDO marketing and PR. You cannot ignore this area of contact, given that direct involvement accounts for, on average, 39% of traffic for a cryptocurrency. By starting a blog that produces unique, trustworthy, and informed information, you may increase the number of clients you reach. Because you are employing crypto SEO, your blog will eventually gain popularity. As you assist clients, you will promote your brand, gain domain authority, and boost your brand awareness.

    How to create an SEO-Optimized Crypto Blog?

    Even though a cryptocurrency blog can be a handy tool, you must keep in mind that you can’t just write about anything. Every blog article you produce needs to be specifically related to the cryptocurrency industry. Don’t worry if that makes you feel uneasy. The writing process will be broken down into five simple parts. Blockchain search engine optimization will have you creating excellent crypto blogs in no time.

    1. Pick a topic that meets the cryptocurrency niche.

    2. Pick a suitable style for that blog post.

    3. Research your competitors

    4. Keyword exploration

    5. Writing

    Basics of Crypto SEO

    Select a Niche 

    It would be best if you wrote blog entries for your IDO platform focusing on the bitcoin market. After all, nobody visits an IDO site to read a blog on eating and exercise! 

    Consider subjects you could research and write about. Although you don’t need to be an expert, get ready to conduct a study until you do. If you are having trouble coming up with topic ideas, this blog post can help. 

    Google Trends is one of the best resources you can use to create titles based on a topic. Google Trends will produce a “Related Queries” section once you enter a key phrase. These will be typical inquiries made by people looking for your keyword.

    Consider the term “cryptocurrency” as an illustration:

    As you can see, you’ll be shown how popular a term has become over time. This might help you have a better understanding of the general level of interest that the public will have in your content. Let’s move on to the relevant queries. These terms were searched for by the same people who were looking for “cryptocurrency.” This gave us a starting point for article themes.

    What new cryptocurrencies should I be on the lookout for in 2022?”It’s crucial to remember that a bitcoin company needs to provide content that covers two primary topics. The first focuses on writing articles that draw investors and are directed toward the cryptocurrency community.

    Second, a good cryptocurrency blog will also focus on the sector as a whole. Perhaps GitHub has released a decentralized version or some other helpful tool. Examining these fresh additions would be a terrific idea. Choosing the right style for your blog or article:

    Now that you have a theme for your cryptocurrency blog post, it’s time to consider your presentation options.

    Format for an SEO-Optimized Crypto Blog

    Most blog postings adhere to one of the following formats:

    A review blog where you share your thoughts on a new cryptocurrency or service; a tutorial where you explain how to do something; a listicle; an opinion piece; or the “Why” post (Why to use X product when buying cryptocurrencies).

    Now, you won’t be chosen at random from the list above. There is a blog structure that works best for the majority of niches. But there aren’t many blogs about crypto advertising agencies. Real estate is an example of something with a more established format. They employ a variety, ranging from evaluations and opinion pieces to justifications. Your blog needs to follow suit.

    If you ever find yourself in a rut, consider the reader’s perspective. Would you want a short list of this information? What about a more extensive, lengthy post? Keyword investigation

    One of the most crucial aspects of establishing a bitcoin blog with SEO is conducting keyword research. A keyword is a critical phrase that Google will identify in your content and list under that term’s search results. When we Google something, a relevant article only appears because of keywords. You must seek some powerful keywords if you wish to rank highly on Google.

    The process of creating an account is entirely free and very effective. You can find all the data you require with Google Keyword Planner. You can see the yearly average for searches as well as the relative level of competition for each phrase. When choosing a keyword, you should pay attention to two fundamental requirements you want to meet:

    1. Competition is light to moderate.

    2. The number of average searches is respectable.

    If your keyword meets both of these requirements, there is a good chance that Google will find your post.

    You’re all set!

    You are now prepared to write since you have a great topic and title, a plan for your structure, knowledge of the subheadings used by competitors, and a robust primary keyword.

    Always make a plan before writing. After listing all the subheadings, you’ll cover, just fill in the blanks.

    On-Page SEO Advice 

    After publishing your first cryptocurrency blog, it’s time to implement blockchain SEO. You must address a few key points before hitting the print button. Optimizing each of these components can raise the position of your blog post on Google search results pages. Let’s talk about how to improve the following elements of your cryptocurrency blog post.

    Website SEO Friendly


    The first thing a potential viewer will see is the titles. The search console will also see your post’s title as the first item while indexing it. As a result, you must make sure the keyword you’ve chosen appears in your title. If you can, start the keyword at the beginning of the title, but if not, just about anywhere will do! Make sure your title doesn’t exceed the Google search limit as well. In that case, it will be terminated with an ellipsis.

    Long Paragraphs

    Long paragraphs overwhelm readers. Keep it brief! A section should be no more than four lines long. However, ideally, you’ll want to keep them below that amount! It’s simpler to scan shorter text. The blog looks much neater when there is white space on the page! The meta description There should be two essential components to meta descriptions. Contains the keyword; between 120 and 150 characters Include the two elements mentioned above and provide a summary of the subject matter of your article.

    First step: The first step is to export or save your image as little as you can. An image compressor might also be used for this.

    Second Step: Give the image a title that describes what it is, preferably with a keyword.

    Third Step: Add a descriptive alt text to the image after it has been submitted. This will benefit any blog readers who are blind or visually handicapped. This brings up the primary point about slugs. Try to use your keywords while describing the article’s topic. Try to stick with evergreen slugs since you’ll change your posts over time. Avoid using date markers like Blockchain-marketing-2021 since they will quickly become obsolete. Regardless of when they were placed, you want to maintain your links looking current.

    Internal Linkage

    Role of Internal Linking for Crypto SEO

    A minimum of two internal links to your content should be included in every blog post. These are links to earlier articles you’ve published. This approach works for two reasons:

    • Offers a content repository

    • Offers incoming links to your content

    A reader can quickly shift from one article to the next if there are numerous articles explaining the same idea.

    Bonus Material: Common Crypto SEO Misconceptions Affecting Your Rankings

    Off-Page SEO Strategies 

    Off-page SEO for cryptocurrencies is enhancing your connections with other websites in the industry, gaining backlinks, writing guest articles, and ensuring that as many people as possible are pointing to your material.


    Do crypto and blockchain also require SEO to be successful?

    The answer will be “Yes,” as Cryptocurrency websites require a special focus on SEO not simply because it has high competition but for several other reasons. In the blockchain, one needs to invest in search engine marketing as Google goes through additional checks, making it more difficult to attract search traffic for comparatively newer websites. This is how SEO for Cryptocurrency is important. 

    What are the Best Practices for Cryptocurrency SEO?

    Now that we know how SEO practices are important for Cryptocurrency, let’s understand the best practices for Cryptocurrency SEO. 

    • Aligning content with Search Intent 
    • Optimising images as well as content on the site 
    • Researching and creating compelling meta descriptions, including title tags. 
    • Optimising loading speed and internal linking structure.
    • Creating SEO-friendly URLs 

    How can you bring more sales using Crypto SEO?

    Bringing more sales and building customers is the most crucial step for any business. However, let’s have a look at some aspects that possibly help get more deals using SEO for Crypto:- 

    • Crypto Website structure 
    • Keyword Research for Cryptocurrency 
    • Optimising site content
    • Link building process

    What are some current trends in cryptocurrency marketing?

    The market valuation of cryptocurrencies is currently $1.6 trillion or possibly higher due to thousands of cryptocurrencies competing to be on top. Given below are some current trends in cryptocurrency SEO:- 

    • Trading bots and stablecoins 
    • Well-centralised digital currencies 
    • Increasing Cryptocurrency Censorship 
    • Increased Sector Acceptance of Cryptocurrency

    Why is crypto SEO one of the Effective ways to drive traffic?

    SEO is extremely cost-effective. On a pound-for-pound basis, SEO is one of the most cost-effective ways to attract traffic and your site’s attention. The highest costs for SEO are the following:- 

    • Workforce hours to do the legwork 
    • It offers a really interesting opportunity in terms of SEO.
    • Software tools to make sure you are working smarter and not harder.

    Concluding Words

    Follow the instructions in this article to optimize your bitcoin blog content, and you’ll soon start receiving organic traffic. You’re perplexed after hearing so much about crypto SEO. We have years of experience and a long list of excellent recommendations, so if you need a little additional assistance, we can help. Hopefully, the information provided through this blog post regarding SEO for crypto and blockchain will help you a lot. Moreover, you can contact IndeedSEO Cryptocurrency marketing company which provides services on SEO for cryptocurrency and blockchain. Happy trading!

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