Exploring the Best Amazon PPC Management Software and Tools of 2023


    In the rapidly evolving e-commerce landscape, Amazon has strengthened its place as a worldwide marketplace leader. For businesses and enterprises aiming to thrive on this platform, mastering Amazon’s Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is essential. With the increasing complexity of Amazon’s advertising landscape, utilizing effective Amazon PPC management software and tools has become a necessity. This comprehensive guide delves into the best Amazon PPC management software and tools of 2023, exploring their features, benefits, and how they can revolutionize your advertising strategies on the platform.

    Understanding the Role of Amazon PPC Advertising

    Amazon PPC advertising allows sellers to promote their products within Amazon’s search results and product listings. With Amazon PPC Services, sellers bid on keywords or phrases related to their particular products, paying only when customers click on their ads. This form of advertising offers a potent way to increase visibility, drive traffic, and boost sales on the Amazon platform.

    The Need for Amazon PPC Management Software

    As Amazon’s advertising ecosystem grows more intricate, managing PPC campaigns manually can be overwhelming and time-consuming. This is where Amazon PPC management software comes to the rescue. These tools offer advanced features and automation that streamline campaign management, optimize ad spend, and enhance overall performance.

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    Top Amazon PPC management tools

    Top Amazon PPC management tools

    Let’s dive into some of the top Amazon PPC Optimization tools that are making waves in 2023:

    1. Helium 10

    Helium 10 comprises a collection of tools for keyword and product research, along with a PPC management feature. Its purpose is to enhance efficiency by simplifying your PPC management tasks. You can choose between automated or manual campaign creation, management, and optimization, all aimed at saving you valuable time.

    👉 Top features:

    • Utilizing AI-driven advanced automation and optimization
    • Utilization of pre-set campaign templates and personalized bid algorithms
    • Applying adaptable rules based on actionable analytics
    • Options for both manual as well as automated operations
    • Providing precise bidding suggestions for keywords to enhance product visibility
    • Identifying potential keywords or negative targets
    • Offering an extensive library of video training resources

    👉 Pricing: Helium 10 follows a straightforward pricing model at $249 per month. However, an additional fee of 2% is applicable if the monthly advertising spend surpasses $20,000.

    2. Teikametrics

    Teikametrics, also recognized by its renowned product Flywheel 2.0, presents an encompassing platform driven by AI technology. This platform facilitates the construction, enhancement, and evaluation of your advertising campaigns. Through its Campaign Optimizer feature, the arduous task of manual campaign management is alleviated by automated processes, including campaign initiation, keyword targeting, and bidding procedures.

    👉 Top features:

    • Dashboard and reporting tailored to your preferences
    • Automated campaign initiation aligned with your objectives
    • Optimization of bidding through algorithmic methods
    • Insights into profitability at both product and account levels

    👉 Pricing: No cost for sellers with sales below $10,000 per month. For sellers exceeding $10,000 per month, the plan incurs a fee of 3% of the monthly ad spend. An extra charge of $0.30 per search term applies when utilizing the Market Intelligence tool.

    3. Sellics/Perpetua

    Sellics has recently collaborated with Perpetua to provide a robust software solution tailored for Amazon ad management encompassing Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display campaigns.

    This comprehensive solution delivers automated campaign management featuring customizable rules, while its exclusive AI algorithm takes on the intricate tasks, spanning from campaign structuring to keyword administration.

    👉 Top features:

    • User-friendly interface offering comprehensive campaign performance insights
    • Bid strategies focused on conversions to meet your desired ACOS target and daily budget
    • Campaign setup for ads with predefined automation rules
    • Automated keyword research integration
    • Streamlined elimination of non-converting search terms
    • Dayparting functionality for efficient audience targeting

    👉 Pricing: Commences at $250 per month for the starter plan and escalates to $550 per month for the Pro tier.

    4. Sellozo

    Sellozo stands as an AI-infused software suite engineered for automation and the optimization of PPC campaigns. It offers assistance in budget management and automated bid optimization, along with its Campaign Studio, which aids in the identification of keywords and the curation of negative keyword lists. With these capabilities, you can strategically plan and enhance your advertising endeavors.

    👉 Top features:

    • Intuitive campaign modeling tools with a user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface
    • Utilize Campaign Studio to uncover keywords and automate the management of negative keywords
    • Access a library of ready-made or customizable campaign templates
    • Automated optimization of budgets and bids
    • Leverage the dayparting feature for efficient ad scheduling
    • Detailed analytics with downloadable data for comprehensive insights
    • Efficiently monitor and track Amazon fees

    👉 Pricing: 

    For 0-10 SKUs – The cost is $149 per month

    For 11-1000 SKUs – It’s $299 per month

    For over 1000 SKUs – The pricing is $399 per month.

    5. PPC Ninja

    In contrast to the majority of Amazon PPC software providers, PPC Ninja stands out through its utilization of an recommendations-centered optimization system instead of relying on a machine learning approach. This approach caters to sellers seeking heightened control over their Amazon ads. PPC Ninja offers comprehensive support for reporting, analytics, and bid optimization across all ad formats, all while adhering to target ACOS specifications.

    👉 Top features:

    • Receive daily recommendations for bid optimization, empowering you with increased keyword bid control
    • Access to over 50 bulk campaign operations for enhanced efficiency
    • Utilize an interface reminiscent of Excel to seamlessly manage large datasets
    • Automated suggestions for keywords to streamline the process

    👉 Pricing: 

    The minimum amount is $49 per month, and the most expensive package can cost $399.

    6. Zon.Tools

    Introducing another robust Amazon PPC optimization tool designed to streamline your campaigns, saving you valuable time while boosting the visibility of your products. Zon.Tools empowers you to elevate your campaign effectiveness and deploy strategies that surpass your competitors.

    The platform facilitates the attainment of comprehensive insights into ad performance, equipped with advanced reporting features. Furthermore, an automation log ensures you’re consistently informed about all events within your campaigns.

    👉 Top features:

    • Consistent and automated bid optimization to maximize both sales and profitability
    • The Explorer Engine consistently identifies high-converting keywords and product targets aligned with your strategy
    • The Phrase Match Engine eliminates underperforming search terms
    • Ongoing campaign surveillance aimed at augmenting ad investment in high-converting keywords and minimizing expenditure on low-performing ones

    👉 Pricing: Begins at $9 per month and escalates based on package selection.

    7. BidX

    BidX constantly assesses the effectiveness of your PPC campaigns and applies automated enhancements. While it may not encompass the extensive array of features present in certain other automation tools, BidX excels in automating tasks that are often deemed laborious. These include the creation of campaigns and bid optimization, featuring targeting rules customized for ACOS at the SKU level.

    👉 Top features:

    • Initiate campaign setup with the option to employ preset campaign configurations
    • Employ advanced techniques for sourcing keywords and automating the management of negative keywords
    • Tailor the dashboard and reports to suit your preferences
    • Experience seamless and ongoing bid adjustments driven by keyword performance metrics

    👉 Pricing: 

    The cost structure follows tiers, spanning from $149 to $499 per month, contingent on your monthly advertising expenditure.

    8. RevenueWize

    RevenueWise emerges as an ad management tool employing AI-driven algorithms to oversee Amazon campaigns, thereby curbing superfluous ad expenses and pinpointing untapped opportunities.

    Through its cutting-edge PPC analytics, RevenueWize empowers you to maximize the value of your advertising budget. This user-friendly platform, coupled with an array of features, streamlines campaign optimization, leading to quicker and more effective results.

    👉 Top features:

    • Comprehensive suite of PPC analytics data
    • Utilize an AI-powered ads management tool for bid suggestions aligned with ACOS objectives
    • Enjoy enhanced control without automated campaign initiation or negative target optimization
    • Continual assessment of keyword performance and corresponding bid suggestions
    • Optimize ad placements for optimal results

    👉 Pricing: 

    The cost structure is tier-based, determined by your monthly advertising expenditure. It starts at $119 per month for sellers with ad spend up to $10,000 and increases to $299 per month for sellers surpassing $30,000 in monthly ad spend.

    9. Intentwise

    Intentwise presents a platform that merges rules-based functionality with AI-powered capabilities, offering two distinct modes: the choice between full automation or the flexibility to define your personalized optimization rules.

    The Ad Optimizer tool delivers comprehensive control over bid management and competitor analysis, while also furnishing valuable recommendations encompassing account structure, keyword targeting, and additional optimization aspects.

    👉 Top features:

    • Access to training videos via Intentwise Academy as needed
    • Utilize analytic dashboards for insightful data visualization
    • Leverage performance diagnostics to propel your business toward its objectives
    • Monitor and stay updated on competitor activities
    • Establish personalized rules to manage bids and enhance campaign profitability

    👉 Pricing: 

    The pricing structure follows tiers, commencing at $500 per month.

    10. Downstream

    Now a member of the Jungle Scout family, Downstream constitutes an AI-infused PPC advertising software solution that operates around the clock to support your business objectives. Equipped with campaign automation functionalities, tailored reporting options, competitor insights, an intuitive user interface, and cutting-edge analytics, it serves as a comprehensive tool for your advertising endeavors.

    👉 Top features:

    • Continuous 24/7 automation capabilities
    • Tailored reporting options incorporating dashboards for effortless performance monitoring
    • Automated management and discovery of keywords
    • Leveraging machine learning for budget and bid adjustments aligned with key metrics
    • Utilize the dayparting feature for optimized ad scheduling
    • Access competitor intelligence for valuable insights into product ranking vis-à-vis competitors
    • Facilitate long-term data storage for future reference

    👉 Pricing: 

    Enterprise-level customization and negotiation.

    11. Quartile

    Quartile’s Amazon PPC advertising tool incorporates six exclusive machine learning technologies to effectively fine-tune your PPC strategy. By defining your optimization objectives, the patented technologies seamlessly execute the optimization process, meticulously refining your campaigns at both the product and keyword levels.

    👉 Top features:

    • Experience unified measurement and attribution reporting
    • Enjoy the support of a dedicated client manager without any additional charges
    • Harness the power of combined AI and real-time performance data, updated hourly, for automatic optimizations
    • Craft campaigns optimized to drive high conversions on the Amazon platform
    • Extend its operational capabilities across all 11 Amazon marketplaces

    👉 Pricing: 

    Customized to Enterprise-level requirements and specifications.

    12. Pacvue

    Pacvue presents an array of functionalities tailored for sellers seeking to effectively oversee and enhance their Amazon advertising endeavors. Through its provision of recommended actions and automation tools, Pacvue strives to support businesses of all scales in their growth journey.

    Harnessing the power of AI-driven technology, Pacvue empowers brands to formulate bidding strategies and establish budget targeting-focused rules across various levels, including products, keywords, ad groups, and campaigns.

    👉 Top features:

    • Gain entry to personalized dashboards and tailor-made reports
    • Utilize pre-existing templates and a step-by-step wizard for seamless guided setup
    • Employ either AI-powered or rule-based bid automation functionalities
    • Utilize the capability for harvesting search terms and negative search terms
    • Leverage the dayparting feature for strategic ad scheduling
    • Experience automated budget management for enhanced control
    • Benefit from competitor insights to refine your strategies

    👉 Pricing

    Customized to Enterprise-level specifications.

    13. AdBadger

    Ad Badger stands as another exceptional eCommerce tool geared towards enhancing your Amazon ads. Employing an exclusive algorithm, it boasts an array of automated functionalities crafted to curtail advertising expenditures. Enhanced by a user-friendly interface, it enables sellers to efficiently oversee, optimize, and automate their PPC campaigns, resulting in both time savings and heightened performance.

    👉 Top features:

    • Blend of automated and manual bidding mechanisms
    • Leverage the Ad Manager tool to facilitate seamless campaign setup
    • Employ the Bid Optimizer for streamlined daily micro-bid enhancements
    • Automatically execute adjustments for negative keywords in accordance with predefined rules and profitability criteria
    • Utilize the keyword tool to conduct scans and generate a list of keywords derived from converting search terms

    👉 Pricing: 

    Tailored to the Enterprise level, with customization available.

    14. PPC Entourage

    PPC Entourage’s Amazon PPC software tool effectively administers and refines your campaigns, leading to reduced ACOS and enhanced profit margins. Comprising reporting, optimization, and campaign management capabilities, this tool amalgamates a plethora of features, allowing you the flexibility to opt for as much or as little automation as suits your preference.

    👉 Top features:

    • Implement automated advertising processes guided by target ACOS (advertising cost of sale), operating at the ad group or campaign level
    • Automate the collection of search terms and negative search terms
    • Make use of the dayparting feature for strategic ad scheduling
    • Utilize the Bulk Optimizer tool for streamlined bulk campaign enhancements
    • Access a comprehensive dashboard that provides insights into underperforming products, targets, search terms, and ASINs

    👉 Pricing

    Follow a straightforward pricing structure of 2.9% of the monthly advertising spend across all your accounts.

    Considerations for Selecting the Ideal Amazon PPC Software or Tool

    Considerations for Selecting the Ideal Amazon PPC Software or Tool

    If you are searching for a reliable as well as dependable Amazon PPC Optimization tool, consider the points specified below:

    1. Define Your Objectives

    Begin by outlining your objectives. Are you aiming for higher visibility, increased sales, or improved ROI? Each tool may cater to specific goals, so having a clear vision will help you narrow down your options.

    2. Evaluate Features

    Dive into the features offered by each tool. Do they provide comprehensive keyword research, bid automation, performance tracking, and reporting? Prioritize tools that align with your campaign management needs.

    3. Consider User-Friendliness

    A user-friendly interface can make a significant difference in your experience. Tools that offer intuitive dashboards and easy navigation can save time and minimize the learning curve.

    4. Integration Compatibility

    Check in case the tool integrates efficiently with your existing software as well as platforms. Integration capabilities ensure smooth data exchange and a unified approach to campaign management.

    5. Budget Consideration

    Different tools come with varying pricing structures. While investing in a powerful tool can yield substantial returns, make sure the pricing aligns with your budget and projected ROI.

    6. Customer Support

    Responsive customer support is crucial, especially when navigating technical issues or seeking assistance with tool functionalities. Opt for tools that offer reliable customer support channels.


    Why is Amazon PPC important for sellers?

    Amazon PPC allows sellers to increase their product’s visibility and reach a targeted audience. It can help drive traffic to their listings, boost sales, and improve their organic rankings on Amazon’s search results.

    How to set up an Amazon PPC campaign?

    To set up an Amazon PPC campaign, go to your Amazon Seller Central account, navigate to the Advertising section, and select “Create Campaign.” Choose your campaign type (sponsored products, sponsored brands, or sponsored display), set your budget, select relevant keywords, set bids, and create ad creatives.

    How to optimize Amazon PPC campaigns for better results?

    Regularly review your campaign performance, adjust your bids, pause underperforming keywords, and allocate more budget to well-performing keywords. Test different ad creatives and monitor your campaigns’ metrics to identify areas for improvement.

    Do I need Amazon PPC management software, and which one is best?

    Amazon PPC management software can streamline campaign management and provide valuable insights. The best software depends on your specific needs and budget. Popular options include Helium 10, Sellics, AdBadger, Teikametrics, and others. Research their features, read reviews, and choose the one that aligns with your goals.


    Choosing the right Amazon PPC Agency is a strategic decision that can significantly impact the success of your advertising campaigns. By considering your goals, evaluating features, and assessing factors like user-friendliness, integration, and customer support, you can navigate the sea of options and find the tool that complements your business needs. 

    With the right Amazon PPC company, you’ll be equipped to optimize your campaigns, boost visibility, and achieve exceptional results in the competitive realm of Amazon advertising. Whether you’re a seasoned seller or just starting on Amazon, investing in the right PPC management software can empower your advertising strategy, drive sales, and help you make the most of Amazon’s vast e-commerce landscape.

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