Amazon A+ Content Design | A Complete Guide


    The Amazon A+ Content Design provides an opportunity to create detailed and interactive product descriptions that help customers make informed purchasing decisions. Amazon A+ Content also provides benefits to merchants and sellers, including enhanced product visibility, improved customer experience, and increased sales. Amazon A+ Content Design Services can help take your product listings to the next level by providing engaging and informative content that stands out from your competition. This guide provides an overview of what A+ Content is, its key benefits, how to design and optimize A+ content, and some common pitfalls to avoid.

    Key Takeaways

    • Having A+ content will not affect your page ranking since it is not indexed by Amazon.
    • With the most recent update, it is now possible to view both the desktop and mobile versions of A+ content on the same screen using the Amazon A+ Content Manager.
    • The promotion will only apply if you submit your A+ content within one month of making your purchase. 
    • If you wish to make any changes or modifications, you will only be allowed to do so within the first 2 business days of the page going live. 
    • You are not permitted to mention your competitors or the products that they are selling on your pages. 
    • Amazon reserves the right to remove your A+ page at any time, which usually happens when a vendor decides to close their account, fails to fulfill orders on time, or violates Amazon’s terms and conditions.

    What is Amazon A+ Content?

    Amazon A+ content

    Amazon A+ Content is a collection of detailed and interactive pages aimed at helping customers decide which product to purchase. It provides enhanced product visibility, improved customer experience, and increased sales. It consists of product descriptions, product images, comparison tables, product videos, ratings and reviews, customer questions and answers, etc. This content typically helps customers make an informed decision on which product best fits their needs. With a wide range of services from content writing to marketing, Amazon A+ Content Design Services can provide a comprehensive plan to help boost your revenue and increase customer satisfaction.

    What is Premium Amazon A+ Content?

    Essentially, Premium A+ Content is an upgraded version of the A+ Content accessible to Brand Registered merchants. An option that was traditionally only available to Vendors or by Amazon Launchpad can now be accessed freely by third-party vendors on Seller Central (if they meet the requirements).

    Premium A+ Content, also referred to as A++, offers more interactive elements, larger pictures, updated comparison tables, carousel sections, and even video clips. It is a significant improvement compared to the basic A+ Content.

    What are the eligibility Criteria for Premium Amazon A+ Content?

    In order to make use of Premium A+ Content, the following requirements must be met: all the ASINs in your catalogue must have an approved A+ Brand Story, and you must have at least 15 A+ Content projects approved in the last 12 months. 

    If these terms are fulfilled, you can access Premium A+ Content for free in Seller Central. During the current promotional period, it will be free of charge, however, Amazon may decide to charge a fee for this feature in the future. Any A++ Content published while it is still free will remain active even if a fee is imposed.

    Features of Premium A+ Content

    Here are some of the most looked features of Premium A+ Content:

    • Interactive hover hotspot modules
    • Multiple video modules
    • Increased comparison charts
    • Bigger images on the detail page
    • Carousel module
    • Q&A module

    How much does Amazon A+ Content cost?

    How much does Amazon A+ Content cost?

    Currently, Amazon EBC is offered at no cost to sellers and vendors. 

    Vendors may prefer the premium version, which includes interactive elements and can be accessed only via an invitation from a vendor manager, though it is said to be rather expensive. 

    Although there is no financial cost associated with Amazon A+ Content at the moment, it still takes time to create the visuals and content. We will later discuss an easy cost-benefit analysis to determine when it is worth the effort to generate Enhanced Content for product listings.

    Benefits of Amazon A+ Content

    Amazon A+ Content provides numerous benefits, both to customers and merchants/sellers. Customers can benefit from an enhanced product visibility and improved customer experience, giving them confidence in their decisions. Merchants/sellers benefit from increased sales through greater product visibility, increased customer trust, and a more comprehensive description of the product. 

    Whether you need help building effective product descriptions, curating visuals, or optimizing content for SEO. Amazon A+ Content Design Services can deliver solutions that are tailored to your specific needs and product categories.

    Do you know | Amazon says that A+ content helps increase the overall sales of a product by 3 – 10% on average.

    Here are Top Benefits of Amazon A+ Content

    Here are some top benefits of Amazon A+ content

    1. Increased Visibility

    There are countless products available on Amazon now and it can be difficult for a single product to stand out and be seen. Now, Amazon has created a creative opportunity to make products appear more prominent with A+ Content. By including certain promotional visuals and additional information on the product page, customers are much more likely to be drawn in, leading to an increase in sales.

    2. Improved Customer Experience

    Having extra content to explain a product gives consumers more confidence when it comes to purchasing a product. This also further validates that the product is suitable for their needs, as the content can be tailored to the product’s purpose much more clearly. Furthermore, a product with A+ Content is often much more visually appealing, making buyers’ browsing and shopping experience much more enjoyable.

    Tips- Enhanced Brand Content helps Amazon customers in better understanding your products and seeing all essential USPs at a glance.

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    3. More Exposed Brand Identity

    Place your brand in the limelight by showcasing your brand’s logo, colors, and key messages prominently in your A+ content. This is a great way to capture the attention of potential customers and express your brand amongst a vast selection of products. Humanize your brand by using content that speaks to your customers and features imagery of your product in action.

    4. Increased SEO Ranking

    SEO is key when it comes to appearing higher in search engine results. Content is an integral part of this, and A+ Content can help boost SEO rankings. Having more product-related content that includes target keywords will help your product appear higher in Amazon search results.

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    5. Increased Conversion Rate

    Creating quality A+ content for your product can help drive sales by increasing the conversion rate. Consumers are more likely to buy a product with additional information. Factors such as diagrams and images, outlining product specifications and amenities often give customers that extra push to purchase.

    Higher conversion = More sales = Increased ranking — with the same amount of traffic

    Different Types of Amazon A+ Content

    Different Types of Amazon A+ Content

    Amazon A+ Content can take many forms. It can consist of product descriptions, product images, comparison tables, product videos, ratings and reviews, customer questions and answers, etc. Each piece of content should be designed to provide an accurate and comprehensive overview of the product, while also being engaging and informative. 

    1. Images

    Images are one of the most basic and important types of Amazon A+ content. They help potential customers get an idea of what the product looks like and provides them with a tangible representation of what they could be purchasing. Images should be high quality and showcase the features of the product in the best light.

    2. Descriptions

    Descriptions are perhaps the most important type of Amazon A+ content. Through descriptive and informative copy, sellers can provide customers with a clear and concise overview of the product’s features and benefits. This can help customers make an informed decision by understanding exactly what the product has to offer.

    3. Feature Comparison Tables

    Feature comparison tables that compare the features of a product to competing models of the same type of product can be incredibly useful and effective. Through feature comparison tables, customers can easily compare and contrast products side-by-side and come to a more informed purchase decision.

    4. Videos

    Videos are another popular type of Amazon A+ content. Through videos, vendors and sellers can provide detailed descriptions and demonstrations of a product’s features and benefits. This helps potential customers gain a better understanding of how it functions and its capabilities.

    5. Testimonials

    Testimonials are a great way to build trust and credibility for a product. Through customer reviews, sellers can provide potential customers with proof that the product works. This can help customers make a more informed decision about the product and ultimately be more likely to buy it.

    How to Create Amazon A+ Content?

    Creating Amazon A+ content can require careful planning and execution. The content should be designed to be accurate, informative, and engaging. Product descriptions should include detailed and accurate product specifications, as well as any applicable features and benefits, to provide customers with the information they need to make an informed decision. Detailed product images can also be used to provide a visual reference point for customers. 

    Creating successful Amazon A+ Content is no small task and requires a certain level of finesse to be successful. There are several best practices to follow when creating Amazon A+ Content. 

    Here is a detail process that illustrates how to create Amazon A+ content:

    Step 1: Log in to your Seller Central account 

    Make sure you have registered your brand before going any further.

    Step 2: Visit the Advertising section and tap on A+ Content Manager

    Step 3: On the A+ content manager page, select the option to initiate the creation process. After you click it, you will be presented with a template that you must filled in order to make your A+ content.

    Amazon provide you with two option

    1. Self service module – In which you can show your own creativity
    2. Amazon build for you- In which amazon help you

    amazon a+ content type modules

    Step 4: Pick either one. If you select “Self-service modules,” it will take you to a page where you enter the ASIN you need to create the content for. Afterwards, you’ll be shown a selection of options to build the modules and layouts.


    After you select an ASIN, you will be prompted to pick a BUILD LAYOUT. It is important to note that Amazon provides 12 sorts of modules, all split into different categories.

    After completing the task, press the continue button. Upload the image and content, then click the preview button to view your page.

    Press the “add to cart” button to check out the costs. Finally, purchase your A+ material.

    Step 5: If you choose “Amazon builds for you,” it redirects you to a page where you will have to just upload your text & images, and Amazon will do the rest of the job for you.

    Step 6: Input a title for the project that is clear and understandable, as well as something you can easily recall.

    Step 7: Create the structure and add your material (remember to compress the images into a zip file). Preview it so that you can see what it looks like before you make it public.

    Step 8: If all the information is correct, select the “finish” button.

    Upon successful review, your A+ page will be activated within seven business days.

    Best Practices for Amazon A+ Content

    Best Practices for Amazon A+ Content

    Amazon A+ content is not only cost-effective, but also works to improve customer satisfaction by providing products with more detailed descriptions, which can lead to more successful purchases in the end.

    Here, we will outline the best practices for creating optimal Amazon A+ content and how to start the process right away.

    Step 1: Understand the Purpose and Benefits of Creating A+ Content

    The first step to creating effective Amazon A+ content is to familiarize yourself with what it consists of. A+ Product Content is a feature that provides customers with extended product information, usually in the form of visuals, such as images and videos, along with detailed descriptions. This type of content helps customers evaluate products better and can even influence customer purchasing decisions.

    In addition to aiding customers with decision making, creating Amazon A+ content also allows sellers to display a product’s features in a more attractive way and create a more engaging shopping experience. By doing so, sellers can increase their product’s visibility, boost their ranking on Amazon, and ultimately, generate more sales.

    Step 2: Know Your Audience

    The second step to creating effective A+ content is to do your homework and research the target audience for the product. By understanding who the customer will be, sellers can create tailored A+ content that caters to their needs and preferences. This could mean using a specific language, providing a detailed and comprehensive list of product features, and even including reviews from past customers.

    Researching the target demographic will also help sellers to choose the right visuals and content that will be most appealing to the customer. For example, images should be high quality and visually appealing, and videos should be informative and interesting. Finding the right visuals to include in A+ content will help Amazon sellers to differentiate their products from the competition and appeal to their customers in an efficient way.

    Step 3: Follow Amazon’s Guidelines for A+ Content

    Once you have a better idea of who you’re targeting and what visuals you’ll be including, it’s time to follow Amazon’s guidelines for what types of A+ content are acceptable. Amazon specifies that A+ Content must be concise, easy to read, and free of any formatting issues. Additionally, only authorized images and content that are relevant to the product are allowed, and all visuals must meet Amazon’s size and quality standards.

    Step 4: Monitor and Optimize A+ Content

    The last step to creating effective Amazon A+ content is to keep an eye on how customers are responding to it. This can be done through customer feedback, reviews, and ratings for the product, which offer insight into whether or not the A+ content is having a positive effect on the product’s visibility and sales.

    Tips for Optimizing Amazon A+ Content

    To ensure that you can get your products noticed by potential customers, optimizing your Amazon A+ content is a critical step in the success of your business. Amazon A+ content is a feature offered by Amazon that includes enhanced visuals and more in-depth descriptions of products. Let’s cover the top tips for optimizing your Amazon A+ content to ensure your products stand out from the crowd.

    Tip #1 | Use Enhanced Content

    Amazon A+ content provides the opportunity to display enhanced visuals, more in-depth descriptions, and a more dynamic and engaging product page. Take advantage of this increased content to create an eye-catching page and better explain the features, benefits, and use-cases of your product.

    Tip #2 | Use Quality Images

    Don’t skimp on quality when it comes to images on your product page. Remember, you only get one chance to make a good impression, and high-quality images can be the difference between an interested customer and an uninterested one. Make sure all images are clear, consistent, and reflect the quality of your product.

    Tip #3 | Create Engaging Videos

    Videos are powerful tools for engaging customers and explaining the benefits of your products – make sure to take full advantage of them on your Amazon A+ content. Videos can demonstrate the features, show the product in use, and include customer testimonials.

    Tip #4. | Highlight Customer Reviews

    Customer reviews are a powerful way to show potential customers that your product is already trusted, popular, and reliable. Be sure to include customer reviews on your Amazon A+ content page and feature the most positive reviews.

    Tip #5 | Incorporate FAQs

    FAQs can be extremely useful in addressing common questions and concerns that a potential customer might have. Be sure to include frequent questions and their answers in your Amazon A+ content, so potential buyers can have easy access to all the information they need to make an informed decision.

    Common Mistakes to Avoid with Amazon A+ Content

    Common Mistakes to Avoid

    Businesses of all sizes are taking advantage of Amazon A+ content to enhance their product listings and boost sales. Amazon A+ content is a great way to add more detail, photos and videos to your product listings, enabling customers to make more informed decisions and increasing the chances of them adding your product to their cart.

    However, creating enhanced content is time-consuming and requires a lot of effort and know-how. To reap the rewards, it’s important to understand the common mistakes that can occur with Amazon A+ content and how to avoid them. Here are the five most common mistakes to avoid when creating A+ content on Amazon.

    1. Incorrectly utilizing the various components

    The Amazon A+ content editor enables users to add various elements such as text, images, videos and comparison charts. It’s important to choose the right element for the right purpose and not overload the page with too many elements.

    Text elements should be used to provide product information, while comparison charts and tables can be used to explain the features and benefits of a product. Images are a great tool to showcase your product, but videos are highly recommended for providing a more visual experience of a product’s use and performance.

    2. Not optimizing content

    Optimizing your content for A+ modules is important for improving conversions and increasing sales. To maximize the reach of A+ content, you must consider how the various elements will display on different screens. Moreover, pay attention to the font size, images, and the overall readability. The content must be concise, clear and easy to understand. Finally, make sure to keep content updated and relevant with accurate information.

    3. Not utilizing SEO best practices

    Using keywords and other SEO best practices is an essential part of creating A+ content. When using keywords, make sure to include them in headings, subheadings and the main body text to make your content more visible on Amazon and in search engines. Additionally, pay attention to the keyword density and make sure to use the right combination of keywords.

    4. Not using compelling visuals

    Visuals are very important in A+ content. They can help customers better understand the features, benefits and use of your product. However, it’s important to use high-quality visuals to create an eye-catching and appealing look. Pay attention to the images and always use high-resolution images and videos. Additionally, use images and videos to explain the use and performance of the product as it can create an emotional connection with customers and improve conversions.

    5. Not ensuring quality or following style guides

    The content must be accurate, free from plagiarism and spelling mistakes, and must follow style guides. Businesses should use concise, relevant and up-to-date content to create a good impression on customers. Failing to adhere to the quality and style guidelines can result in lower product rankings and reduced sales.


    Amazon A+ Content Design Service provides an opportunity to create detailed and interactive product descriptions, enhancing the customer experience and boosting product visibility. Careful planning and execution is required to create effective A+ content. This guide provides an overview of what A+ Content is, its key benefits, how to design and optimize A+ content, and some common pitfalls to avoid.

    With an experienced team of writers, designers, and marketing experts, we can provide product listings that meet Amazon’s standards while still capturing the unique voice of your brand. By leveraging the power of Amazon’s A+ Content program, we can help transform your product listings from simple text to eye-catching, informative experiences that can help boost sales and repeat customers.

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