What Factors Influence SEO of Your Website?


    A few years ago, natural referencing was very simple. Because to appear in the first results of the search engines, it was enough to create a page, to add some keywords and to establish links. Today, SEO has become more complex. To make its place, many aspects of the site must now be optimized.

    In what follows, we will see the different factors that influence the visibility of your website on Google.

    Content is King

    In an effort to respond effectively to requests from users, Google regularly updates its algorithm. The best-known being:

    Google Panda: Give priority to the quality of the content. As we discussed in our 2015 Trend White Paper, a content strategy remains the cornerstone of a successful SEO campaign by SEO companies in India. As a result, companies have a real interest in producing fresh, engaging, and engaging content.

    Google Penguin: Launched in 2012 in its initial version, Google’s Penguin algorithm was designed with the primary mission of identifying websites that use excessive referencing techniques to improve their positioning in search results.

    Google Fred: Is the latest in date, it has also not yet been formalized. this new system aims to ensure the quality of the links used. This is indeed an update focused on spam on links.

    The Blog

    Thus, a regularly powered blog is a central element to gain places on the search engines. It’s also a great way to acquire new links and establish the authority of your site while highlighting your expertise.

    Guides, E-Book, and Other Useful Contents

    While they require much more effort, they offer the possibility of getting quality inbound links, provided they are written correctly. Similarly, when they are unique and explicit, photos, graphics, videos or slideshows improve visibility.

    2. Search for Keywords

    Keyword analysis often remains the starting point for an SEO campaign. According to the approach defined by the SEO manager, the site will be optimized on search terms with high traffic, more competitive, or the least popular queries, which is what is called in the jargon of the trade the “long tail”.

    It is also important to screen competing sites to find new, more targeted keywords. To make it easier to search for keywords, Google has developed several tools, such as Keyword Planner and Google Trends.

    3.  Technical Optimization

    Google uses a small program called Googlebot Crawler that explores the text and source code of the site. If the technical aspect has been denigrated, the robot has great difficulty reading and understanding the information available on the site. This can affect its ranking in the search results. For optimal visibility, check the following:

    The Quality of the Website

    One of the main factors of SEO is the quality of your website. Indeed, the more the code of your Internet site is clean and well constructed, the better Google will understand the contents and the details and therefore the better you will be referenced.

    In the same way, it goes without saying that today to be well positioned, your site must be responsive. Some best SEO companies in India can help you with this, in particular since April 21, 2015, and the implementation by Google of its new algorithm designed to favor sites compatible with mobile devices. To check if your site is “mobile-friendly” you can do the compatibility test set up by Google.

    The Structure of the URL

    Good practice rules suggest a maximum length of 100 characters and use dashes instead of underscores. Special characters are to be avoided.

    The Tag “Title”

    Each page of the site must have a unique title tag of 65 to 75 characters, which refers to its content. The title agrees with the overall content, the theme, the subject of the page. It is also important that the basic keywords appear at the beginning of the Title.

    The “Meta Description” Tag

    The Meta Description tag must be different for each page. With a maximum length of 160 characters, it usually consists of one or two sentences that summarize the content of the page.


    Subtitles must appear on a page and be visible to visitors. There are six possible titration levels, from H1 to H6. Each page, however, must have only one H1 tag (the first level title).

    Structured data

    Thanks to the structured data, it is possible to integrate special tags to the referenced web page, so that the search engines can understand them easily. This helps improve rankings and stand out in search engine results. It can be among others comments, prices or notes on the site.

    To Conclude

    Natural referencing is a long-term work that must be initiated as soon as your website is created. The structure of its code is a guarantee of quality for Google. But content and links to your site also play a major role.

    A site that offers unique and interesting content for your visitors will be appreciated by search engines. SEO can improve your ROI! So, it’s a big investment for your business, you should better take help IndeedSEO which promise you to deliver best SEO services. Know why you would love to hire us.

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