Marketing for Accounting Firms: 15 Best Marketing Strategies


    Marketing for accounting firms is one of the significant factors that make the whole difference in the growth of accounting companies. That means it’s not the amount of money that makes the winner or loser; instead, the proper marketing techniques make a company apart from others. 

    If the accounting company doesn’t have a robust marketing plan in place, it’s next to impossible for them to attract new clients and move towards growth. Luckily, companies can apply numerous easy-to-implement CPA firm marketing techniques to expand their reach.

    So, if you want to know the best marketing for accounting firm strategies, you have reached the right place. Through this post, you will dive deep into top marketing techniques for accountants that will work well, and you can easily attract a new customer base.

    Let’s explore some of the unique marketing strategies for the perfect growth of your accounting firm. Let’s check them out!

    Top strategies For Accounting Firm Marketing  

    Top strategies For Accounting Firm Marketing

    According to the latest report, almost half the population all over the world searches for products and services online. So considering this, let’s explore the best marketing strategies for accountants.

    Invest time in knowing and building the brand

    First, try to get the answers to the questions: Who are you, and what services do you offer? The answers to these questions are critical before considering any marketing plan. That means investing some time to know about your accounting company, like, a better price point, a niche of expertise, the areas you need to focus on to improve the company’s growth, and many more.

    For this, sit down with your management team and decide the areas you must focus on while making a marketing plan. But ensure to make marketing plans keeping your target audience in mind.

    Update your accounting website

    A website is one of the great ways to showcase expertise in a particular field. So, take an objective to review your accounting website and update it as per the latest Google Algorithm. According to the latest report of Adobe, around 38% of the population stops visiting the website if it needs to be updated and the layout needs to be more attractive.

    Here an unattractive website means an over-crowded site with a lot of content; in this type of website, knowing about the services becomes impossible. So, update your accounting website by showcasing top-performing services with proven track records.  

    Remember to explain the services in detail but write something unique which will make your firm website stay ahead of the competition. This step will attract your potential clients to take your services. 

    Networking is the key to success.

    If you want to increase your customer base  without making a hole in your pocket, try to come up with a number of networking events like conferences, seminars, etc. These events will significantly help build a pipeline of your customers and allow your target audience to know about your accounting firm marketing.

    Furthermore, going with person-to-person networking is the best accountant marketing plan to move the business towards success. With this step your accounting firm brand awareness and your reach will get new dimensions. 

    Get going with blogging

    Blogging is an all-time superb marketing technique, and for good reason. Creating quality and useful blogs will drive traffic to the website, and a portion of potential clients will convert into leads with little effort. For example, you live in the USA, and by studying your target market, you know they don’t know how to fill out any accounting applications. 

    So, you can create a quality blog with targeted keywords on that topic. But add CTR at the end so potential clients will reach your website and take the services. The more blogs you publish, the more your website traffic will increase with the time you write, keeping SEO guidelines in mind. 

    Take the help of social media

    Till now, many accountancy firms rely on word of mouth for growth, but to enhance their overall performance, they must embrace online marketing activities. For example, take the help of social media, email marketing, and various other promotional tools. 

    But overall, one of the cost-effective ways to reach potential clients and improve online visibility is social media marketing. But for that accounting firm has to post high-quality information and post regularly on the account. However, if you need help with social media, you can contact IndeedSEO, one of the leading digital marketing companies, to grow your target audience.

    Add chat service to your website.

    If you are a newbie in the accounting field, you have enough time to respond to your target audience’s queries on the website. But if the firm is medium-sized or large, it becomes challenging to devote time to the chat service as you have lots of work. The main motive for adding a chat service to the website is to engage with potential clients’ queries to convert them into leads.

    Use paid ads

    Google Ads is another marketing for accounting firms strategy that can be very helpful in converting potential clients into regular customers. According to experts in digital marketing, the best thing about taking the route of paid ads is to check how much traffic drives the website. 

    But being wary of how much money you invest in paid ads is essential. Additionally, if the accountant firm’s services are highly-defined and the sales process is rock-solid, then paid Google Ads is an excellent option to get more leads.

    Be careful about reviews.

    In the 21st century, most individuals who want to take accounting services also rely on referrals. But if people need a reliable accounting service provider by contacting friends or relatives, they will turn to the Internet. Keeping this in mind, ignoring website reviews like on Google, Bing, and Yelp will not attract clients to the business. 

    However, your business website will indeed get negative reviews, but responding to the issues matters a lot. If you ask for good reviews from your clients, it violates the terms of service, but you can encourage your existing clients to leave reviews depending on the services they get. 

    Follow-up with your past clients

    Once the project ends, don’t let them forget you and your esteemed services. That means making a routine to send pleasant notes through email quarterly to be in touch with them. You can mention how much you have enjoyed working with them in the email. 

    Apart from that, the accounting firm can also call them and ask if they need any further services or not. Moreover, birthday and anniversary wishes are another innovative way to impress existing clients. This way, the previous clients will rethink retaking your services and refer your firm to their friends or relatives.

    Have professional marketing material

    Here professional marketing material includes business cards, branded pens, notebooks, coffee, and other things that showcase your accounting business. Remember, business cards are not dead as they save the hands of the individual from embarrassment to jot down the number of hands or any napkin. 

    Having all these professional things presents an air of professionalism and presents the firm as an established and high-end company.

    Apply video marketing

    Video marketing for accounting firms will deliver excellent results if done correctly. This you can use to share valuable information with your potential clients, and when they start trusting you converting them into leads is not a challenge. However, if you need help figuring out where to start, you can hire a superb digital marketing company for guidance.

    Start a podcast

    As per a recent report, around 55% of Americans regularly listen to podcasts. They are the most popular way to remain updated, and no doubt their popularity is growing significantly with time. Several people want accounting information for one purpose or the other.

    Considering this, if you offer an informative yet entertaining way, people will surely listen to it and gain insights. To start with, an accounting firm needs one decent microphone and a quiet place to record. 

    Align with relevant businesses.

    This is one of the longstanding marketing tactics which can do wonders within no time. For high growth, build healthy relationships with related businesses like bankers, law firms, insurance brokers, etc.  

    Having an alliance with the above businesses will offer you a funnel of new clients as long as you are delivering something in return to them.

    Facebook Ads

    Once you set your business page marketing for accountants you can take your market strategy to the next level by implementing Facebook Ads. Like Google Ads, it can also be tailored as per the budget because of which it is not at all an expensive affair. Facebook has a number of tools which firms can use to develop the best ad that will easily attract potential audiences to the website.

    But before you start your Facebook Ads you have to make the decision whether you want to build a strong customer base or broaden your reach. Once this is done you can run your Facebook ad in the form of a photo, slideshow, and a video.

    Moreover, to know how your Facebook ad is performing take the help of analytics tools which will help you to improve your ad for your target audience.

    Website Search Engine Optimization

    The accounting firm website is the path that helps your target audience to reach you with just one click. So, for best results, ensure to optimize your accounting firm website as per Google’s latest guidelines . Go for an SEO agency that will help you to rank your accounting firm on the top of Google’s first page.

    On top of that, optimize your accounting website for local SEO so that local customers will come to know about the business and will take your services in the future. 


    Q: How do accounting firms advertise themselves as CPAs?

    A: Here are some best ways to market your accounting business and attract your potential audience. They are: creating engaging and helpful YouTube videos, creating a blog for your accounting website, inserting targeted keywords in the website content, building email lists, and many more.

    Q: Do accountants need marketing?

    A: If accounting firms want to broaden their reach and create brand awareness then it is very essential to market their services on various channels. For example, creating a website, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, etc.

    Q: How can accounting firms use social media?

    A: Social media is a powerful platform for accounting businesses that helps them to engage directly with their potential clients through posts. On top of that, accounting firms can also showcase their services to attract new customers.

    Q: How much should an accounting firm spend on marketing?

    A: As a rule of thumb, accounting firms will only spend around 7-10% of their overall turnover on marketing their services.


    Well, these are some of the best CPA firm marketing tactics that can win the heart of the potential audience, while traditional marketing for accountants will take more time to deliver results. Digital marketing techniques are the best way to reach your goals and help you to appear on the first page of SERPs. 

    However, if you need to be more handy in implementing the above things, hire digital marketing experts to help you to reach your target audience within no time. Get in touch with the experts of IndeedSEO today and learn to explore your business world!

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