The Best Time to Post on YouTube – An Ultimate Guide to Know


    YouTube is clearly a widely used website for watching videos, as it is the second most visited online platform in the world, right after Google. Marketers around the globe use YouTube to target a bigger audience and make their brands known. A common inquiry that many of them have is how to get more people to their channels.

    Achieving success on YouTube requires content that is of superior quality; however, making strategic decisions about the format, frequency, and timing of posts also impacts the success of your videos. Thus, knowing the optimum time to post content on YouTube is critical.

    How Does the Optimal Upload Time for YouTube Function? 

    How Does the Optimal Upload Time for YouTube Function

    When it comes to YouTube, the best timing for video posts is determined differently than for other social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. To make sure your video reaches the most viewers, you must consider how quickly people watch your content when choosing when to post.

    Similar to Google, YouTube requires some time to include your video within its system. Once you upload your video to YouTube, it will take a while for the platform to interpret and understand it before it is visible to other people when they search or view the home page.

    Consequently, it is common to post your YouTube video a few hours before what you consider is the perfect time to upload. By the time your viewers come online, the video should be featured prominently in the search results.

    Once you have determined the optimal time for posting on YouTube, it is important to assign the slots accordingly. Why not try to identify the best time for posting your videos?

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    What is the Ideal Moment to Publish on YouTube?

    What is the Ideal Moment to Publish on YouTube

    The optimal time to post on YouTube is in the timeframe of 2 to 4 pm (Eastern Standard Time).

    DayBest time to post on YouTube (EST)
    Monday2 to 4 pm
    Tuesday2 to 4 pm
    Wednesday2 to 4 pm
    Thursday2 to 4 pm
    Friday2 to 4 pm
    Saturday9 to 11 am
    Sunday9 to 11 am

    It’s important to take into account that the ideal time mentioned may not be the most ideal for everyone, as the best time varies from platform to platform and person to person.

    Rather than following an established timeline, it is more beneficial to experiment and observe your viewership so that you can determine the most advantageous time to upload your content since each individual on YouTube has different content preferences, locations, and hours in which they are active.

    If you are a recently created channel that does not get much engagement, then the average watch time is your ideal choice since YouTube does not provide the relevant data needed to decide the optimal watch time for accounts with low traffic.

    Though starting off with the standard time frames is probably a good idea before trying to identify the optimum time for posting, there is a high probability that these suggested times may have a positive effect on your YouTube channel. Let’s give it a try!

    Frederator Networks proposes posting between 2 to 4 pm (EST) on weekdays and 9 to 11 am (EST) on Saturdays and Sundays, whereas Boosted found Sunday to be the most advantageous at either 11 am or 5 pm (EST). HowSociable prays that the most beneficial time is 2 to 4 pm (EST) on weekdays and InVideo proposes 12 to 4 pm (EST) during weekdays and 9 to 11 am (EST) on the weekends.

    Note: Every time period has taken YouTube ranking into account, meaning all schedules precede the busiest viewing times; it is best to post your video slightly before peak times, instead of directly during it.

    Key Takeaway from the Studies

    Investigations performed by different companies suggest that the most advantageous hour to post videos on YouTube is the afternoon on weekdays and the start of the day on weekends (in the Eastern Time Zone). Taking into account the necessary time required for the post to be indexed, it is evident that the optimal time is during the night.

    It is even more intriguing when you think that the majority of individuals are utilizing YouTube instead of typical television viewing. Isn’t that a triumph for streaming services?

    How Can One Locate the Optimal Time to Put Up on YouTube?

    How Can One Locate the Optimal Time to Put Up on YouTube

    Having established the best period of time to upload your material on YouTube, it is now up to you to identify the precise ideal time slot specifically matching your channel. So, what measures do you need to take in order to achieve that?

    In order to locate the ideal time for uploading content to YouTube, take a look at the new and updated ‘When Your Viewers Are On YouTube’ report. You can identify the perfect moment to maximize engagement with your video by going through this procedure in detail.

    Step 1: Get Access to the Analytics 

    To begin, navigate to YouTube Studio. On the left-hand side of your channel dashboard, locate the Analytics tab. Selecting it will grant you access to detailed information concerning your page’s activity.

    We want to lay our eyes on a distinctive graph, it can be seen in the “Audience” part of the “Analytics” section. You’ll spot a violet bar graph there, which is the point of our attention. The following move should be evaluating it.

    Alternatively, if the graph is not visible underneath this section, it is likely due to your channel not having obtained sufficient viewer data in the last 4 weeks.

    But don’t be concerned, we will examine the methods to identify the ideal time to upload videos on YouTube without the use of the audience graph shortly in the article, now let’s keep going with the remaining steps.

    Step 2: Find the Accurate Time and Day to Post

    The graph plotting “Where to find your audience” provides information from the past four weeks based on the viewer’s time zone. The sections of dark purple illustrate the points in the day when most people are targeting the same content.

    The shorter bars signify the moments when there is the least number of people in the audience.

    Essentially, these reports give details on the timeframe when most of your audience is engaging with your videos on YouTube.

    Timing is crucial when we are talking about posting on YouTube. Because it can help your video be seen by the most people. By bearing time zones and peak viewership hours in mind while scheduling your posts, you can potentially have your content appear on the YouTube front page when the majority of viewers are active.

    Given the amount of time needed to create a single video, posting to YouTube every day is not possible as it is not the case with other social media platforms. Thus, you should select the appropriate day to post.
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    What Steps Should Be Taken If There Are Several Low Engagement Periods Throughout the Week?

    What Steps Should Be Taken If There Are Several Low Engagement Periods Throughout the Week

    When considering this situation, choose one or two days that have a lighter shade of purple on the graph that are close to your main day. It has been observed that most of the views for a video occur in the first 48 hours. Consequently, it would be advisable to schedule your post to match these two days.

    For instance, Friday has the most number of views on the chart, with Thursday having the second largest number. Posting something on Thursday will also get you the number of views as of Friday. However, publishing something on Friday will provide Saturday’s rate of views, which as shown in the chart is not such a positive outcome.

    Is There A Way To Identify The Ideal Time to Post on YouTube Without the Audience Report?

    Is There A Way To Identify The Ideal Time to Post on YouTube Without the Audience Report

    If you are a beginner on YouTube or don’t have a high volume of viewers per day, the “When Your Viewers Are On YouTube” graph won’t show up. How can you determine the optimal time to post content?

    By doing some calculations by hand, you will uncover a new area of YouTube analytics known as ‘Real Time’ situated on the right side under the ‘Overview’ tab. This section gives you the details of the number of views you obtained in the last 48 hours, hour by hour.

    It would be prudent to monitor this data for either a month or three months in a spreadsheet to determine the regularity and rhythm of your viewers over the course of a week. By doing this, you can single out the specified times and days when your audience is the most engaged.

    Moreover, you can deploy the usual optimal moment to publish the content that we discussed starting the process of monitoring. Determine if the standard timing is beneficial for your area or not. Nevertheless, how can you potentially manage various times of posting? We have a remedy. Keep reading.

    How Can Someone Keep a Consistent Posting Schedule With Multiple Best Time Slots?

    How Can Someone Keep a Consistent Posting Schedule With Multiple Best Time Slots?

    Posting regularly is an essential task that marketers must take part in, but this is something most of them find difficult to achieve. With numerous suggested times for posting on Youtube, it can be tough to test each one and decide which works the best.

    Having to manage the posting schedule of just one YouTube channel can be quite tricky, but if you have to do that for multiple accounts and also have to keep up with other social media platforms at the same time, it can be overwhelming.


    What are the crucial tips for scheduling YouTube videos?

    A large number of people tend to observe YouTube videos in a uniform timeframe compared to the ones when they watch TV. Taking this into account, the period of uploading relevant for you depends on who you are trying to reach. The measure that works well for one page may not be as helpful for another one. Additionally, ensure that you post your video a bit earlier than the peak hours. As YouTube takes a little while to do its indexing of your video and display the results in the searches, you need to post a few hours earlier.

    What is the right time to post on YouTube on Friday?

    Various studies indicate that posting on YouTube on Friday during the Eastern Standard Time zone of 2 to 4 pm is the most advantageous.

    When should I post on YouTube?

    Ensure that your posts are fully aligned with your audience’s habits. It would be a good idea to review the YouTube Analytics tab to determine the instances when the majority of your followers are active on YouTube and post accordingly.

    How often should you post on YouTube?

    Posting regularly on YouTube can result in great outcomes and keeping continuous development. Creating a regular plan is imperative if you don’t want to be forgotten by your viewers. It’s deemed sensible to upload content once a week, however, it is largely dependent on your particular field and how long a single video takes you to produce.

    How to get more YouTube views?

    Here are some suggestions to help you raise your YouTube view count: Generating good content, inviting people to subscribe, setting up lists to keep your videos playing, featuring other videos at the ends of your videos with end screens and cards, including a watermark for your posts, adding eye-catching thumbnails, advertising on other social media networks, creating a community, and customizing your YouTube page.

    Is YouTube Essential for Business?

    YouTube basically offers everything a business would need in terms of a large audience, powerful advertisement resources, and an easily accessible analytics section. If videos are considered the rulers of content, YouTube is their ruler’s domain. Businesses from all corners of the globe are able to take advantage of YouTube to increase their visibility and to communicate with potential customers internationally.

    Companies are able to utilize the accessible structure to present their merchandise and services in a competent and captivating way without spending any money.

    Wrapping Up

    The use of YouTube Marketing Services is becoming increasingly beneficial for businesses of all sizes. YouTube allows businesses to tell their story, reach a vast target audience, drive traffic to their website, and improve their ROI. By making use of creative video content, effective keyword optimization, and strategies such as remarketing campaigns, businesses can take advantage of all the features available to them through YouTube Marketing Services and become successful players in the online world. And with the correct approach, businesses can be sure to receive the returns that they expect from their investment in the platform.

    Remember that timing your postings is only one part of gaining recognition. Think of it instead as a chance to demonstrate the well-crafted content you have prepared. Ultimately, it all boils down to a single point- generating noteworthy content that appeals to your followers.

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