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How to recuperate from a Google Penalty?

When penalized by Google, it's likely for you to be sent into a state of panic. Much like any individual or organization going through a Google penalty, you'll also wonder how you can recover and return to your previous ranking on search engine result pages. However, you don't have to panic at all. Take a deep breath and contact IndeedSEO Google Penalty Recovery Services. By performing the following activities, we will ensure that you recover as soon as possible, and we will help you minimize the impact of the penalty on your business's success.

Recognize the reason behind the penalty

A penalty can occur due to the black hat SEO practices, such as paying for backlinks or stuffing content with keywords. You might not be able to recognize these reasons by yourself as a business owner. So you must hire a team that can investigate on your behalf. Make sure to contact an SEO agency right from the start. It will help you avoid any mistakes as you move forward.

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Address the concerns

This stage may take a long time, depending on the issues that lead to your Google penalty, so be patient! For example, don't be shocked if you need to do any of the following to bring your site up to Google's standards:

  • Rewrite the duplicate content
  • Fix all the broken links
  • Remove those links that are linking to your site
  • Reduce the number of advertising you show
  • Retarget all of your keyword-optimized pages
  • Get rid of all 404 errors
  • Remove All hidden content
  • Create new Meta descriptions

In most circumstances, it isn't something that you can do in a day, so don't anticipate instant results. However, if you prioritize fixing what Google regards to be wrong, you can reduce its time to improve your site's ranking.

What type of SEO do you need?

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Submit a request to the Google

Always be polite when requesting reconsideration, and keep track of all your actions to get into compliance. You are not required to submit the documentation, but it is a good idea to keep it on hand if you are asked. You don't want to contact Google directly? Wait a month or more to see if Google has started re-indexing your content. If this is the case, you can check your analytics. Your penalty has been lifted if this is the case. If it isn't, you may need to contact Google or rethink what needs to be changed on your site.


The effect of bad backlinks

You can be penalized due to the bad type of backlinks directed to your site. You should get all of the bad backlinks removed as you find them. Request a webmaster or site owner to remove backlinks from their websites. If this method doesn't work, you must inform Google that you disown those incoming links.

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Life after a Google penalty

Some major websites also have been penalized by Google, and they had to face a similar procedure as you will feel after being penalized by Google. So life will continue even after you will receive a penalty. The more objective and analytical you can be about the situation, the easier it will be to move on without raising your blood pressure.

In the future, it's a good idea to establish internal organization principles to ensure you don't find yourself in this predicament again. If your current webmaster or online marketing firm has given you lousy advice, it's time to switch to a new service provider.

If you are also going through a Google penalty, make sure you get in touch with our Google penalty recovery services. It should be a top priority to bring your site back to the top of the rankings, and being the top SEO Company in India; we will be more than happy to achieve this goal for you.

What We Can Do For You?

With great hands on experience, we have resolved lots issue of Google penalty with a 100% success rate. Our focus and specialty is penalty removal according to Google updated algorithm. We have helped many sites that are effected from manual and algorithm penalties. We have given the best results to all clients by recovering their sites from penalty. Also improve the SERP of their sites and generate more traffic to sites.

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Google Panda Penalty Recovery

Panda penalty is also known as “Quality Algorithm”, which evaluates the quality of the content of your entire website. If it’s found low quality content on your website, then it will drop the ranking of your site in the search engine. It is doing a great job by reducing the ranking of farming websites, where user post low quality, spamming data to get more backlinks. These types of website using the lots of advertisement on the page with low quality content, now Panda algorithm has dropped their ranking very fast because of spamming content. Our professional are expert to recover your site from Penda penalty. Here are some points that we used for recovery.

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  • Crawl your site by using effective SEO tools.
  • Check targeted keyword on every page.
  • Check the quality of the content of each page.
  • Rewrite critical pages or low quality content.
  • Using certain keywords to create informative page.

In most circumstances, it isn't something that you can do in a day, so don't anticipate instant results. However, if you prioritize fixing what Google regards to be wrong, you can reduce its time to improve your site's ranking.

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Google Penguin Penalty Recovery

The Google Penguin algorithm detects the aggressive and unnatural links that are created with the purpose to increase the ranking of your site. It punishes these sites with penalty and drop the traffic and ranking of the site that will difficult to recover. Our professionals are specialized in cleaning up manual actions for unnatural or bad links which may be harming the search engine ranking of your website. We have a 100% record of traffic drop audits, unnatural or bad link removal and Google Penguin penalty recovery. Here are some points that are used for recovery of Penguin penalty.

  • Manually auditing and analysis entire links.
  • Check link networks, paid links and other spam links.
  • Send removal request or disavows all spam or low quality links.
  • Monitoring inbound links properly.
  • Submit reconsideration requests if any, required.
  • Get detailed reports of all requests or removal links.
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In most circumstances, it isn't something that you can do in a day, so don't anticipate instant results. However, if you prioritize fixing what Google regards to be wrong, you can reduce its time to improve your site's ranking.

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