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Tum Hi Ho

Tum Hi Ho

The Tum Hi Ho USA-Based Indian Wedding Planner initiative wants to improve its SEO rankings for the search engine results page (SERP). We assured them we would effectively fulfill their aims and supplied them with the necessary consultation.





Case Study

The Challenges

There are many competitors of the Tum Hi Ho Events website. Therefore, they set their top Google ranking as their primary objective to easily outperform their rivals.

Therefore, the main issue of this project was to draw in the right audience by improving the Website’s search engine position. It was challenging to outrank the competition’s keywords on Google’s first page.

case study

The Solution

The client is quite knowledgeable about keywords and search engine optimization. He consequently occasionally told us what he expected from us.

To focus on raising our position, our client gave us a list of keywords. To target the right market, we looked at their Website and added extra keywords. As a result, we updated the Meta Descriptions to reflect the new keywords better, added pertinent keywords, and increased their quality.

Results of the projects

By engaging in a variety of marketing efforts, a higher ranking can be attained.

Website speed from 56% to 96%

Organic traffic

At Indeed, we use highly regarded and cutting-edge site optimization techniques that will boost traffic to your Website and help you attract customers.

Website speed from 56% to 96%

Improving the speed

Our SEO specialists use highly engaging techniques to reduce the time it takes for a website to load.

Website speed from 56% to 96%

Knowing the client's objectives

Because of our team’s unwavering dedication to going above and above for our customers, we could finish this job by
creating high-performing backlinks.

Website speed from 56% to 96%


Making this brand appear in the top search results across various search engines was another essential part of SEO services for this company, enhancing brand awareness and visibility.

Website speed from 56% to 96%

Increase Click-through rate

Our talented developers use trend optimization services, which could lead to better results along with a huge rise in click through rate of your business portal.

Website speed from 56% to 96%

Site Safety

We provide exceptional ranking results without running the risk of data loss, and we guarantee the complete security of all the data on your Website.

Improve your Website by taking it To the Next Level

“Tum Hi Ho” a committed team of Indian wedding organizers in the US aims to offer once-in-a-lifetime experiences.
The platform aims for excellence through careful planning, prompt delivery, and professional, upbeat customer service. Whether you require assistance with decision-making, day-of coordination, or whole wedding planning, we will be there for you.

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case study
case study
case study
case study

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