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    The December 2022 link spam update from Google has begun rolling out on the 14th and roughly two weeks are needed to finish its completion. 

    Everything you need to know about the December 2022 Link Spam Update? 

    Google has improved its spam detection mechanism so that it can now identify acquired links and domains whose primary purpose is to carry URLs to other websites. 

    Google’s artificial intelligence-based spam-prevention system SpamBrain will be used to devalue unnatural links in the upcoming December 2022 link spam update. 

    Google claims SpamBrain can now identify spam indirectly by identifying sites that purchase links and online sources in use for backlinks. 

    Key Takeaways 

    • A new update to improve the detection of spam links
    • Use a rel=sponsored badge if you want to qualify a referral link inside your blog
    • Give away with unnecessary and over-linking in your content 
    • Keep following Google’s best practices with your content. 

    How Badly Would the December 2022 Link Spam Update Affect My Webpage? 

    The December 2022 link spam notification will reduce the value of abnormal links by expelling the cues they send to the linking field, which could cause a shift in search engine rankings, according to Google. 

    There are far-reaching effects from this change, as it impacts the query results across all languages. 

    How you obtain links as well as how you link to the different webpage will determine if or not your site is impacted by this notification. 

    What You Must do!

    I know what I must do

    Getting links for the sole purpose of increasing search engine rankings would be against Google’s standards. Furthermore, Google has rules regarding the types of links that can be carried onto external websites. 

    To qualify a referral link inside a piece of writing such as your blog, for instance, you would need to use the rel=sponsored badge. 

    The link spam notification may target your site if you don’t correctly tag your backlinks. 

    Furthermore, you should use rel=nofollow on all links within guest posts to avoid getting in Google’s bad graces. 

    It’s highly improbable that Google’s link spam notification in December 2022 will have a detrimental effect on your site if you’ve been obeying Google’s recommended procedures for handling outgoing and inbound links.

    Bonus Material: Google’s Helpful Content Update 2022


    With Google’s new spam link update, more and more spammy links will get weeded out. However, you won’t have to worry about the same, if you continue to follow Google’s best practices. 

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