How to Rank Your Website for “SEO Near Me” Searches?


    Running a business is not an easy task. The main challenge that comes in the way is reaching your potential clients who are living nearby. For that you have to optimize your site for SEO near me searches.  However, if you are not optimizing your website for local search, you are surely missing a significant portion of the target audience. That’s why it becomes vital to opt for “SEO near me searches as it will help the business website to drive local revenue and helps to reach a broader audience within no time.

    Over the past few years, near me SEO searches have grown exponentially, because of which it has become the primary version of local search engine optimization. According to the latest report of Google of the past two years, there is a 150% growth in near-me searches than those without. 

    So, if you haven’t optimized your business for “near me SEO” searches, it’s the right time to consider this and grow your business within no time. Let’s get started!

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    How to rank your business for “local SEO near me” searches?

    How to rank your business for “local SEO near me” searches

    There are several ways by which businesses can improve their online visibility. Some of them are: –

    🔴 Optimize your business on Google My Business.

    To rank your business on the first page of Google for local searches, it’s mandatory to showcase it on the Google Maps Pack. On the map-based listings, people will easily find you when they search from nearby areas. For that, businesses have to set up the profile and then try to optimize it. 

    Follow the steps to create an account on Google My Business

    • First, add complete information about your business, like name, address, contact number, etc. on the profile.
    • Don’t forget to add correct and consistent information along with business hours on GMB.
    • Select the relevant business category in which you are dealing.
    • List down all the products and information, along with some fantastic photos of GMB.
    • Also, ask your existing customers to leave online feedback or reviews about your business or services.

    Furthermore, ensure to revisit your Google My Business profile every now and then to check whether the information is correct or not. Remember, your business name, address, and contact number must be consistent on all web properties. Keep in mind to respond to all business queries quickly and appropriately.

    🔴 Use proper Schema Markup.

    Schema markup is another excellent way to help your business stand out from the competitors in local SEO keyword search results. Schema markup data help search engines provide enough information related to business so that it will be in front of the people when they search.

    Adding schema to the business site delivers numerous benefits, enhances rich snippets, allows businesses to be in the knowledge graph, increases the overall online presence of the brand, signals accurate proximity to Google with the help of exact coordinates, and many more.

    The business can quickly generate schema with the help of some generation tool and implement it on the site via a plugin or directly in the backend HTML. 

    🔴 Ensure to make customer feedback visible with reviews

    Customer reviews are one of the influential factors that directly impact near-me SEO searches. Over the years, Google has been the best platform that helps people to review any business. For that, reviewers have to open Google Maps, find the business they need, write a review depending upon the service, and give a score out of five.

    With time, an increase in reviews positively affects local search. However, these reviews play an essential role as Google offers greater weight to these reviews than other sites. 

    Moreover, if the business responds to these reviews on time, the local search ranking will improve. The reason is that it tells Google that any particular businesses value their customers and wants every client to have a great experience.

    🔴 Avail those backlinks that have geographic anchor text

    Backlinks play an essential role in improving the business ranking on near-me searches. So, if you want to increase the business rankings for local searches, you must acquire authoritative backlinks and geographically-rich anchor text. 

    Let’s understand this with the help of an example, assume you want to rank high for “near me” searches for any location like London in the category of beverages. Then these businesses have to use location-rich variants like “best beverages store in London,” beverages in London, London beverages, etc. 

    🔴 Make sure your business site is mobile-friendly

    Since the inception of Google, it is placing great significance on the user experience and is also one of the factors on which Google ranks the business. According to the latest report, almost half of the local searches take place on mobile. Keeping this in mind, ensure to make your business website mobile-friendly.

    Mobile responsive means it should be fast, made of responsive design, etc., to work seamlessly on any mobile device. 

    🔴 Optimize every photo for location-based searches

    According to digital marketing experts, pictures influence location-based searches up to a noticeable degree. So, before adding any pictures to the website, think carefully and optimize your pictures. 

    That means if you want your website to rank higher for any particular place, add the location as one of your target keywords. Remember, adding text will do wonders, rather than just adding a website. Even the tags of every picture can deliver the best results.

    🔴 Generate a blog and try to secure local links

    Several businesses have a blog attached to their websites. So, when you publish blogs for your customers, ensure to focus on local search. On top of that, businesses can also secure local links by getting themselves involved in the community where companies will get authoritative links to promote their business. For that, you have to interview local influencers, contact businesses who are in a similar field but not competitors and help those who need it. 

    🔴 Ensure to have consistent information in all the web properties

    As a business, you must add the same basic information about your business on every site, like, Google My Business, Contact Page, etc. The reason is that when potential clients contact you, they can easily reach your business. However, if the info is wrong, the impression of the business on the customer will not be good, and they will never take your products and services.

     Remember, the first impression is the last impression. 

    🔴 Generate pages that target every location of your business and optimize them. 

    If your business operates from several locations, then make sure to create pages of those locations separately. For example, if your automobile business serves six cities with the same name, then ensure to create web pages for all. 

    After that, optimize those pages for near-me searches by following the below tactics. They are: –

    • You must optimize the title and meta tags.
    • Always keep a user-friendly URL structure for excellent readability. For example, if you advertise a hotel in London, the URL can be “,/London-hotel.”
    • Whatever images you add to the web pages, ensure to add proper alt and title tags to the images. 
    • Offer an attractive description of the business and include store hours, menu, directions, and various other amenities you offer.
    • Also, add a video of the business and a video transcription. This step will increase the relevancy of the web page.
    • Use internal links wisely.


    Q: Should I add “near me” in my keywords?

    A: Yes, adding near me in the keywords like, title tags, alt tags, anchor texts, etc., helps companies to be visible for local searches. But ensure not to stuff the keywords with near-me words.

    Q: How do you rank the website in local search results?

    A: There are several ways to rank your website on local searches; optimizing the website for Google My Business, improving the internal linking structure, NAP should be consistent, using proper schema markup, etc.

    Q: Can business website owners pay to rank high on Google?

    A: Well, the answer is no. But still, if you want to go for it, you can pay for Google search ads, which will take you to the top of the page but will not improve the organic search rankings.

    Q: How to improve local ranking on Google?

    According to the experts of digital marketing, there are numerous ways to improve local ranking of the business website. They are: add keywords near me, verify the location of the business, add good images, manage the customer reviews, etc.

    Q: What is local SEO ranking?

    Local SEO is search engine optimization strategies that help companies to be visible in local search results of search engines like Yahoo, Bing, Google, etc.


    Apart from recent updates, optimizing the content for “SEO near me will help the website rank high on search engines. So, implement all the above pointers to your website to get the maximum visitors. Moreover, if you don’t know the technical part then contact the best digital marketing company.

    If you are looking for the best digital marketing company, look further than IndeedSEO, one of the prominent SEO agencies for all your needs. They own highly experienced and dedicated experts who can take your website to the top of SERPs. 

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