Why is Website Hosting Important for SEO?


    The time you decide to develop a website for your business, you have to make the correct choice wisely for the company that will host it. This choice of yours will firstly help you to uplift your ranking and then help you to reach the widest target audience possible. The importance of website hosting for SEO is most of the time wrongly underestimated for a small-time period. According to the recent researchers and experts who are constantly working in this field, the accessibilities and ranking of the website are the most crucial factors to build the image of the brand in public.

    However, an increase in the traffic and conversion rate should only be increased and never to be neglected in the best seo companies in India. This is a wide topic to talk on in detail and for knowing about how the website hosting deserves attention and more commitment.

    What is Website Hosting?

    The service provides organizations and any business to post a website or web page on the internet. A web host, or a website hosting service, business that provides various functionalities and technologies which are needed in a webpage to be focused on the internet. Websites are launched and stored in a special place called servers. When the internet users want to view your website, they just need to know your website address or the domain into their browsers. The devices are connected to servers and results in displaying your website.

    Most of the hosting companies required to have their own domain in order to host them. If you do not have a domain, there are a lot of companies that will help you to purchase one.

    How domain name and website hosting are related?

    Talking about domain names and web hosting, they both are different services but work together to make webpages possible. A domain name is a massive address book that constantly gets updated. Behind each and every domain name, there website files that are further stored in the address of web hosting.  Without having domain names, it is impossible for the audience to find your website and without web hosting, you can never build a website for your business.

    Can the business website move to another web hosting company without any change in the domain?

    Yes, this can also be one of the options whenever needed in the top seo company in India. You are the owner of the domain name and can change its settings to move it to any other hosting company. Considering a perfect scenario for this, if you have purchased both the domain name and hosting. And you want to move your web host to some other web host. Then you can transfer your business website to another host by moving data and files. After doing this you need to edit your domain name settings and pinpoint to your new host provider.

    Importance of web hosting for SEO

    When we are talking about doing something truly professional SEO work, one thing is the major necessary – the number of different ranking factors and growth, we have to think and worry about seeming nigh limitless. Whether it is robots.txt files, sitemaps, context, or link building; this is the most that have to be done. And, that’s not even undertaking the newer stuff, like featured keywords or voice searches. Among all that noise, however – it’s easy to forget that web hosting is an essential part of SEO as well; which is what we are going to talk about here today!

    Web Hosting with SEO

    When we talk about having the website on the internet to grab people with more reliable and comfortable way, you need website hosting for this for:-

    Satisfying speed

    High and constant speed is something all internet users value a lot. When you have the best satisfying speed internet connection, it should take no more than a few seconds for a website to load. Understandably, this loading speed is not something that everybody can achieve so comfortably, but you should strive hard to at least come as close to it as possible by optimizing for the latest speed update. A slow website can never come to the top search engine results because neither the search engine nor these users give advantage to it over similar websites. To uplift a business to reach the highest rank on the search engine.

    High uptime

    As we evaluate whether a particular host is SEO-friendly or not, the first thing that we need to look at is more feasible guarantees. A website’s uptime is the percentage of a particular period in which the site is reachable and online. The higher its percentage is, the more tiny are the chances of visitors coming to have a look at your amazing website only to confess that it is down. This is something that could give a scar to your business image in the market; so have the best strategies for that, and do think about better web hosting companies that deal with more of uptime guarantees. Of course, as you undoubtedly have clear information, good hosting isn’t always reliable to come by at an affordable price.

    But, in many cases, be aware of the fact that you already haven’t put so much effort; there are various other web hosting options that can cost you a lot, but light solutions! You’ll find some amazing and worthy choices here, so take a ride. You definitely want to choose the options very carefully as not all the free options you encounter elsewhere online are as trustworthy. You want to search for the hosts that offer you an uptime guarantee of 99.9%. Always pay attention to the hosts that claim they can provide you with a 100% uptime guarantee. These aren’t serious companies at lucid, and fraudulent at worst places; as there is no one can give you a guarantee that nothing will happen wrong, under any kind of upcoming situations.

    Server Location

    While some stuff like content marketing tactics is essential to reaching the goal of an SEO campaign, let me show you that the issue of web hosting become even more critical and devastating. Whether then the uptime guarantees you achieve, you should also think of opting for a host whose servers are in the correct location. The location of the servers may sometimes serve the availability of your website to the existing audience. Thus, uplifting or vanishing your other SEO efforts. So, if you’re using any type of website hosting that isn’t dedicate servers, VPS, or shared hosting plans, your brand website should constantly and ideally place on an actual, physical server, in a data center that’s found at someplace around the globe.

    If you’re opting for your hosting according to the physical location of the servers, you will have to close it to the largest portion of your target crowd as long as possible. The math here is pretty logical and easy to understand– more the distance between the customers and the server, the more is what your website will have to load on their systems. Specifically, talking about the SEO terms, server location may seem critical to specific search engines. Considering a scenario, if your company operates at a particular location but your servers are halfway over the world entirely, this could be further considered a sign of nefarious dealings.

    Multitude of choices

    We all like our services to come with as many features that can be implemented – and web hosting is no different in this regard. With that keeping in mind, here are some of hosting functionalities that are particularly SEO-friendly:

    • Automatic backups: In the scenario where something goes wrong with your brand online, what you need is a solid “plan B” so that you can get the data back up and running them as soon as possible whenever something disastrous happens.
    • SSL: From long ago we have been using HTTPS, this has been a solid ranking factor in most of the search engines. For example, your website isn’t secure and in accordance with SSL, you should definitely look after that as soon as possible. however, being thoughtful that your hosting provider supports SSL, though most do so nowadays.
    • Affordable package migration: the main key role is to promote your websites to grow, but rapid growth grabs up the need for a new hosting package. One that reflects the increased target crowd needed and can handle it with the best comfort. If you wish to switch to a particular server, you should have the hosting provider give you the option of doing at an affordable price and more comfortably.

    Solid Reviews

    The Internet is the best platform and there are plenty of hosting providers out there which you can go for to climb up the ladder of growth. Even if you consider all of the factors that we have talked about and take them seriously, you will surely end up with a good bunch of very similar hosting providers. In this case, how should you pick the best one with great performance, both in terms of SEO and in general? Before thinking that they are the hosting provider’s marketing claims, you should be sure that they are trustworthy. The best way to find this out is through online reviews of the audience. However, this is where everything gets mess , as web hosting reviews need to be considered with a grain of salt more than the reviews for other services and company faith.

    Think about it, once, twice, thrice, and till you are not sure if someone messes up your cup of tea that you have ordered, you aren’t one who needs to care enough to write a scathing review for this. But if you’re the owner of a business website with even the slightest downtime; you’re likely to get very mad even if you are the only one who opted for the wrong hosting plan for increasing the traffic. There is still a ton of useful information to be found in online reviews about the fake ones and the real ones. Do look for them very smartly and than take your final clean step for getting your website to the top.

    Impeccable website security

    Proper and constantly maintaining the elements of the only plan that will make your website dealing with good security, which has a good and positive effect on SEO. Otherwise, you are at the highest risk level in becoming a victim of a hacking activity that involves using magnetize your traffic toward it with posting plenty of types of content, and can further lead to gambling. In addition, search engines that everyone prefers;Google have begun to impose security standards such as HTTPS and penalties for mixed content. When you need to look for a host for your brand online, consider those that offer proactive maintenance and that inform you in a timely manner about outdated features and necessary updates and other typical services. In this way, you will get a genuine security check over your website on various levels and make you feel free about it.

    Automating backups

    The major key features of SEO-friendly website hosting is having automatic backups available in most of the cases your website does not work properly and gets hung at some point. Choosing a quality host that can provide you with these kinds of backups at all times and help you handle functioning problems efficiently with worthy features is a smart and intelligent choice.

    Convenience in effective changes to the website hosting services package

    The continuous uplifting and development of a website are what website owners always have the thirst for. For the sake of proper takecare, you will hopefully need to update the hosting package. Those packages that you use for the expected growth of your website. If your host provider guarantees the ability to change your services package when the need arises without any extra expenses on your budget or causing major difficulties to the functioning of your website, you have made the correct and quality choice.

    Location of the hosting server matters

    One of the major factors search engines base their rankings. on besides content marketing is the location of the server your website is hosted on. The knowledge on this particular point is given in your IP address in numbers. What this basically means is that search engines will be more advantageous to your website over other similar websites. For example, when a user of your site is located in the same place where the servers of the company that provides you with the hosting service.

    How to opt for a more reliable website hosting services provider?

    Making the final and smart choice on this point requires a detailed analysis of several key points which are necessary. These involves:

    1. The period of time the web host has spent in business. The increase in the years of experience a website host has, more are the chances you will get best quality services.

    2. The reputation among users – One of the most essential steps before making the choice is checking online reviews. Customers’ satisfaction are indicative of how reliable, professional, and upbringing web hosts are.

    3. The Secure File Transfer Protocol(SFTP). If a web host SFTP, this defines that your files are fully secured from being modified or intercepted.

    4. A Secure Sockets Layer certificate (SSL). Since this certificate defines encryption, the path between your server and a browser, it is sensitive for your website’s security and the protection of the crucial data of information.

    5. The ability of a web host is to provide you with all the factors that will improve your SEO with a clean rapid growth and, eventually, uplifting your ranking on the top pages of search engines.

    Final Thoughts

    Talking for the best seo service which keeps track over every single circumstance that can occur. Indeedseo is the best seo company, India which gives you a clear growth by increasing traffic and balancing the business reputation. Social media is the best weapon to climb up the most stable cliff. The need of website hosting is the most important to grab the crowd with less effort.

    As travelling door to door to sell the business products becomes old, people go more for advertisements while they scroll pages in social media. And to look after these chances that may occur due to hacking or other threats. We look over these situations and guide the business before this happens to you and harm your business. Build and lift your business with us. We guide your business to grow more with less effort. Do go in more details or contact us. Check us now!

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