Why SEO is important for the websites today?


    Nowadays, it is important to create an SEO friendly website or do SEO for the already created website so that these websites can rank in various search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN. But the main question is how can you create SEO friendly websites. As you know website design create the brand value and same as with the SEO friendly website design, it creates your brand values in search engine’s mind. Local SEO Work has the certified team who has researched on various search engine algorithm and activity, and we have converted this research into an informative article that will help you to create best SEO friendly website design. The best SEO company in india always creates website which is SEO friendly so that they can rank easily on the search engines.

    Different search engines have their own algorithms, and they update their algorithms frequently, according to the nature of requirements. In which, there are algorithms that can be affected because of a mobile version. So it would be necessary to create a mobile design with the SEO guidelines.

    No matter, your website is the heart of your online marketing efforts. So it stands to reason that it should be built with marketing, rather than aesthetics, in mind. Yes, there is something to be said for having an appealing website, and you should certainly aim to design one that has both form and function. But the mistake that a lot of small business owners make is focused on form exclusively, and that is where they miss a major opportunity.

    Your website can be the most beautiful one in the world, but if you don’t focus on its function, then it’s all for naught. If you want to build a successful website, you need to start with a solid SEO framework to build a site that is easy to find and works seamlessly with your other online marketing efforts. The top seo company helps to build the best website to get the best results.

    Why SEO Matters

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is what gets new prospects onto your site. If someone does a Google search looking to solve a problem that they have, and your business is capable of solving that problem, you want your website to be the first one that they see. Think about your own browsing habits: How often do you look at the second, third, or fourth page search results on Google? If your site isn’t ranking on the first page of results, you’re not being seen by the majority of people.

    1. Start with the Keyword Research

    Ensuring high rankings on search results is why it’s critical to begin the website design process with keyword research. Start by brainstorming the terms you would search for if you were looking for the good or service your business provides. This can and should be a long list write everything down and don’t self-edit. Google Search Console can also help you identify the terms that are already driving users to your site, which might help you frame your own thinking on the list.

    Then begin to winnow the list down to 12-20 terms; some that speak to the fundamentals of your business and some that speak to a specific intent a user might have when searching. These keywords will inform all of your website design choices from here on out.

    2. Follow Search Engine Guidelines

    The way that a human sees your site is very different from the way Google sees it as it crawls through sites looking for information relevant to a given search. You want to make sure that as much of your content as possible is in HTML text format. Images, Flash content, and Javascript are often not seen by search engines as they’re crawling sites, so if all of the important information about what your business does is displayed on your page within these dynamic formats, it’s possible that Google is skipping right past your website when looking for relevant words or phrases.

    Using a tool like Google Cache Checker will allow you to see what your website looks like to Google. If your pages are showing up mostly blank, you know that search engines are missing out on crawling the majority of your content, so you’ll want to restructure your site to be more HTML heavy.

    3. Consider website’s structure

    Creating a site map can be a helpful way to think about content and flow. What information do you want to group together? What is the logical path that visitors will take when navigating your site? How can you make it easy for users to get from one relevant piece of information to another? And how can you structure your website in a way that enriches the customer journey and encourages users to move down the marketing hourglass?

    Once you’ve thought about the user experience aspect of your site, it’s time to think about structure from an SEO perspective. Creating a site with a crawlable link structure is critical to making sure that all of your content is seen by search engines. There are a number of reasons why your links might not be crawlable, including if they’re for pages that are hidden behind submission forms, if the links are within the aforementioned Java content that search engines aren’t able to see, or if there are hundreds of links on a given site.

    4. Unique and Rich Content

    Content is the fuel for the internet marketing. If you are posting regular content, it will help your website to show up, more searches. If content is king than make it your kingdom. Your website is a wrapper of your content. It describes the prospective of your business and its needs as well. It’s actually important to understand that SEO is significant for all of these kinds of content, but only frequently growingfor service-type content. SEO is often forgotten when it approaches to credibility content like reviews, testimonials and case studies. A solid Internet marketing strategies are also the most scalable ways to promote your business to a wide audience.

    5. Mobile Friendly Design

    Currently, Google is number one search engine in the world, so Google introduced Mobilegeddon algorithm On April 21, 2015, and added a mobile version as one of the rankings factors. It is Google’s first step towards to show a more efficient version of a mobile version in SERP. The mobile-friendly design also called responsive design.

    According to the Mobilegeddon algorithm, you should create a mobile-friendly design otherwise your rankings may be affected in mobile as well as desktop. Because current world is changing and everyone trying to get a solution and services from their mobile devices so at that point it would be necessary to create the mobile-friendly design. If you do not know how to create a Mobile friendly design, then our expert will help you to create this.

    6. Mobile First-Indexing

    Mobile first indexing is Google’s algorithm that may on the desktop and mobile version”. Before Google was crawling and indexing desktop version first that was creating problems for a mobile user so to discover this issue Google started a new algorithm that now reads mobile version first. If any issue found on your mobile version then your desktop version also affected on rankings. So it will be the primary decision to create a mobile version of a website, otherwise, you will get affected of mobile first indexing. If you have not created a mobile version, create it now. If you want we will help to create the best Mobile version of your website.

    7. Website Speed

    It is one of the most concerned factor while the designing of the website. There are various tools available to check the mobile speed. It is useful to check with the Google’s mobile friendly checker tool. It helps to give you an idea that how your mobile website speed is going and how you can improve it.

    Suppose someone trying to search on Google and they found your website with the first rank and when open your website, then if it taking too much time to load then what user would next, they will try another website from a Google search and that totally created negative effects on the search engine’s mind, so you should create a website with the high loading time. Low website speed is also affected on bounce rate.

    There are several factors that effect on website load time such as image length, Javascript, CSS. How can you increase mobile speed? You can increase mobile speed by minify CSS, Enable browser caching, Reduce server response time, Image compression, and javascript. Still, If you have trouble to increase website speed, our expert will help you.

    8. User-friendly UX and UI

    Do you know that search engine record every expression and click of a visitor. Therefore, you should, you should create a website that has the best user-friendly, attractive and easy to use web design. If the user finds something complicated then they leave your website. So in order to rank in search engine, your website must be simple and creative. We have an expert designer and they know how to create the best design according to business and a user’s need.


    In this blog, we have discussed some of the most important factors of the website designing those can affect the seo ranking. The design of your website is simple and attractive so that people can like it and visit your website regularly. Moreover, if you are looking for the best seo services for your website than consult, Indeedseo, top seo company of India.

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