Digital Marketing For Real Estate Agents – All You Need to Know


    The advancement in Digital Marketing For Real Estate Agents has greatly impacted the real estate industry, with results that can be truly revolutionary. It is no longer necessary to rely on traditional methods such as printed flyers or billboards to advertise properties. Now, investors are more likely to conduct their research online before taking the time to view a property in person. This shift in approach has made digital marketing a must for those in the real estate sector and its influence is only increasing.

    To be seen as a successful real estate giant, it is essential to have a strong plan of digital marketing for real estate agents. This year, the real estate market is predicted to rise by 2.3%. With more people entering the field, competition will become more intense. Research shows that the majority of house hunters look for properties online. 

    Furthermore, it is essential to have visuals on these sites, as 83% of searchers prefer to view a photo of the property. Additionally, 91% of realtors use social media sites to promote their listings. 

    These facts demonstrate that digital marketing is the key to surviving today’s real estate industry.

    Digital Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Agents

    Google or PPC Ads

    Google Ads is the most commonly used technique for real estate agents to commence PPC advertising. This is due to Google being the preeminent search engine, which has a noteworthy influence on the real estate sector. It is a popular platform for both buyers and sellers to look at listings, and real estate agents can help you to get the best results from your ad campaign. 

    PPC on Google works as a bidding system where users put up a bid for a certain keyword. After that, Google’s algorithm decides which keywords are shown to a user when searching for that term. This decision is based on several factors such as the user experience of the landing page, the relevance of the keyword in your ad, the quality of the ad copy, and Google’s quality score for the ads.

    The click-through rate, conversion rate, landing page design, and keyword relevancy are all taken into consideration when determining this quality score. However, keyword research is the most important factor to ensure a successful ad campaign. It is recommended to use a keyword research tool to generate a list of terms, which should be updated every month to maximize the potential of reaching your desired audience.

    Quick Results

    It may take a long time to experience the benefits of an SEO strategy, however, the effects of a PPC campaign can be seen almost immediately.

    Ads Appear on the Top

    When you launch a PPC campaign for your desired keyword, your website will be shown first on the search engine output page. This ranking will make your audience take notice of you before they scroll through the other results.

    Pinpoint Your Target Audience

    When running a PPC campaign, you have the power to determine who your ads will reach. Would you like to limit your audience to a certain location, age group, or marital status, or have it tailored to a certain interest? If that’s the case, then PPC is your best choice.

    Run A/B Tests on a PPC Ad

    You can use a PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaign to compare the effectiveness of two different ads side by side. Make sure to alter the content of the ads and give them a fair chance to see which one yields better conversions. After the campaign has concluded, you can decide whether to terminate the ads or keep them running and work on the optimization for better outcomes.

    Facebook Ads 

    Can Facebook advertisements be beneficial for real estate agents? 

    The answer is yes. Facebook is a powerful tool when it comes to marketing for real estate professionals. Facebook ads offer several advantages for real estate agents, such as the ability to target local customers, showcase properties, and build relationships with potential buyers and sellers.

    We discovered that, on average, websites of real estate customers who used Constant Contact to advertise on Facebook got 4,800 views and 44 leads for each ad, and the average cost-per-lead was $2.44. This indicates that the return on investment of real estate Facebook ads is substantial.

    Consider Your Audience

    Facebook provides tools to help you reach your desired audience, but certain specifics cannot be taken into account, such as age or gender. Thus, it is essential to consider these elements when creating a campaign to acquire more real estate leads. For instance, if you’re aiming to target women in their 30s and 40s in your vicinity, create content that resonates with them and their interests.

    Use A Facebook Ads Tool

    Constant Contact provides a Facebook Ads tool that simplifies the process of launching a successful campaign for your real estate company. This tool makes it simpler than ever before to create a successful advertisement based on age, location, interests, and more.

    How Do I Measure ROI For Real Estate Facebook Ads?

    Figuring out the gain you are getting from your real estate Facebook ads may seem tricky, however, the calculation is straightforward. Facebook provides the capacity to keep track of how much you are putting in and how much you are getting back. To calculate your ROI, simply divide the income you get from your effective Facebook ads by the amount you spend on them. It’s that simple!

    Limitations of SEO

    Limitations of SEO

    The competition in the digital real estate market is becoming increasingly challenging and complex, with giants such as Zillow, Trulia, and having considerable resources and aiming to become the leading online players. Unless a real estate business has a thorough SEO plan in place and continually implements it, it is hard for them to keep its position in search results, let alone improve it.

    Due to the difficulty of the task, only a few local real estate firms are willing to invest the necessary time and energy into properly executing real estate SEO. This creates a unique opportunity for niche-focused real estate companies to create a strong, long-term foundation that will bring in a steady stream of visitors through search engines. High levels of traffic for a specialized real estate business will lead to success.

    What’s Too Weak To Work 

    Due to the intense competition for search engine ranking, achieving success requires taking multiple steps correctly. Counting on only one element of SEO or one strategy likely will not give you the desired outcomes.

    Your customers use the same search engines you do, like Google and Bing, to find out about new marketing terms or to locate restaurants that serve delicious pizza. Investing in SEO can enhance the chance that your intended viewers will locate you when they use Google to search for words associated with your product or service. 61% of marketers agree that SEO is one of the primary inbound marketing factors for their business, but the implementation of SEO can be challenging.

    Due to Google’s huge 92.47% search engine market share, most SEO plans focus mainly on them rather than other search engines like Bing and Yahoo! If you want to enhance your visibility on SERPs, you’ll need to comprehend Google’s 200 ranking elements, technical SEO, link constructing, material production, and much more.

    But SEO is not an overnight process, it takes time. 

    Here are some important reasons why you might not love SEO:

    ✅ Search Engine Algorithms Change

    Over time, particularly with Google, search engines have consistently modified their algorithms. This necessitates that one must stay up to date on their marketing plan and organic search results.

    ✅ You’ll Need To Optimize Your Site Regularly

    Once your site accomplishes its objective about the keywords it is targeting in a month, your job is not done. It’s essential to keep optimizing your content and web pages to guarantee your website remains at the top of the search engine rankings. This may involve revising old articles and taking away out-of-date or invalid links.

    ✅ SEO Takes Time To Show Results

    If your website or domain is newly established, it is unlikely that SEO will have an immediate effect. This is because Google’s rankings are determined by many components that don’t become evident until after a few weeks or months of having your website up and running.

    ✅ It Requires High-Level Skills And Expertise

    It may require a considerable investment of time and energy to effectively manage a business while learning the nuances of SEO, content creation, and link-building, but it can be achieved if you are dedicated to utilizing an SEO plan to generate revenue.

    Real Estate Listing Websites

    As technology and e-commerce have advanced, people have grown more and more reliant on the internet to meet their requirements, and this is also true for those looking to purchase a home.

    Data from the 2020 National Association of Realtors Profile of Homebuyers and Sellers shows that the internet was the main source for home buyers, with 51 percent finding a home this way. In contrast, only 28 percent of buyers purchased a home through a real estate agent, and a small fraction (7 percent) bought a home through a yard sign.

    Real estate websites can be extremely advantageous to both buyers and sellers since they enable them to browse through numerous homes with ease. As such, real estate agents who utilize these websites are likely to acquire more leads and sell more properties, due to the broad reach and visibility that they offer.

    Certainly, the internet provides some of the most reliable real estate listing websites which you can use to promote your property as a real estate broker. Nonetheless, it is important to not take lightly the potency of online property listing before exploring further.

    The Top Real Estate Listing Websites   

    1. Zillow
    3. Trulia
    5. Redfin
    7. Opendoor

    Placing your property on the most prominent real estate listing websites is certain to expand your visibility, bring in more leads, and ultimately aid in selling more properties. By making use of the leading real estate listing websites listed here, you will have the correct resources to access more potential buyers and develop your real estate business.

    Traditional Methods of Marketing 

    The contrast between traditional marketing and digital marketing is often a highly discussed topic. Traditional marketing is defined as advertising that does not require the utilization of the internet. This strategy has been continually evolving for numerous decades, yet its application has become quite restricted due to modern technology.

    classic marketing strategies

    Here are some of the classic marketing strategies:

    1. Television Ads: One of the oldest forms of marketing is broadcasting ads on television. Millions of companies have been able to take advantage of this method.
    2. Radio Ads: Radios were very popular in the late twentieth century, especially for people who could not afford TVs. Many types of ads can be broadcasted on the radio. 
    3. Flyers: Many businesses still use flyers to spread the word about their services. Flyers are also known as handouts.
    4. Billboards: Billboards usually contain images to advertise their services. They are usually found along highways and tend to be used by big companies.
    5. Advertising in magazines and newspapers: Newspapers and magazines have provided some of the best methods for gathering information on any subject. Each day, there are countless adverts posted. 
    6. Phone and SMS marketing: These mostly comprise phone calls and text messages advertising different businesses and their offerings. 
    7. Referrals: Referrals refer to when a company encourages its staff and customers to recommend their products and services to their acquaintances, relatives, or neighbors. 
    8. Direct mail: Many companies send out their adverts on postcards or notices to people in the area or city they are targeting.

    In today’s highly digital world, Digital Marketing for Real Estate is quickly becoming the preferred method for marketing homes. With the power of social media, websites, and other digital platforms, real estate agents can reach a much wider audience than ever before. This allows them to target more potential buyers, as well as generate more leads from those interested in buying a home.

    Traditional methods of marketing, such as print ads in newspapers or flyers, are becoming obsolete as more and more people turn to the internet to find their ideal home. Digital marketing for real estate allows agents to create more engaging content and create an online presence that potential buyers can access at any time. 

    Agents can use a range of digital marketing tactics, such as creating a website, using social media, and creating a blog. This allows agents to generate more leads, as well as showcase their knowledge of the local market.

    In addition to reaching a larger audience, digital marketing for real estate agents also has the advantage of being much more cost-effective than traditional methods. By utilizing social media platforms and other digital marketing methods, agents can reach a wider audience for a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. This allows agents to maximize their marketing budget and get the most out of their efforts.


    Q1. What does SEO mean in real estate?

    Regardless of the industry, SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is an essential element of any real estate business marketing plan and helps increase your visibility on search engines.

    Q2. How do I do SEO for my real estate website?

    Increasing the visibility of your real estate website entails optimizing your page and content for on-page, off-page, technical, and local SEO criteria. To increase your clout as a real estate professional or company, consider the following: do keyword research, categorize keywords, organize your website, launch a real estate blog, make landing pages, generate backlinks, incorporate HTTPS, confirm robots.txt is right, generate your Google My Business listing, and make sure NAP data is consistent across the web.

    Q3. How can I get more real estate clients?

    Maximizing real estate clientele can be achieved through strategies such as optimizing search engine visibility, utilizing social media, investing in advertisements, collaborating with influencers, utilizing email services, creating video content showcasing properties, and hiring professional SEO specialists.

    Q4. What is the best home search site?

    Some of the most helpful home search websites are,,,,,, and

    Q5. How can I grow my real estate business faster?

    Some of the most effective tactics to increase the speed of your real estate business are: having a website, optimizing your real estate SEO, building an email list, taking advantage of social media marketing, initiating paid ads, and establishing a blog.

    Q6. How can I get real estate listings fast?

    Here are some effective methods for quickly obtaining real estate listings: Employ search engine optimization techniques, reach out to developers, establish a presence on social media, use cold calling, and connect with as many real estate agents and firms as possible.

    7. Conclusion

    Choosing the right agency for digital marketing for real estate agents can be overwhelming. Investing in digital marketing is a major step for businesses, so it’s essential to understand what they are offering before entrusting them with your brand. 

    A real estate digital marketing agency specializes in increasing website visits, increasing brand visibility, creating leads from sales, and representing your business. Do your research and compare 3-4 agencies to get an understanding of their process, pricing, and minimum time commitment. Be sure to communicate your goals and ask for proof of the results they have achieved.

    IndeedSEO is a well-known name in the business world. We provide imaginative and tactical assistance to promote your company and have established a track record of delivering long-term results to the major organizations they have collaborated with. We have served businesses all around the globe, such as Singapore, Dubai, and Toronto. We are a complete digital marketing agency that can help you reach your goals for your particular brand or product.

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