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Sevenedges is an Awe-inspiring Decor and Travel Blog endorsing Eco-Friendly Home Decor and Sustainable Tourism for an Ecofreak in You.





Case Study

Their challenges

The most crucial challenges the company faced was lesser audience interaction and hence very few leads. Additionally thai also results in down coming of their sales and hence business.
Our biggest challenge was getting more engagement with our social media marketing activities. Furthermore, it was difficult to outrank other websites on Google’s search results page. Our team used high-quality backlinks, keyword-optimized social media posting, and quality content posting to provide results that exceeded our customers’ expectations.

case study

The Solution

The client understood the fundamentals of SEO and social media marketing. He helped with the local market’s keyword research and informed us of his marketing requirements.
We also employed SMO tasks to help us reach our goals in order to target the intended audience. Our SEO experts created profiles on several social networking sites in order to boost traffic. We have accomplished a range of chores, such as posting to forums, sharing photographs, making profiles, and posting blogs and videos, to achieve the necessary goals.

Results of the projects

Our team at IndeedSEO understands what our clients are looking for and provides them with appropriate assistance through a result-driven strategy.

Website speed from 56% to 96%

Speeding up their load time

Our SEO specialists employ highly interactive strategies to speed up the site’s loading time.

Website speed from 56% to 96%

Understanding client's goals

Because of our team’s unwavering commitment to exceeding our client’s expectations, we could complete this assignment by producing high-performing backlinks.

Website speed from 56% to 96%

Bringing traffic

At Indeed, we utilize highly renowned and exclusive site optimization strategies that will increase your Website’s traffic and help you gain consumers.

Website speed from 56% to 96%


Another vital component of SEO services to this brand was making it rank in the top search results over various search engines, increasing the brand’s visibility and awareness.

Website speed from 56% to 96%

Site Security

We guarantee the complete security of all the data on your Website and deliver excellent ranking outcomes without running the danger of data loss.

Website speed from 56% to 96%

Optimization and upgradation

Our skilled developers employ trend optimization services to work diligently on the project they are given, which could result in improved outcomes.

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Sevenedges is a Decor and travel blogging company for the travel agency. Sevenedges is an Awe-inspiring Décor and Travel blog endorsing Eco-Friendly Home Décor and Sustain and household goods to corporate housing organisations, Insurance housing companies, property management businesses, and retail clients.
The goal is accomplished by launching a number of difficult marketing campaigns. The majority of the website’s keywords were placed on Google’s first page after a month of persistent work, giving us the best results. We put a lot of effort into maintaining search engine result page rankings and audience engagement on social media sites.

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case study
case study
case study
case study

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