SEO For Family Law – A Complete Comprehensive Guide


    These days almost every family law firm has a website where people come to know about their services. Moreover, many law firms are planning to start from scratch. But in both situations, understanding SEO for family law is essential to get organic traffic to the website. 

    However, if your website is not getting organic traffic, that shows your potential clients are headed toward your competitors, and you are missing out on a large portion of the potential clients. One of the studies by AccuRanker states that the legal niche is one of the competitive markets when we talk about getting positive results from SEO. It indicates that if the law firm doesn’t have an effective and powerful SEO strategy the website will not attract potential audience. 

    So, let’s find out what are the different SEO strategies family law websites can implement to be on the path of success.

    What is SEO for Family Law?

    What is SEO for Family Law?

    SEO is a digital marketing strategy implemented on the law firm’s website to improve its online presence in organic search engine results. It includes a set of techniques concerning digital marketing which will improve the website ranking on SERPs. According to experts in digital marketing, the higher the website’s rank on the search engines, the more traffic to the website.

    Why is SEO Important For Family Law Firms?

    Why is SEO Important For Family Law Firms?

    If you own a family law website, then for its success, SEO plays an essential role. Beyond increasing a law firm’s rankings in the search results, SEO works to draw in more traffic that’s likely to convert into qualified leads—some of the best reasons why divorce lawyer SEO is important.

    Delivers Competitive Advantage

    Search engine optimization offers law firms a competitive advantage over the competitors. If the law firm is ranking high on SERPs, then there is a high chance your target audience will see your website. In short, implementing SEO for family law into the site means your overall ranking will improve. 

    Boost Online Presence

    SEO for family law also improves the website’s online visibility, which makes the potential clients easier to find your firm. But for that, you have to optimize the website and website content for search engines which will help you to rank high on SERPs and increase organic traffic. 

    A cost-effective way of growth

    Search engine optimization is one of the cost-effective ways to attract new clients to the law firm. If you talk about paid advertising, it will be a costly affair, but SEO will help the website to come on the first page of search engines. However, by investing in SEO family law, you can easily generate organic traffic to your website.

    Offers trust and authority

    A high website ranking means your law firm will be counted as a trusted and authoritative source in SERPs. This can only be possible if you insert informative content, and implement all the SEO guidelines on the website, which will build confidence and trust with the target audience. 

    Elements of a divorce lawyer SEO campaign

    Law firms have to work on several levels if a website wants to rank high on search engines. They are: –

    • ON-page SEO
    • Off-page SEO
    • Technical SEO

    Best ways to improve your Family Law SEO Strategy

    Best ways to improve your family law SEO strategy

    After thorough research, we have compiled some of the best and time-tested SEO practices to help family law firms rank high on SERPs. But before you start planning to implement SEO remember the results take time to happen. That means SEO is like an investment, and it will pay dividends over time to come.

    Let’s get started!

    Create an account on Google My Business.

    If your law firm still needs to create an account on GMB, you should create one as soon as possible. It is an important tool that informs potential audiences about the existence of family law websites. This includes the law firm name, contact number, types of legal services you are offering, opening hours, physical address, etc. 

    People who need legal services and when they see your website listed high on search results, will likely take your services. But for that, you have to set up an account on Google Business Profile. This account will allow the business to manage your overall profile and optimize it for SEO family law in the search results and Google Maps. Setting up an account on GMB is free and no doubt delivers many significant benefits. 

    Once the account is set up, your future and past clients can leave reviews about their experience with the law firm. As per the latest report, Google considers customer reviews when ranking websites on Google Maps. Here you cannot say a law firm will only get positive reviews, but more of them increases the chances of high ranking on local searches.

    Create an engaging and powerful website.

    Website is another important factor that impacts the overall ranking of the law firm’s website. That means to come on the first page of Google, create an engaging and powerful website that will clearly promote legal services and be easily navigable. In short, every law firm’s service must be explained in detail so potential clients know what services they will receive. 

    Apart from that, you can also outline why potential clients can benefit from the law firm legal services. When you do this, you will notice that the website will gradually improve its ranking on SERPs.

    The reason to make the website powerful is your potential clients will only decide whether to take your services or not through it. So, ensure to deliver a great impression of your law firm’s website. 


    Creating high-quality and helpful content for the website is essential to attract a target audience that will establish authority in the legal industry. There are various types of content for law firms, like visual, audio, and text. With regular posting, your target audience will get valuable information by which the website’s online visibility will improve in search engines.

    But you have to optimize the content for SEO for family law by making it user-friendly, engaging, shareable, and helpful by inserting keywords. Moreover, you have to ensure your law firm site and content is optimized for all devices like mobile, laptop, desktop, etc. 

    For example, you can write content related to the divorce process in which you can elaborate about things like child support, alimony, etc. Apart from that, it should also cover child custody, high-net-worth divorces, etc. Remember one thing: it is important to consider readers’ feelings while writing on these subjects. That means don’t be too objective or drift, which can be off-putting to someone who is going through tough times. 

    Create a strong foundation with link building.

    Backlinks are known to be the backbone of SEO and one of the most vital factors that helps websites to rank high. Moreover, they are also defined as external links that link back to your law firm’s website. According to experts in digital marketing, high-quality backlinks show that your content is endorsed, which is a true recipe for a higher ranking. 

    However, law firm businesses must practice link-building to earn quality backlinks. There are some ways by which you can earn backlinks, like listing your website on online directories or Google My Business. On top of that, build healthy relationships with companies offering relevant services but ensure they are not your competitors. 

    Improve the website speed.

    Website speed is a part of technical SEO, which is not visible to an ordinary visitor but helps the website be in good condition. It plays an essential role in attracting organic traffic to the website. According to the latest Google report, if the website takes more than 3 seconds to upload, there is a high chance the potential client will move to another website to take the services. 

    So, if you want that your potential clients will not face this issue, ensure to offer a website that loads faster. Some of the best ways to do this are: –

    • Optimize the website images by compressing and resizing them
    • Reduce HTTP requests by combining and compressing files
    • Take the help of CDN that is a content delivery network so that content will be distributed across multiple servers
    • Enable browser caching to minimize the load time of the website so that visitors will return to the site

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    Take the help of social media.

    Social media is the off-page approach that helps websites to rank high on search engines. Social media is one of those platforms that helps websites to get organic traffic but ensure to post engaging and attractive content regularly. These days almost every individual has created their account on social media platforms to remain updated.

    Keeping this in mind, family law firms have to create an account  if they want to come in front of their potential clients. For that, create business accounts on any social media platform you think are reliable and post your business content regularly on the page to drive traffic to the website. But ensure to post engaging and high-quality content in images, videos, etc.

    Google Map pack for law firms.

    Google Maps is another vital tool that law firms should implement in their divorce lawyer SEO strategies. However, to deploy this, your Google My Business page must be optimized for the location from where you are serving.

    Additionally, make sure your Google My Business profile reflects all your legal services along with targeted keywords of your law firm. Apart from that, it’s also a good idea to insert optimized images of your business on the website. This step will allow your business to appear on the first page of SERPs whenever your target audience searches for a law firm. 

    Optimize your website for local SEO

    If your law firm has a physical location like many others, you must optimize your website for local searches, called local SEO. With time, local searches are increasing significantly from the date when people started relying on Google to find the best business. 

    The experts of SEO for family lawyers state that local search results look different from regular results. When you plan to optimize your website for local searches, you first examine your competitors’ sites to understand their marketing strategies. This step will help you to know their tactics, and once you know their marketing techniques, build your strategy that counters their efforts.

    Do you know why local SEO is vital to obtain qualified leads? To learn about this, let’s have a look at the stats: –

    • Around 72% of the potential audience who perform local searches visit a business within 5 miles.
    • Approximately 50% of Google searches need local information.
    • Most of the users try to find local companies online.

    However, if you want your law firm to rank high for local SEO, you must notify Google. For that, law firms have to expand their market reach by focusing on nearby cities of the area in which they are operating. In this case, your search volume may not be high, but you will surely attract more qualified leads. 

    There are mainly 3 factors that Google considers while ranking the website for local search. It is relevancy, distance, and prominence. So, ensure your firm incorporates all three factors above to rank high on Google searches for the best results.

    ✓ Come up with online directories to improve your website ranking

    Online directories are another vital factor in optimizing the SEO for family lawyers. These legal directories list the law firm’s full name, contact information, address, and the legal services you offer. Experts in digital marketing state that these online directories are one of the best ways to enhance the authority and credibility of the website with Google.

    The reason is that the second source confirms the law firm’s existence, location, and legal services. They are also helpful in building links that improve the website’s credibility. If you are not listed on any of the directories, then your chances of ranking are very low. But if you are on multiple directories, there is a high chance your law firm website ranking will improve significantly. 

    So, for best results, include your law firm on legitimate directories but be unaware of spam sites, as listed on them can result in your website losing domain authority. 

    Put some effort to make your website mobile-friendly

    These days almost every individual is using mobile devices to search for the best services which they want to make their life easy. Keeping this in mind, making your law firm’s website mobile-friendly is very essential. That means the law firm’s website will be designed to be viewed on a smaller screen. So, if you want that the website is mobile-friendly, consider the following things: –

    • Install mobile-friendly plugins and tools to boost the website functionality
    • Optimize the website layout and navigation for touch devices
    • Ensure the website design is responsive so that it will easily adapt to varied screen sizes
    • Mobile content should be easy to read

    Build a strong family law firm reputation with Google EAT

    Google EAT is just an acronym that shows expertise, trustworthiness, and authoritativeness. These are some factors that Google judges to decide where the website or page ranks among your rivals. However, to improve the rank of your law firm’s website, you must publish relevant content to establish family law expertise. 

    On top of that, the content should address the user’s search intent very clearly and perfectly. 

    Measure the law firm’s SEO results and adapt

    After implementing a solid SEO strategy to the website, it’s time to see the rewards of your efforts. This you can check through website analytics. There is a tool called Google Analytics that delivers pertinent info about the website’s organic traffic. This will help you to know how many people have clicked on the family law website and the time they spend on the website.

    Moreover, another essential thing that you must measure is actual leads. With time, SEO for family lawyers’ efforts will lead to positive results and, thus, more traffic to the website. 

    Develop a robust Family law firm SEO strategy with IndeedSEO

    Applying successful SEO techniques is only some people’s cup of tea. You have to do many things to rank the law firm website, like creating a powerful website, creating engaging and helpful content, inserting keywords, deploying technical things, etc. 

    However, handling all these things is easy, but there is a high risk that taking care of these things will adversely affect the services you offer. The reason is that a strong SEO strategy takes time to implement and easily distracts from regular work. 

    In this case, you must consider handing the task to the best digital marketing agency like IndeedSEO. We are the leading and reputed SEO agency that will help your website to come on the first page of Google. IndeedSEO has a skilled and experienced staff who will work with you to ensure the best results within no time.


    Do law firm websites need the help of SEO tactics?

    SEO is designed to drive potential clients to the website, and if you don’t implement SEO tactics, the website will not rank on SERPs. On top of that, the law firm will not grow as it has to grow after applying SEO techniques.

    What are the 3 main core areas law firm websites must consider ranking?

    They are On-Page SEO, Off-page SEO, and Technical SEO. If the law firm site is optimized according to these three, it will surely rank high on SERPs and get more and more clients with time.

    Why is local SEO essential for law firms?

    These days law firms have to optimize their website for local search as it helps improve search engine visibility for queries and local intent. Local SEO is very important for firms through which law firms can rank their website easily.

    What are the common mistakes that should be avoided with SEO?

    There are numerous things law firm websites must avoid ranking their website. They are duplicate content, slow speed of the website, incorrect Google My Business verification code, broken images, missing alternative texts, outdated content, bad reviews, and many more. 


    I hope through this guide, you come to know all about SEO for family law. You have to consider numerous things to rank your website on SERPs. However, if you ignore SEO, then there is a high chance you will not get leads that can be converted into regular customers. So, follow the SEO as mentioned above strategies and give a steady flow to your website to rank on search engines. 

    But remember, SEO is an ongoing marathon that needs hard work to get results. 

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