10 Advantages Of Google Ads For Business Growth 


    Marketing is about reaching the target audience who are interested in buying your products and services. Numerous channels exist to reach those people, but Google Ads is one platform driving on top. Via Google Ads or Google Adword businesses can market their products and services online. 

    According to a recent report, Google Ads has approximately 259 million visitors, 5 billion search queries, and 4.8 billion daily interactions of people. If you Look at these numbers, there is no denying that Google Ads is an incredibly effective platform that helps businesses reach their goals within no time. Through Google Ads, businesses can easily reach their potential clients who use Google to search for products and services. If you are using Google Ads services, you might know its benefits; if not, read this post till the end and learn all about Google Ads, the best marketing tool at your disposal. 

    What Are Google Ads?

    What Are Google Ads?

    Google Ads, formerly Google AdWords, is one of the best Google advertising platforms designed for businesses to showcase their products and services for a wider reach. It runs on a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising model in which advertisers will only pay when someone clicks on the Google Ad.

    However, to run Google Ads, you have to take the help of Google Ads services by which a campaign is created, taking care of business goals, location, target keywords, and budget. When any of the users enter relevant keywords into Google, the ad campaign is triggered and displays ads in the search results. 

    For example, if your Google Ad targets” best hotels in Jaipur, Rajasthan” and someone searches with this keyword, your ad will appear on the search page.

    However, which Google Ad will be on top is decided by Google by hosting a virtual auction. Companies who want to run Google Ads bid for its placement on three main bidding strategies. They are: –

    ✓ Cost per action (CPA)

    CPA is the rate every business has to pay for each completed action taken on their website, like clicking the ad. It is also known as a conversion, and it can be anything, starting from a buy button, completing an online survey, or signing up for a monthly newsletter.

    ✓ Cost per click (CPC)

    This is another marketing strategy entirely based on the number of clicks on Google Ads. That means companies or businesses will only pay when someone visits their site. According to Google Ads experts, higher CPC bids increase the chances of appearing on top of the search results.

    ✓ Cost per impression (CPM)

    This bid is based on when your business Google Ad will be displayed on search engine results. It is measured by the cost advertisers will pay when their Google Ads is shown per one thousand impressions. Several companies value brand visibility more than clicks use this strategy.

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    Reasons Why Google Ads Can Help Your Business? 

    Reasons Why Google Ads Can Help Your Business?

    These are some of the best reasons why businesses invest their time and money in Google Ads which will surely deliver excellent results.

    ✅ Escalate leads and customers

    Google Ads is the fastest online advertising platform for lead generation that will only yield high results when the campaign is running correctly. This marketing strategy has the full potential to send the target audience to the website quickly.

    Google Ads only target people who are interested in your products and services. With time for best results, you can refine your searches so that people who want to buy your products or services are directly sent to the website through Google Ad.

    ✅ Delivers faster results than SEO

    Search engine optimization is the process that improves the website and content performance as per the latest Google search algorithm. It involves several marketing strategies, like publishing quality content, setting up backlinks, and inserting keywords to run the website well. However, the main motive of SEO strategy is to improve the overall ranking and boost traffic. But the thing is, SEO takes time to deliver results as it is an organic process as compared to other marketing techniques.

    Additionally, if you talk about Google Ads delivers faster results as companies are not competing with organic search results. When you launch the Google Ad, the webpage you target will reach the top. From the above discussion, we can SEO is a good marketing technique as it offers positive results after some time. But Google Ads being the paid marketing platform has the ability to deliver results within no time because of which most of the businesses these days are relying on it.

    ✅ Boost Brand Awareness

    Google Ads helps boost traffic, conversion, and clicks, but it is also an efficient platform to increase brand awareness. One of Google’s reports states that when they partnered with Ipsos to run a study in almost every field, they found that search ads lift top-of-mind awareness at an average of 6.6%.

    Regarding SEO, the website rank depends on the number of brand name searches and overall variations. 

    ✅ Helps in reaching the target audience

    Google Ads helps the business to reach the right audience within no time. They can easily be customized as per the location, keywords, interests, language, etc of the potential clients. Furthermore, companies can also reach people who have shown some interest in the business products and services.

    This way, the business website can get high-quality and convertible leads and the business will reach their business goal within no time. 

    ✅ Google Ads is measurable, monitored and adaptable

    Every parameter of digital marketing can be measured, but the main challenge is businesses cannot see its direct impact. That means whatever efforts and strategies you have implemented in your business cannot be seen directly.

    But if you take the help of seasoned and experienced professionals in digital marketing, then you will come to know how your website is performing in search engines. However, Google Ads is already equipped with massive tools related to PPC metrics and analytics tools that work smoothly and quietly in the backend.

    Helps in Google Ads Campaign Management

    Google Ads is also equipped with tools businesses can easily manage and monitor accounts. If you have multiple Google Ads accounts, My Client Center (MCC) is one of the powerful tools that can save lots of time for the business. It helps you quickly view and manage all your Google Ad accounts, even from a single location.

    On top of that, Google Ads tools can also help the business manage accounts offline via Google Ads Editor, a free downloadable desktop application. But, with Google Ads Editor, businesses can do anything, from downloading account information to uploading changes. 

    Moreover, you can also manage, edit, and view multiple accounts simultaneously.

    ✅ Businesses will get high ROI

    In a Google Ads campaign, businesses only pay when someone clicks the ad. However, once the Google ad optimizes, you will get a high return on investment, which is quite challenging in any other digital marketing strategy. 

    But to get a high ROI, you have to be patient first and find out which approach will suit the business. Moreover, continually test and track the Google Ad campaigns if you want a clear picture. Google Ads experts state that this platform is very transparent, and whatever information you want to be related to your campaign is readily available.

    Moreover, if you find that your Google Ad campaign is costing you more but not offering positive results then discard it and talk to the experts of digital marketing.

    ✅ Insight of your target market

    To make the business profitable, you have to read the minds of your target audience. This step will simplify everything, and you can quickly achieve your business goal. Simply put, it’s very challenging to do if you adopt the traditional marketing method. 

    But Google Ads will deliver all the information related to the audience within no time. Some valuable data Google Ads lets you know is their location, devices they are using, at what time and day they are searching, etc. You can improve your products and services

     if the business has all the above information. 

    You can also refine your marketing efforts by advertising to the people who are not interested in what you offer. In short, if your online marketing strategy is smart enough, then Google Ads will offer huge unexpected results. 

    ✅ Harness intent

    As per the experts in digital marketing, one of the differences between Google Ads and various other advertising methods is their intent. Let’s understand this with the example, people active on any or almost every social media platform don’t look for ways to get famous.

    But businesses who are active on social media platforms promote their products and services and hope to get positive responses as people get something new to see.

    ✅ It helps in tackling your competition in a better way

    If any of the potential clients search for any of the products or services online, but your business does not run Google Ads. In this case, if your competitors do, your business will be in trouble. That means your business website will lose a valuable audience who can become your regular customers in the future.

    In other words, businesses have to pay very close attention to what your competitors are implementing on their business websites. That means, to come on the first page of Google you have to promote your business by applying unique marketing tactics other than your competitors. But ensure to test every marketing tactic before applying it to the website. The reason is Google Ads is the only way to promote your business website and reap the full benefits.

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    Why Choose IndeedSEO for Google Ads Management?

    Why Choose IndeedSEO for Google Ads Management?

    Running Google Ads means your business will achieve the desired goal, so you need to implement it properly. At IndeedSEO, we supervise Google Ads accounts for your business by focusing on every aspect, including keywords, headlines, etc. With our Google Ads campaign, your potential clients will easily attract to the business website.

    With our Google Ads services, your business, Google Ads, will surely deliver excellent results. The reason is our in-depth market analysis of ads and execution tactics helps the business to generate concrete and measurable outcomes. Our highly dedicated and experienced staff will help you in every possible way to get you the maximum audience who are actually interested in taking your products and services for your Google Ad campaign.


    Q: Do you have to pay for Google Ads?

    A: Yes, businesses will pay when any of the target audience will take action like when they click on the Google ads and visit the website. Remember signing up in Google Ads is free of cost.

    Q: What are Google AdWords used for?

    A: Google AdWords is an online platform that allows companies to promote their business, sell products and services, increase traffic on the website, and raise brand awareness.

    Q: How Google Ads help businesses?

    Google Ads being the online advertising model helps businesses in many ways. Like, boost customer reach, gain advantage over the competitors, increase sales and demand, and many more. 

    Q: Do Google AdWords really work?

    A: Yes, Google Adwords world really well as they help businesses to improve their online presence and customer reach.

    Q: Are Google Ads worth it for small businesses?

    A: Of course, Google Ads are worth it for small businesses as it is one of the cost-effective ways to reach target audiences.


    These days if businesses want to have a strong online presence, they must rank on Google’s first page. Considering this, Google Ads is the fastest and easiest way to rank on search engines and to achieve the result. But to reap the complete benefits, businesses should have an in-depth knowledge of this platform. 

    IndeedSEO, the leading and prominent digital marketing company, is the right fit for the job. We will help you set up your Google Ad campaign, and our experienced staff will ensure you will get the most from Google Ads investments. To know more, schedule a free consultation today and let’s join hands!

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