Google My Business Profile: How to Optimize Your GBP Listing?


    Creating an effective Google Business Profile (GBP) listing is one of the most important aspects of marketing online. Google My Business Optimization listings allow potential customers to find a business more easily, resulting in increased visibility and brand recognition. With the right strategies, businesses can ensure that their GBP listing will reach the greatest number of customers. This guide breaks down the steps for completely optimizing a business’s Google Business Profile Listing.

    Why do you need to optimize Google My Business Profile?

    Why do you need to optimize Google My Business Profile?

    It is evident that optimizing your Business Profile on Google enables customers to prefer your business over the others, however, there are additional advantages of tailoring your Business Profile to achieve effective local marketing.

    Improve engagement

    Increasingly, people are finding it unnecessary to visit other websites when using Google – their search results fulfill their needs as soon as they appear, resulting in “zero-click searches”. Therefore, your Google Business Profile must be optimized to maximize engagement and conversions from potential customers, as that profile may interact with more than your website.

    Boost your local ranking

    Google’s system for rating Business Profiles takes into account proximity and applicability and the quality and quantity of data. Enhancing your Google Business Profile emits signs to Google to put you higher in local searches. And a more critical position, as you are aware, implies more exposure and direct contact with your organization.

    Convert more customers

    Google’s system for rating Business Profiles takes into account proximity and applicability and the quality and quantity of data. Enhancing your Google Business Profile emits signs to Google to put you higher in local searches. And a more critical position, as you are aware, implies more exposure and direct contact with your organization.

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    How to optimize your Google Business Profile?

    Now that you recognize that improving your Google Business Profile is fundamental for appearing in local searches, surpassing rivals, and gaining customers online, it’s time to start doing just that. Here are 13 methods for using your Google Business Profile as a nonstop promotion and lead generation tool for your local business.

    Create a Google My Business account

    It is essential to realize here that a Google Business Profile is distinct from a Google My Business account. The latter is employed to access and amend the former. Therefore, to utilize the optimizations in this guide, you need a Google My Business account and then tell Google to connect it to your Google Business Profile. You can create an account by going to and logging in with the Google/Gmail associated with your business (not your personal Gmail, provided you have one).

    Complete every section

    Ensuring your Google Business Profile is fully completed will not solely aid in improving your ranking in local searches, but will also encourage more customers to take action when they discover your profile. Filling out this profile requires a great deal of information, so here are some tips to help determine what needs the most attention.

    These components of your biography should be filled out immediately.

    • Name
    • Address
    • Phone
    • Website
    • Hours

    These sections require more time and consideration.

    • Category and Attributes 
    • Products and services
    • From the business
    • Questions and answers 

    These parts are still in progress.

    • Posts
    • Reviews
    • Questions and answers 

    Be meticulous with contact information

    The following are the methods for improving your Google Business Profile’s contact information:

    Ensure your business name on your store signage is identical to the name used on other online platforms. Make sure to use consistent spelling and use commonly accepted abbreviations – such as ‘St’ for ‘Street’. Additionally, provide customers with your standard and holiday opening hours, this will reduce the chances of them receiving a negative review if they turn up when you are closed.

    Write your “from the business” description

    The first thing to note is that the brief description that appears just below your business name in your Business Profile is not actually in your control. This is the editorial summary that Google writes to ensure consistency across the platform.

    The description you do have control over is the “from the business” section in your Google My Business account dashboard. This section appears lower in your profile, often under the reviews section.

    To optimize the “from the business” section of your Google Business Profile:

    • Utilize all the 750 characters available, putting the most important details in the initial 250 characters. 
    • Adapt the content from your “About Us” section or mission statement.
    • Incorporate terms and phrases that your target viewers would use to search for companies like yours. 
    • Do not duplicate information already specified in other parts of your profile. Utilize this space to showcase what makes your company different from others and what clients value the most. 
    • Do not include links or HTML code.

    Choose Category

    How to choose a Category for Google Business Profile?

    Selecting a category is essential for getting the most out of your Google Business Profile. This is why:

    Get found in discovery searches

    A very impressive 84% of views on Business Profiles on Google come from searches where people were looking at products, services, or categories, while only 16% come from people who knew the business name or address and just typed it in. This is especially true for businesses that might not have clear names that indicate what they provide (such as Fresh Express or Amelia’s Catering).

    Highlight category-specific features

    After selecting a category, Google supplies customers with tailored features to make their profile more effective and appealing. For example, restaurants can add a menu or reservation option; hotel profiles can display star ratings; and hair salons can demonstrate expertise with different sorts of hair. These details can assist potential customers to choose you above other choices.

    Your category can be found near the top of your Google Business Profile. It is important to select the proper categorization for your profile as Google only allows a limited number of selections. Here is a guide to help you maximize your Google Business Profile by utilizing categories.

    Be specific

    When filling out the info for your business in Google My Business, be sure to choose a relevant category that accurately illustrates which services you offer. For example, if you manage a nail salon, you should go with “Nail Salon” rather than “Salon,” and in the case of an Egyptian restaurant, choose “Egyptian Restaurant” instead of just “Restaurant.” While a list of potential options will show up as you type, you can additionally view a comprehensive list offering over 3,000 categories via GMB.

    Choose secondary categories

    Most businesses can be classified into multiple categories – make sure to select the primary one that best describes your main service (e.g. “Grocery Store”) and then choose additional categories that relate, such as “Grocery Delivery Service” and “Gourmet Grocery Store”.

    Don’t overdo it

    If you wish for Google to assist you in reaching out to customers that require your services, then select only the relevant categories. For example, if you are a business offering appliance repair services, select “Appliance Repair” and not “Appliance Parts Supplier”. Remember, these categories should not be mistaken for the products or qualities you offer. Additionally, Google may require you to go through an additional process of verification when you change or add any categories. This is only to make sure that their platform stays accurate.

    Select applicable attributes

    We mentioned that once you have selected a category on Google My Business, you can select more descriptive attributes for your business. These features could be like having a “gift shop on-site”, or providing “free wi-fi”. Other review sites like Yelp also include attributes, and Google takes it further with attributes such as “good for working on a laptop” or “popular for travelers”. Check out their full list of attributes to get an idea of what I’m referring to.

    Adding Photos

    Things need to consider before adding Photos

    It is critical to upload photos to your Business Profile through the Google My Business account dashboard for three reasons.

    Ensure Quality

    Anybody can put pictures on your professional information, which implies you’ll get a variety of quality. By including your extraordinary photos, you can guarantee that your profile appears as well as can be expected.

    Be Active

    Frequently uploading images indicate to Google that you are actively managing your profile and it is current, which has a positive effect on your rank.

    Get images in the results

    Google is making progress with the ability to identify images and has begun to include photos in local search results.

    Increase engagement

    Google reports that customers are more inclined to ask for driving directions and click through to the website of a business if it has photos on its Business Profile. Additionally, data from BrightLocal indicates that companies with more than one hundred pictures get a dramatically higher amount of calls, direction requests, and website clicks than an average business. It is best to enhance the Google Business Profile with photos, but adding too many is not recommended.

    Insert a new image at least every week. Use your logo as the thumbnail picture.

    Choose an image for your cover photo that conveys your brand well; however, bear in mind that Google may show alternative images in its search results. Be sure to check Google’s photo guidelines for the technical requirements, but include pictures of satisfied customers, shots of the inside and outside of your place of business, plus pictures of your staff. Avoid stock pictures and don’t use altered visuals with branding. Google strives to show your business as it is in reality.

    Create high-quality images that are easy to understand to give your results a boost. Geotag your photos to tell Google the location of your business and add videos as well. Utilize the Street View app to add a 360° photo to your profile.

    Get Google reviews

    Google strongly values customer reviews when deciding where to place businesses in search results. You can easily spot the importance of reviews by looking at the first three local results that show up – they all have multiple reviews and good ratings. Furthermore, if reviews contain specific terms and phrases, these may be highlighted by Google to further validate relevance. So, out of the two choices given in the example, it is likely that the one with four yellow stars would be the most attractive to choose.

    To make the most of your Google Business Profile with feedback, employ these suggestions to differentiate yourself from competitors.

    Begin with your long-term customers to begin the process. Facilitate them by providing an easy way to write reviews either through your link or the free Whitespark link generator. Proceed to ask them because many customers will be willing to submit a review if you do. It is essential to stress that ratings not only help promote your company but also assist other customers who require assistance finding a quality service. In addition, create a landing page on your website prompting visitors to write a review. Show appreciation for each review by responding to them. Doing this will encourage more people to leave their reviews and introduce potential customers to your business. In addition, be sure not to entice reviews with financial or material rewards. To learn more about this practice, see this blog post on how to gain more Google reviews.

    Post to your Google Business Profile

    You can share information on your Google Business Profile, such as updates, offers, events, and products, similarly to how you utilize social media networks; all from within your Google My Business dashboard. Such posts appear at the bottom of your profile under the “Updates” section, but they may gain bigger visibility depending on the search query.

    This is how utilizing posts can help you to maximize the effectiveness of your Google Business Profile.

    • Writing content increases the number of activities taken by people who find your page.  
    • Constant updating of posts sends a positive indication to Google, just as adding photos does. 
    • Consumers are more likely to get involved with your posts on Google search than on others (such as Facebook or Instagram, where they are browsing casually). 
    • People can subscribe to your Business Profile and be aware of new posts and updates.

    Here are some suggestions for enhancing your Google Business Profile by posting regularly.

    • Make regular posts not only to increase visibility in Google but also because certain post types have a shelf life of just one week.
    • Use events and offer posts for any marketing campaigns that require an end date; these posts will stay live-streamed within the predetermined period.
    • Add links and calls to action in each post.
    • At the time of writing this post, the COVID-19 post type is available, which should be utilized to effectively reach audiences during this time of crisis.

    Ask and answer questions

    It’s important to pay attention to the questions and answers section on Amazon and Google Business Profiles since their answers can motivate a client’s choice for your business. Nevertheless, be aware that anyone can respond to the questions, resulting in potentially wrong information on your profile or, worse still, like the Q&A exhibited on this pizzeria’s profile.

    You cannot disable the question-answer function of your business page, but there are ways to get better results from it. Set up notifications to keep track of queries and responses made on the page. You can also create a list of all the common questions you receive and answer them with the upvote option on the page. This procedure follows Google’s rules and regulations and is suggested by Google.

    Remember to use key phrases to help improve your visibility in search results. Questions and answers that contain relevant phrases will make it easier for customers to find your business. Keep this in mind when creating the Q&A section, but be sure to naturally incorporate the keywords rather than aggressively stuffing them in. Doing this will ensure your offering is accurately represented, will feature the key elements of your business, and will reduce any potential customer confusion.

    Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, Google has disabled the Q&A portion of most company pages, so you may not be able to access it at this time. For help managing your Google My Business during this period, dbaPlatform offers helpful advice.

    Add products and services

    Making your offerings visible by detailing the product(s) and service(s) will help to make your business stand out. Additionally, adding content to your profile will help with search engine rankings. When adding this information, include the title, description, and cost of each product. Viewers will be able to view the full product details once they click on the product. Finally, Google might also link to your products from the category section.

    Set up messaging

    You can enable messaging on your Google My Business account by selecting the “Messaging” tab in the dashboard. This setting will let customers send a text from their Google Business Profile to your phone. Local search is popular, particularly among millennials, and this feature provides a convenient way to keep in contact with your customers. You can install the messaging option through either Google Play or the Apple App Store.

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    1: Why is it important to optimize my Google My Business profile?

    Optimizing your Google My Business profile helps improve your online visibility and increases the chances of appearing in local search results. It provides potential customers with essential information about your business, enhances your credibility, and allows you to engage with customers through reviews, posts, and messaging.

    2: How can I claim and verify my Google My Business profile?

    To gain access to and confirm ownership of your Google My Business profile, go to the Google My Business website for directions on creating a new one or claiming an existing one. Google will usually send a validation code to your business’s physical address or phone number, which must be entered to authenticate it.

    3: What are some key elements to optimize in my Google My Business profile?

    Key elements to optimize your Google My Business profile include accurate business information such as name, address, phone number (NAP), and website URL. It’s important to select relevant categories, add high-quality photos, and craft a compelling business description. Additionally, encouraging customer reviews and regularly updating posts and offers can enhance your profile.

    4: How can I improve my local search rankings using my Google My Business profile?

    To improve local search rankings, ensure your business information is accurate and consistent across all online platforms. Encourage customer reviews, respond to them promptly, and provide detailed business information. Engage with customers by regularly posting updates, offers, and events. Additionally, encourage customers to upload photos and use relevant keywords in your profile.

    5: Can I add multiple locations to my Google My Business profile?

    Yes, if you have multiple locations for your business, you can add and manage them within your Google My Business account. This allows you to provide accurate information and manage each location’s profile individually.


    Numerous strategies can be implemented to get the word out about your business. By utilizing Google My Business, your primary information about your product, service, or experience will appear to those looking for it.

    Google My Business assists with local search engine optimization, offering an opportunity to communicate with customers through reviews or posts, and providing an advantageous understanding of customers’ purchase trajectories. Over and above that, it is an advantageous and complementary tool.

    Ignoring your Google My Business listing and not taking steps to maximize its potential is the same as telling someone who’s giving you a free digital sign for your business near a highway exit to go away. If you need assistance with setting up your account or improving your digital presence, we can help you out!

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