How to Generate Real Estate Leads? A Definitive Guide


    Do you know how to generate real estate leads? In the past, real estate agents relied on traditional methods such as door-knocking and cold-calling to generate leads. However, in today’s digital age, there are many more ways to attract prospective customers. From using search engines to creating videos, agents can find numerous ways to drive leads to their business. This article provides you with some crucial tips to help real estate agents generate more leads. If you are looking for the best real estate lead generation companies, you can contact IndeedSEO

    What are the purposes of lead generation in the real estate industry?

    purposes of lead generation in the real estate industry

    Generating leads is a term used in marketing that refers to the activity of enticing and persuading a potential customer to show interest in your products or services. For a real estate company, this would mean enticing someone who is looking to utilize your services to either rent, buy, or sell a house.

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    Main components of real estate lead generation

    Main components of real estate lead generation

    Lead generation can be broken down into two categories: inbound and outbound. Inbound marketing involves developing and sharing content and incentives to draw people to your business, while outbound marketing requires a certain level of understanding of the target audience and typically includes direct mail, telemarketing, email marketing, and event marketing. Generating leads is at the core of each of these strategies.

    A study conducted by Databox concluded that cold emailing was the most successful form of outbound marketing. No matter the method of lead generation, it is essential to develop strategies that are tailored to each individual prospect during the three stages of their customer journey.

    1. At the Awareness Stage (Top of Funnel), the customer is aware that they have an issue, but are uncertain how to address it.
    2. At the Evaluation Stage (Middle of Funnel), the customer is aware that a solution is available, but is looking into all of the options. 
    3. At the Conversion Stage (Bottom of the Funnel), the customer is close to making a purchase but may have a few queries.

    Your techniques for obtaining leads may vary based on your marketing efforts. For example, people might submit a form at a public event, or complete an online form to ask for more details about your services or a certain property. It’s essential to bring all these leads together into one system in order to monitor progress. Utilize a real estate CRM to manage and contact leads in one location.

    How can I attract consumers to my real estate business website?

    How can I attract consumers to my real estate business website

    ✅ Local SEO

    It is essential for your website to be visible on Google when people are searching for real estate agents. This can be accomplished with local search engine optimization (SEO). Optimizing your website and Google My Business page will increase your visibility in Google Maps when people look for your target keywords. This will result in more leads, visits, and phone calls to your business. If you would like to learn more about this, read the real estate SEO guide.

    ✅ Landing Pages

    It can be difficult for real estate professionals to convert website visitors into leads, typically only 2.47% of Google PPC traffic is successful. This is really unfortunate, considering the amount of time and money that goes into driving website traffic. Usually, real estate agents send prospective buyers to pages on their websites that are not designed to capture contact information or get phone calls. To put it another way, they don’t have custom landing pages to turn readers into leads. Research shows that companies with 10-15 landing pages can increase real estate lead generation by 55%. Realtors and brokers can use many different kinds of landing pages to generate leads, such as…

    • Landing page for booking an appointment
    • Landing page for home valuation
    • Landing page for community 
    • Landing page for buyers’ guide
    • Landing page for luxury listing

    ✅ Follow Your Competitor’s Approach

    If you want leads for real estate agents quickly, look at where your competitors are getting their online leads and follow the same approach. This will save you a lot of time and effort, especially if you’re new to an agency or business. You can use a tool like Similarweb to see which channels are most successful for your competitors and apply the same tactics to your own lead generation efforts. Put some money into promoting your business on the same referral and social media sites that are driving the most traffic for the competition, and you’ll have a tried-and-true strategy right off the bat.

    ✅ Community Pages

    When someone is relocating to a new area, they will usually conduct thorough research on the region and its real estate market. This is where community pages can be beneficial. By creating community pages on your site, you can become the go-to reference for the area, providing information such as climate, demographics, local businesses, schools, leisure activities, medical facilities, transportation, shopping, and restaurants. For example, Newport Bay Realty has neighborhood details on its website. Don’t forget to add links to your real estate business and optimize your web pages for the relevant keywords so they show up in search engine results.

    ✅ Virtual Tours

    Rather than relying solely on pictures and descriptions of properties, modern real estate agents are increasingly utilizing virtual tours to attract prospective buyers and investors. With a 360-degree tour, it’s easy to stand out from the competition. This is especially useful for leads outside the local area, as it saves time by allowing them to get a better idea of the property before visiting in person.

    ✅ Google Ads

    Attaining the highest ranking on Google is not a simple task. If you want to expedite the process, taking advantage of paid search is a wise move. Google Ads is the most effective PPC platform for creating real estate leads in your region.

    Keyword Targeting

    Including relevant keywords in your advertisements will enhance your chances of showing up at the top of the search engine page. Utilize words that are associated with your content or items to be found by users looking for those same words. An example of this could be “Boston” and “Condos for sale” to target those looking for “Boston condos for sale”. It is also wise to use your business name and location as some people may search for your company name.

    According to Search Engine Journal: “Consumers searching explicitly for your brand are likely your most qualified leads.” Not using your brand name could mean that a competitor will use it to appear above your organic listing.

    Retargeting Visitors for Your Website 

    By targeting those who have previously viewed your website, you have a better opportunity of obtaining more effective leads for real estate agents.

    Bidding On Your Competitor’s Keywords

    As previously indicated, there is no prohibition against bidding on your competitor’s brand keywords, as long as you don’t use their brand name or trademark in your advertising content.

    1. Cost-efficient traffic – Brand name keywords generally cost less to click on than generic keywords in Google Ads due to the minimal demand. 
    2. High-value traffic – Visitors are drawn to the same product or service your rivals are selling – real estate – making it more likely to result in lead conversion. 
    3. Brand recognition – Advertising on your competitors’ brand keywords puts you in a powerful position to make potential customers conscious of your brand.

    ✅ FSBOs

    FSBO properties are excellent prospects to aim for since you know that the owners are interested in selling. To search for FSBO opportunities, you can look at Craigslist, Zillow’s “make me move” or FSBO listings, and local newspaper websites like Home Find or Real Estate. After you discover a lead, you need to persuade them that they’ll get a higher price if they work with you instead of attempting to go it alone.

    ✅ Video

    It is evident that video marketing is a great, cost-effective way to boost ROI, as the majority of brands are experiencing positive results from their video campaigns. In the real estate industry, videos are the key to success in marketing and lead generation, as they can capture attention more effectively than other more expensive and time-consuming tactics.

    ✅ Strategic Blogging

    Creating a successful blog that will bring in leads for your business requires a comprehensive inbound marketing plan. Occasional blog postings are not enough; you need to have a plan for the long term. Establish yourself as a reliable source of knowledge and become a respected expert in the eyes of buyers and sellers by delivering helpful content related to your industry.

    ✅ Leads for Real estate through the downloadable e-book

    Potential customers are likely to find any written material related to topics they currently care about, such as decorating their new home, managing their finances during the moving process, and familiarizing themselves with the area, such as the schools and local initiatives. To create such resources, you can collaborate with interior design experts, financial advisors, and community members to create a downloadable e-book or collection of ideas.

    ✅ Lead generation Using a Live Chat Feature

    Visitors to your website may not be interested in filling out forms or making calls, however, they may be willing to take part in a live conversation to get their queries answered in a timely manner. There is a large selection of Live Chat applications to choose from, such as FreshChat, Intercom, and Drift, with many of them allowing for automated responses to website visitors and then deciding if a human response is necessary.

    ✅ Lead generation Using Automated Text Messages 

    By utilizing real estate text message marketing, you can keep prospective buyers informed about properties that may be of interest to them. Moreover, you can take this marketing strategy to the next level by utilizing automated text messages. A Gallup survey revealed that texting is much more effective and faster than calls or emails. 90% of sellers said that they would prefer to be texted instead of called, and 99% of all texts are read with an average response time of 90 seconds. Automated text messages can save you a lot of time that you can use for other activities!

    ✅ Email Segmentation

    Most of the recipients of your newsletters, digests, and other promotional emails are already leads that you track in your lead management software, but not all leads are the same. You should categorize prospects into different groups so that you can send more pertinent emails and figure out how they interact with your newsletter. This is a great way to ensure that you are getting the most out of your email campaigns and avoiding wasting time and effort on leads that are not worth pursuing.

    Yes, some of these contacts could already be potential customers, but sending regular, powerful emails like this, helps agents to separate the weak leads from the strong leads in their records. In the sales field, these solid leads are categorized as sales-qualified leads (SQLs), which implies they are more probable to be transformed into potential customers and, thus, deserve more attention in their real estate advertising plan.

    ✅ Generate Leads Through AI Chat Bot 

    AI has successfully penetrated the real estate industry, with the integration of a Chatbot being an easy and effective way to automatically generate leads. When a website visitor pops up, the chat window encourages them to type their inquiry and provides their contact information. Chatbots can address common questions and offer the requested information, keeping the audience interested. Facebook is perfect for real estate lead generation, being a visual platform and the biggest social media platform with almost 3 billion active users monthly. 

    What strategies can I use to generate leads on Facebook?

    Strategies to Generate Leads on Facebook

    Here are some tips to use Facebook to acquire real estate leads.

    ✅ Optimize Your Facebook Page

    Although Facebook offers a great platform for marketing, it is essential to maintain a credible profile in order for your personal brand to grow. You don’t even need to use paid Facebook ads, as you can still acquire leads without spending money on them. By employing optimization strategies, engaging frequently with your audience, and posting pictures and videos of your listings, market, and clients, you can create more interest in your personal brand and property listings.

    ✅ Facebook Groups

    People who use social media like to join groups – both public and private – concerning a particular topic. On Facebook, there are many such groups that bring together individuals who are searching for a new house, relocating, or selling their property. Although not always welcome, it is beneficial to check out these groups to see if there is an opportunity to offer assistance and attract real estate leads or direct people to your real estate website. Additionally, joining a Facebook group will provide insight into the needs of clients, which will help you in the process of generating leads.

    ✅ Facebook Live Q&A session with potential clients

    Even though you don’t necessarily have to physically go door-to-door to build relationships as a real estate agent, it’s still essential for success. Making a personal bond with your prospects and hosting Q&A meetings online is a great way to familiarize them with you and build your presence on social media. Going live will also improve your professional image and establish you as an expert in the industry. During the live sessions, you can not only answer common questions but also advertise your properties and chat with other people. The benefit of Facebook lives is that even if a follower isn’t aware of the live event, they’ll still notice it on their feed and don’t need to register in advance.

    ✅ Lead generation through Facebook Ads

    Using the granular targeting features on Facebook is a great way to make sure your ad is seen by your ideal audience. These features allow you to target by interests, behaviors, and demographics, such as zip code, age, income, and home ownership. Additionally, you can create a target group of people similar to your existing followers or website visitors. Additionally, you can select from various campaign objectives and ad types to further refine your ad. This information will help you create, target, and track the effectiveness of your precise marketing campaigns.

    Here are two types of campaigns to consider:


    Promoting newly listed properties on Facebook to a specific audience is an excellent method of creating real estate opportunities. It is crucial to make the advertisement visually attractive, with either photos or video. Utilize the highest quality photographs to make the listing stand out while people are scrolling through their Facebook pages.


    Displaying homes you have already sold is an ideal way to promote your company and draw in potential sellers. You can bring in eager customers (hot leads) by running a Facebook ad with the past properties and average home prices aimed towards people living in the same region, and also demonstrate your value to those who are early in the buying process.

    What are the common methods used for real estate lead generation?

    Common Methods used for Real Estate Lead Generation

    Although it is currently thought that online lead generation is the most profitable, don’t forget about old-fashioned methods of lead generation. People still value face-to-face contact, a friendly demeanor, and interacting with a real person. What approaches to lead generation have lasted over time?

    👉 Referrals

    Referrals are a strong and dependable way to get new customers. According to the National Association of Realtors’ 2018 study of home buyers and sellers, 41% of buyers got their agent through a referral from someone they knew, while 12% went with someone they had previously worked with. On the other hand, 63% of sellers found their agent through a referral or had previously worked with them, and the best part is these referrals are free. If you are just beginning in the real estate business, build your contacts through family and friends until your client list expands.

    👉 Open Houses

    Organizing open houses is a great way to generate prospects. Even if the property doesn’t sell, you can still get a list of possible buyers. It is important to have a process in place. You need to advertise the open house to get people to come, and if you are a new real estate agent in the area, it is a great chance to introduce yourself. Additionally, use sign-in sheets to capture contact information from visitors. Open houses are also beneficial for potential sellers. You will create the image of a reliable and successful real estate agent who can convert leads.

    👉 Local Partnerships

    You are not the only one running a business in your region. Collaborating with other entrepreneurs can have mutual benefits. Joining your local chamber of commerce is an effective way to create relationships with other business owners. Additionally, it can also help to enhance your professional image.

    👉 Get Referrals from other Realtors

    Attending conferences is a great chance to connect with real estate agents who are not from your region. Taking the time to establish professional connections with multiple agents will benefit you in the upcoming future.

    👉 Pitch local investors

    If you’re in a place that has lots of potential for investing, why not approach local investors directly? You could save time trying to sell properties if you already have investors in line. Being wise and professional is essential to making a good impression and closing deals quickly.


    How many leads do I need to be successful in real estate?

    It is difficult to provide a precise answer to this question, as each real estate agent must assess their individual needs and calculate the number of leads necessary to achieve their desired income. Reports indicate that only 10-15% of leads become actual clients. Therefore, the number of leads must exceed the expected sales in order to be successful. It is important to remember that the quality of leads matters, and too many low-grade leads or out-of-date leads can be expensive to manage. In addition, marketing efforts may be wasted if leads are not nurtured properly.

    Can real estate agents purchase leads?

    Real estate agents have several options for obtaining leads. One such option is partnering with a lead generation firm, where they are charged per lead. Although it is a frequent practice to purchase leads, it is not recommended, as many of them are likely to be of poor quality. If you do decide to purchase leads, it should be a last resort or used for testing purposes only, as the quality of leads is more important than the quantity.


    It is difficult to generate enough quality leads to generate a steady income, and it takes a lot of time and effort. As you are creating leads, remember to nurture the ones you already have and reach out to them frequently – this is a key principle for successful real estate agents. In the laborious process of lead generation, consistency, innovation, and understanding your target market will be rewarded.

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