Top SEO Companies in 2020


    Nowadays, If you want to spread your business beyond your expectations, then you have to introduce your business in digital marketing. For this, you have to seek advice from the best SEO company India to become a leading brand.

    Work of SEO in your business?

    You heard about SEO, the benefits of SEO, why SEO is now essential for every business to survive in the market. 

    After hearing about SEO, one question arises in your mind that what kind of work SEO does?

    With the help of SEO experts, you can have traffic or visitors that can make more leads/sales also increased brand credibility and exposure level.

    An experienced SEO company helps us to introduce our website across the globe because they have all the knowledge of up-to-date tools and strategies which can attract visitors. 

    Here is the list of best SEO companies in India for the year 2020.


    IndeedSEO is the Top Leading Seo Company that helps to drive more traffic or visitors to your website. They also offer marketing services like PPC, SEM, ORM, Content Writing and Inbound Linking etc. to provide the best outcomes.

    These services can help you to make your business popular around the globe by using various strategy and innovations. 

    They are the first SEO company in India because they are focused on SEO and mastered it. They almost have 100+ satisfied clients, and they delivered approximately 1000+ SEO projects with a 98% success rate. 

    They take a guarantee that no one can understand the SEO better than us. They are very much aware of all the update strategies and algorithms, which can help to rank up our business at the top of the list in a limited time duration.

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    Head Office:- Mohali, Punjab, India

    Richestsoft is the top SEO, mobile, or web development company in India. 

    The company has almost 180+ satisfied clients, and they delivered nearly 1820+ projects to their clients. 

    The company makes efforts to maintain a long term relationship with its clients. 

    Their motto is ‘We believe in best,’ and also work to be the best.

    They provide top SEO services across the globe, and they make every effort to keep your dream to be a leading digital marketing company in India.  


    Head Office:- Jaipur

    Nextbigtechnology has a team of SEO experts who work 24/7 to get your website on the top of Google ranking by using various up-to-date strategies and tools. 

    They also provide quality web development, web designing, CMS (Content Management System), CMS web design, open-source eCommerce websites, personal web pages, custom web pages, website maintenance, and much more. 

    They provide off-page SEO and on-page SEO solutions as well. 

    On-page SEO like keywords, keyword density, meta description, title, top quality fresh content, text navigation, alt attribute, readability, etc. Off-page SEO like link building, social promotion, domain authority, etc. 

    Antiex Solutions

    Head Office:- Ludhiana, India

    If you are searching for the top rating web designing and SEO company in India, Antiex Solution is one of them. They provide you a variety of web designs, digital marketing, SEO(Search Engine Optimization) services at extremely affordable prices. 

    They have done almost 300+ projects across the globe with 100% success, and the company founded in 2015. 

    Their primary services are digital marketing, SEO, graphic design, e-commerce website design, social media marketing, etc. They have a team of expert SEO developers who works 24/7 to make the dreams come true of their clients.

    Ved Web Services

    Head Office:- Ahmadabad, India

    Ved Web Services provide you the best web services and have 15+ years of experience in Information Technology, and SEO is s primary service of a company.

    They are strengthening your business across the global digital platform.

    They have a team of SEO experts who have a knowledge of up-to-date tools and strategies to ranking up your website globally.


    Head Office:- Bhopal, India

    TBiTechnology has been working since 2008.

    TBItechnology is one of the leading software development companies in Bhopal, India, and their vision focuses on commitment and quality to the clients.

    They offer various services like web design web development, Mobile App Development, Internet marketing, etc. SEO is included in its primary services.

    They divided SEO services in plans like Basic, Starter, Professional, Power. Every plan has different charges and services related to SEO. 

    They provide internet marketing services like social media marketing, email marketing, pay-per-click marketing, etc.


    Head office:- Kolkata, India 

    Hexadesign is a leading software development and SEO company. They offer a complete package of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to PPC(Pay Per Click)ads to the visibility of a website and business. The company has six years of experience in SEO and PPC work.

    They believe that we need to have nice content for our website before applying any kind of SEO strategy and tools. Therefore, they focus on the content also.

    They start writing good content according to the website or business; after that, they write a compelling and useful title & alt tags, by making your website more efficient and stirring out all the small bugs.  


    Head Office:- Tamil Nadu, India

    Loginfotech is a software and web development company with cost-effective capabilities. They offer services like web development, digital marketing, branding & design, SEO, SEM, SSM, etc. Internet marketing is the primary service of Loginfotech. The company provides the best service and real-time projects since 2011.

    Their process of doing SEO is Keyword Research, By Posting Regular Posts, Doing Competitive Analysis, Link Building, Social Media Analysis, Report & Analysis, etc.


    Head Office:- Chennai, India 

    Aawatasoftsys make various researches on Search Engine Optimization, and they optimized that websites of our clients achieved significant organic ranking or listing in major search engines. There are so many search engines, but they offer such tall claims and guarantees that we are different from others. 

    Awatasoftsys takes pride in saying that they follow ethical SEO ideas and white hat techniques. In SEO terms, White Hat Techniques refer to the implementation of ideas that focus on content, and they are not trying to cheat the search engines by using Black Hat techniques.

    They implement the ideas and techniques within 1-2 months, and your website will be organically ranked up and make your website a top digital company in India.

    Linefocus Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

    Head Office:- Chennai

    Linefocus technology is a web and software development company in which they offer all services like web design, mobile application development, and resolving issues of their clients, etc.

    They already work with popular companies like Rotary, Bhavani,, etc

    Their SEO services include both On-Page and Off-Page Optimization.

    Their On-page Optimization includes keyword diagnostic, Content advancement, metatag, Canonical/404 implementation, Header tag Optimization, etc.

    Konsole Group

    Head Office:- Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India

    They are one of the leading digital marketing company in India. Their inception is based on the idea of Innovation blended with Perseverance & Unity.

    They have 100+ team members and almost completed 1450+ projects in 9 years of experience.

    They provide almost all internet marketing services like mobile marketing, web designing, and development, branding and communication, event marketing, etc.

     A decade of glory has marked their pursuit to raise the bar – always. Usually, clients usually expect not just satisfactory but outstanding results, and quite often, they simply exceed clients’ expectations.


    Head Office:- Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India

    Bluebanyan is a software and web development company, and they offer almost all services like web development, web design, e-commerce marketing, social marketing, SEO, SEM, PPC, etc. 

    They help businesses to make an identity online and making their business go top in digital marketing.

    As you already know, Raipur is one of the most trending business places in Chhattisgarh, and the company is a leading software development company in Raipur, India. 

    According to the company, Google rankings matter, it is the site ranks that have to be up on the internet or your facebook page or any venture that matters.

    Power Digital Marketing

    Head Office:- California, United States

    Power Digital Marketing is an amazing digital marketing consultant and expert with a huge amount of experience. They also offer valuable consultation and services in website design, website development and social media management, etc. Power Digital Marketing is a very efficient digital marketing organization that provides consistent results in a given period. Power Digital marketing also helps you to set up and run highly successful Pay per Click (PPC) Campaigns that result in a very large return on investment. Main SEO Services are:

    Mainly they offer every kind of service related to Digital Marketing such as email marketing, content marketing, and SEO related services.


    Head Office:- New Delhi, India

    Markitors are one of the best SEO companies in the coming days.  They are specializing in various digital marketing strategies such as Search Engine Optimization, technical and local search engine optimization, etc.  They have highly skilled SEO teams that handle various services according to their position. They are proficient in strategy, user experience, research, web design, search engine optimization, and social media campaigns. Markitors is the best option for small businesses who want an opportunity to make an impact. Main services are:

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Technical Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Digital PR and Web design etc.

    Ignite Visibility

    Head office:- California, United States

    The single-focused mission of this company is to provide the most comprehensive offering coupled with the highest level of customer service in the industry. With over 20 years of combined industry experience, friends John and Krish endeavored to create a more perfect agency and strive every day to achieve that lofty goal. They are dealing with all the SEO services to promote your business to the next level and enhance your brand visibility as well.  Main services are:

    Search Engine Optimization,  PPC, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Amazon Marketing etc.

    Global Hunt Technologies

    Head office:- NCR, Noida, India

    Global Hunt is an integrated digital marketing company that holds the right knowledge, skills and expertise to offer a full range of services like SEO, SEM, PPC, website design, social media marketing, and development. They have a numbers of expertise, which offers the best and quality services to the users. They have the objective of empowering e-businesses and generating huge traffics with effective modern technologies and tools. Their unique approach and goal-oriented services are not limited to just India only, we have been favored by a broad spectrum of overseas clients, especially from the USA and Australia. Thus, their main services are:

    Social media optimization services, PPC services, ORM services and E-commerce SEO


    SEO built brand credibility and helped us to create awareness to the public about the business, but it requires continuous work, and it is not a day process. You have to invest your time as well as money on a long term basis to have the expected results. 

    Nowadays, everyone is guaranteed to make your website on the top of the search engine list but unable to do therefore you need to take deep research like check the current and previous deals and have face-to-face conversation employees.

    I mentioned above some of the top SEO companies in India. You can analyze the full list and make further deals with them. 

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