How Much Instagram Ads Cost in 2023?


    Are you aware that Instagram alone has over 1 billion active users benefiting in varied ways? If not, you must be aware as it is a Facebook-owned one of the best social media platforms that delivers great opportunities for business owners to get their potential leads.

    Instagram has become one of the potent platforms for all types of businesses that help them to advertise and reach their potential audience within no time. Apart from that, it also helps them to promote their products and services effectively. Thus, to generate more leads and grow your business Instagram ads cost are the best way to explore your business. 

    But before you decide on going with Instagram ads it is very crucial to know the budget involved to get the maximum return on investment. So, keeping this in mind let’s learn all the aspects of Instagram advertising costs including, factors that influence Instagram advertising cost, ad formats, and many more. 

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    How Does Instagram Advertising Work?

    How Does Instagram Advertising Work

    Instagram ads work by utilizing the advertising platform provided by Instagram, which is owned by Facebook. Let’s deep dive into the working for Instagram Ads: –

    1.     Ad Creation

    Advertisers use the Facebook Ads Manager or the Instagram app to create ads for their business. It defines the campaign objective, target audience, ad format, and budget.

    2.     Targeting

    Advertisers can specify the target audience based on various criteria, like demographics, interests, behaviors, and location. This ensures that ads reach potential users.

    3.     Ad Formats

    Instagram offers various ad formats, including photo ads, video ads, carousel ads, story ads, and more. Advertisers choose the format that best suits their campaign goals.

    4.     Ad Placement

    Instagram ads can appear in multiple locations within the Instagram app. These include the main feed, stories, explore page, and the “Shop” tab. Advertisers can select specific placements or allow Instagram’s algorithm to optimize ad placement based on performance.

    5.     Ad Auction and Bidding

    Instagram uses an auction system to determine which ads to show to users. When a user’s feed or story is loaded, Instagram’s algorithm selects relevant ads based on targeting and auction bids. Advertisers set a maximum bid or use automatic bidding to optimize their ad delivery.

    6.     Ad Display

    Once the ad is selected through the auction, it is displayed to the targeted Instagram users in their feeds, stories, or other placements. The ads are designed to blend with the organic content, appearing as regular posts or stories within the user’s feed.

    7.     User Engagement and Measurement

    The potential audience can interact with Instagram ads by liking, commenting, or sharing them. Advertisers can track engagement metrics like clicks, conversions, reach, impressions, and other performance indicators through the Facebook Ads Manager or with the help of other analytics tools.

    8.     Ad Performance Optimization

    Advertisers or business owners can monitor the performance of their Instagram ads in real-time and make adjustments as needed. They can modify targeting, ad creative, or budget allocation to optimize their campaigns and achieve better results.

    9.     Ad Policies

    Instagram has guidelines and policies regarding the content and format of ads to maintain a positive user experience. Advertisers must adhere to every policy to ensure their ads are approved and displayed to the potential audience.

    This is one of the pressing questions every business owner asks who wants to promote their products and services on Instagram. One of the resources called AdEspresso states that the cost per click on Instagram is $0.80. But on average Instagram advertising costs between $0.20 to $6.70 which wholly depends upon the bidding model business chooses. 

    That means, there are mainly two different models on the basis on which advertisers have to pay. For CPC or cost-per-click businesses have to pay $0.20 to $2 for every click. Moreover, for CPM or cost-per-impressions they have to pay between $6.70 for every 1000 impressions. 

    Additionally, for CPE or cost-per-engagement advertisers will pay $0.01 to $0.05 per engagement. 

    What is the difference that makes Instagram Advertising worth the investment?

    What is the difference that makes Instagram Advertising worth the investment

    Advertising on Instagram, one of the powerful social media platforms, delivers numerous mind-blowing benefits. So, let’s talk about those benefits and take your business to the path of success.

    Have a wider user base

    Instagram owns a massive user base of over 1 billion which delivers this platform second rank after Facebook. Due to this extensive reach, Instagram is very popular among business owners who want to connect with varied and huge potential audiences. Along with that, businesses have the opportunity to target almost every demographic entirely based on interests, age, behavior, and location.

    One of the other reasons that make this platform worth investment is the results. According to one study, Shopify found that the average order value of Instagram users is $65 which is more than Facebook’s $55. 

    Good engagement and interactivity

    One of the studies by Forrester states that Instagram earns impressive engagement rates as compared to any other platform. That means, this platform has taken the lead in terms of engagement rates which is ten times more than Facebook. 

    It is due to platform features such as likes, shares, comments, along with direct messages, etc. This facilitates user interactions and generates opportunities for businesses to build healthy relationships with potential customers. Because of higher engagement businesses have a chance to boost brand awareness, conversions, and customer loyalty. 

    It offers high conversion rates

    Apart from high order value, Instagram ads also help businesses to get high conversion rates. As per the report, the average conversion rate of Instagram ads is 1.08% as compared to 0.77% of Twitter ads, and 0.54% of Pinterest ads. 

    External links

    According to digital marketing experts, to date, Instagram does not allow clickable links in any of the organic posts. But businesses can include links in the captions or messages but ensure the recipient has to copy and paste them into their browser. 

    Furthermore, businesses can also include outside links that enable you to designate a destination URL for the website. However, for best results ensure you use your own domain. 

    Delivers detailed analytics and insights

    Apart from all the above benefits, Instagram offers business owners detailed analytics and insights about the performance of their Instagram ads. That means, the advertisers can easily track their ad metrics like, reach, engagement, conversions, impressions, and many more things. 

    This helps businesses to assess the effectiveness of their Instagram ad campaigns by which they can make decisions for excellent results.

    What are the factors that determine Instagram Advertising costs?

    What are the factors that determine Instagram Advertising costs

    Unlike various other social media platforms, cost for Instagram cost is also influenced by several variables. Let’s talk about those factors in detail: –

    ✔️ Broader audience

    If your business aim is to target a larger audience then the Instagram ads cost will be low as there is less competition in this market. On the other hand, if you narrow down your target audience in terms of age or geotargeting then the price will surely increase.

    ✔️ Bid Amount

    The bid amount business will fix also influences how much money they will spend on Instagram ad campaigns. But before you fix any bid amount ensure you must determine how much you are willing to pay to get the maximum leads. Remember Instagram bid amount is quite high compared to any other platform. 

    Overall, the bid amount impacts the budget and the business budget will influence how much money you can spend on the bid. All these amounts will directly influence what will be the overall cost to advertise on Instagram.

    ✔️ Ad duration and frequency

    The overall length of your Instagram ad campaign and its frequency also impacts the ad’s costs. That means if the Instagram ad campaign is long and more frequent then it may require a higher budget to maintain the online visibility. 

    ✔️ Instagram Ad relevance score

    This is another factor that impacts the Instagram ads cost. Relevancy score means how relevant is your business ad in the eyes of Instagram. The reason to consider this factor is Instagram is the best social media platform that always wants to show the best content to its audience in its feed. 

    According to digital marketing experts, the overall score is based on how the target audience will react to your Instagram ad. It means, if the potential audience will respond positively to the Instagram ad, the relevancy score will be high. This is possible if customers will click, like, comment, etc. on the ad. Moreover, if the audience will hide the ad it will cause a negative response and offer a low relevance score which will surely hurt the Instagram ad performance. 

    In simple words, ads with high relevance scores are placed over low relevance score ads for which you have to pay less amount. On top of that, high-relevancy ads will get more clicks and drive more traffic.

    ✔️ The objective of the Instagram ad

    The overall objective of the Instagram ad also affects the cost. Some of the objectives Instagram delivers to its users are engagement, traffic, conversions, brand awareness, reach, and many more. Most of these objectives come with high competition that leads to higher costs and vice-versa.

    ✔️ Instagram Ad Format

    It offers several ad formats to its users like photo ads, carousel ads, collection ads, etc. The ad will cost highly depending upon the complexity and production value. For example, video and interactive ads will cost higher than any other ad.

    ✔️ Click-through rate

    If the CTR of the ad is low then you will see the cost will be high as the Instagram system thinks there is not a perfect link between your target audience and what you are offering in the ad. However, for best results ensure to resonate your ad with your target audience and if this happens CTR is the indication. 

    So, as a business always aim for healthy CTR which is around 2% and its cost will also be low.

    ✔️ Competition

    The competition in the field also impacts the Instagram ad cost. The reason is when businesses try to reach a certain demographic of people there will be high competition who are trying their best to reach the same group. That means competition will surely cause a change in the overall cost of the ad campaign.

    On top of that, if the people are bidding to reach the same audience it will result in a bidding war. In this situation, companies will outbid one another to get the top placement. In simple words, your CPC must go high to bid against competitors.

    ✔️ Seasonality and demand

    The experts in digital marketing state that Instagram ad costs can also fluctuate depending upon the seasonality and demand patterns. That means, during peak periods when any of the business owners are vying for ad space surely the ad cost will increase.

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    How Can Businesses Lower Instagram Ads Cost?

    How Can Businesses Lower Instagram Ads Cost

    When the point is to lower the overall cost of Instagram ads businesses will do their best. Some of the best practices you can do are: –

    Take the help of automatic bidding

    If you are new to Instagram and want to save your money on ads but need excellent results then automatic bidding is the right choice. Through this method, you will get the bid that is best for your campaign. Moreover, this step is also beneficial when businesses don’t have any previous data that tells about the CPC to set the campaign. 

    Additionally, this method will help the business owners to set the bid amount that’s perfect for the campaign.

    Ensure to make relevant landing pages

    Most of the business owners do the mistake of directing their potential customers to the home page once they click on the Instagram ad. In this case, they will not become your regular customer but rather opt for another service provider for the services. So, for best results take your customers to the product page which will recoup the overall costs of running the Instagram campaign.

    Set clear campaign goals

    Clearly define your campaign objectives, whether it’s generating leads, driving traffic to your website, or increasing brand awareness. Align your ad strategies with these objectives to ensure you’re not wasting ad spend on irrelevant actions.

    Test different ad formats and placements

    To save money experiment with varied ad formats like video, stories, images, etc to determine what resonates best with the audience. On top of that, try out different ad placements like Instagram feed, explore, Instagram stories, etc to get the most effective placements for the target audience. 

    This step called testing helps businesses to optimize their campaign so that they can get maximum results. 

    Keep an eye on your ad frequency

    Be cautious of ad fatigue, which occurs when your target audience is repeatedly exposed to the same ad. High ad frequency can lead to decreased engagement and increased costs. Monitor your frequency metrics and adjust your campaign settings or refresh your creative periodically to maintain user interest.


    Q: Is paying for Instagram ads worth it?

    A: Yes, it’s worth investing in Instagram ads as it is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms for businesses that want to expand their business within no time. 

    Q: Can you run ads on Instagram for free?

    A: If you are planning to go for influencer marketing and paid promotion this platform is very costly. But the good news is that if your main motive is to promote and help your business to grow then Instagram is a free platform.

    Q: Can businesses buy Instagram followers?

    A: Businesses can buy followers from several websites but at varied price points. The experts of digital marketing state that buying followers is of no use as they are bots or inactive accounts that will not engage with the profile. That means, no doubt your Instagram followers will increase but engagement will remain the same.

    Q: How much do Instagram ads cost?

    A: There is no fixed cost for Instagram ads as different types of ads price vary from one another. But on an average Instagram ads will cost around $0.20 to $6.70 depending on the bidding model.


    Instagram ads no doubt deliver excellent ROI if your products and services are worth appealing. But on the other hand, this platform is highly competitive due to the sheer number of brands targeting the same pool of audience. But success is possible if you choose the right bidding format and target the right people. Moreover, if you are not aware of the essential steps to make your Instagram Ads campaign successful, take the help of the leading digital marketing agency IndeedSEO. Contact us today and talk to our expert strategist!

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