Top 11 SEO Trends to Double Your Traffic


    At present, there are a lot of websites available on the internet, but some of them are popular and some aren’t popular. What can be the reason behind it? The one major reason can be that the owners of the website don’t stay updated and another reason can be that they don’t follow search engine optimization trends time by time. We want to tell you that SEO (search engine optimization) is one of the most valuable methods to attract users to your website. So, owners of the website and the SEO executives need to pay attention to the latest SEO trends that will assist them to grow traffic on their websites and rank up on Google search engines. So, here we will uncover top SEO trends to double the traffic:  

    SEO Trends
    SEO Trends

    1. Keyword Research is essential:

    More than fifty searches out of a hundred are zero-click searches. It means without any click, more than fifty percent of the Google searches end. It is because with such rich consequences in SERP (Search engine result pages) – Google business listings with contact and menus information., related queries with accordion answers, featured snippets with answers, and many more – customers can get the answers if they want without even having to click a result – or even finish typing out a doubt.

    But that has given your website, blog content, advertisements, and business profile includes and covers those keywords according to the intent of the searcher. Provided the advancements in the search engine result pages and with so much competition out there, it is essential to spend time in keyword research to discover keywords that can get traffic. Some SEO trends are described below to do it:

    • Need to discover targeted and long-tail keywords for your business. You need some skills and creativity to obtain those keywords. The secret behind it is the Google search console – your gold-mine where you will be able to discover different keywords for your business. 
    • Recognize the intent. Whereas search engine optimization tools are crucial to utilize, it is essential so that you can analyze the search engine result pages for that keyword before selecting it. 

    2. The BERT of Google seems for intent matches:

    The BERT stands for bidirectional encoded representations from transformers. And the BERT of the Google0 algorithm makes use of natural language processing and machine learning (ML) to better recognize the searches and what users are looking for. This works in more than 60 languages and for approximate each doubt in Google English. The Google search engine bots have become much more conversational with the BERT of the Google update. In simple words, we can say that Google is able to recognize things like the individual brain. No matter how high-quality and detailed that long-form content is.

    Bidirectional encoded representations from Transformers (BERT) will prefer another content piece and ignore your user intent that satisfies the intent for the provided doubt. Another thing to note is that Google BERT is not an algorithmic consequence. It is a component of the Google search engine that assists filter out the most useful and relevant content to users by recognizing search content and doubts as human beings. Your content is not BERT-friendly if your content isn’t giving what a visitor is looking for. That is the reason why need to publish quality content that satisfies the user intent.

    3. Core web vitals as a Google ranking factor:

    Recently, Google announced three new metrics, known as core web vitals that are used for measuring user experience: visual stability, loading, and interactivity. All these three metrics are related to the page speed: how soon does it get interactive, how stable is it during loading, and how fast does the page load. The core web vitals will be amid the ranking factor of Google in 2021.

    It means that you will have to pay close attention to them to display on the first page. for instance, user experience metrics will assist search engine bots to decide which one ought to be ranked higher if there are two pages with equally relevant content.

    4. Voice search:

    A staggering twenty-seven percent of the whole global population is utilizing voice search on their mobile phones according to Google. Apart from this, with voice search technology in 2020, another report describes that more than half of mobile phone users are appealing. Most of the voice search doubts are very specific and long-tail. When users make use of voice search by using latest SEO trends, they look for particular answers to their doubts. Such users are more probably to convert than the rest of the users. Because with the passing time, voice search optimization is still increasing as more human beings are opting for it.

    In 2021, this trend is trending. So, in terms of search engine optimization, it can be a necessity. With the innovation of new technology, it is also gotten more popular. Consider your keyword in order to optimize for voice search. And the voice searches tends to more better with longer and also more natural sounding phrasing.

    5. Image optimization will play an important role in search:

    Drastically, image search has changed. This used to be that human beings can just look at images. Human beings can make use of images to get information and buy products in the future. Google search engine has long maintained the proper optimization and marking of images, thus this makes sense that it is a component of their long-term strategy. Take care of it now, if the images on your website are not optimized.

    Make use of relevant, high-quality images, and ensure that customize the labeling of the photo file, file name so that it is relevant to the content on the equivalent page. Utilize alt tags that crawlers utilize to categorize images. At last, insert images to your website map where they can easily crawl. 

    In addition to unique it is also necessary that your content should be lengthy in terms of full knowledge. Your content should also contain quality and provide users with shareable information that keeps them engaged. Break your content into two sections with H2 and H2 subheadings in order to make it scannable for mobile sites, subheadings are especially very important.

    You need to link the relevant, authoritative source with solid authority score. Now your content is ready to share. Bu including sharing links at the headline and again at the final so that readers can share with a quick click.

    6. Original content
    A quality and unique content plays a crucial role in SEO and ranking about, authentic content is important for your business. You simply put this unique content that has not already been published somewhere else. On Google there is lot of similar content on same topics. In order to create an unique content, includes case studies, experiments, customer testimonials and more. This is not only make for authentic content that Google likes. But the content will set up you as a trusted brand in the eyes of Google and your audience.

    7. Artificial intelligence
    Like other industries, artificial intelligence is changing the SEO and marketing industry as well. This is because the impact of AI is the personalization that provides. And the fact is that Google utilizes AI to provide the searchers with the results they are looking for. To understand the search engine algorithm it takes years used to rank web pages. After that, it makes strategies accordingly takes a lot of time. An SEO expert can help with such strategies, utilization of AI and machine learning can be a game-changer.

    It would be more powerful in terms of decoding the algorithm and creating favorable strategies. Various companies like HubSpot, MarketMuse are providing AI-based solutions that can help companies with their SEO efforts. And in the upcoming years, such tools can become a major trend in the industry. The search engine gaint wouldn`t share details, experts believe that user experience signals are the primary determinant.

    This introduced a factors from click through rate to time spent on page. With the help of well organized , you can captivate and engage readers. The checkers of on page SEO helps you to assess page strength based on points like readability and more.

    8. Video marketing
    After Google, YouTube is the second most popular search engine with billions of users. So it is high time to start if you are not into videos. But the question that arises is, how to optimize your video channel and description. The description should be overloaded with keywords but provide a user-friendly description of what your channel is about. You can use YouTube auto-complete feature if you are optimizing your videos for YouTube.

    There are various SEO trends for video marketing. You have to start your video`s topic and then some suggestions will pop up in the search field. You can use suggestion-related keywords that will be helpful for optimizing the video for searching the right set of your audience.

    9.  Featured Snippets
    This appears at the top of SERP in that a rectangular box, it uses useful only for searchers but also beneficial for websites. However, you can`t be able to choose the content that is shown within the featured piece for any given search.

    It is the Google algorithm rule bots that do the work. The exact methodology of obtaining your web content within the Featured piece is not clear. Marketers and SEO consultants use several methods which may be useful. For instance, to urge within the featured results, you would like to answer a selected question, and responsive in bullet points would be higher.

    10. Influencer
    Influencer SEO is the one with millions of followers and these followers may become your customer. Such influencers earn the trust of your potential audience over years and if they are available forward to support your complete. The ROI will be monumental however, you would like to be quite specific whereas selecting influencers to supplement your SEO strategy. Not each influencer will facilitate your completion. You would like to settle on those United Nations agency have the correct audience—the audience you wish to focus on. The impact of influencer marketing on SEO is explained as:

    Link building
    It is an important ranking factor but not all kinds of backlinks can work. You need high-quality backlinks and that is where influencers can help. You can increase the chances of getting natural high-quality backlinks for your website. With influencers by your side.

    Brand visibility and engagement
    Influencers are aware about their audience likes or dislikes. So when they create content around your brand their audience is related to it. There is a soft corner for viral content in search engines. The content gets shared by an excess of people which provokes the search engines to rank the mentioned web page top in the SERPs.

    Social media traffic
    viral content always helps create lots of social media engagement and referral traffic. 

    11. EAT and branded SEO

    Google prefers content quality when it comes under ranking. Now SEO is shifting to branding and authority. You will rank on top, with more popular and authentic your brand. For this reason, you should make an effort to establish your brand`s reputation. In order to increase brand search queries, build your brand awareness. These brand queries are a hidden ranking factor that will help you to rank higher and establish yourself. This is more important for you if you are working in your money your life niche. Google says it is very conscious of ranking YMYL sites and taking EAT seriously.

    Wrapping up

    These days SEO is a holistic process that requires both online and offline marketing strategies to succeed. For lead generation, invest in SEO as long-term strategy and stay on top of latest SEO trends to avoid getting left behind. Most of the business in the world with an online presence is running after. And better SEO plans to get more traffic and generate more sales. From this article you will get an idea about top SEO trend that will help to boost your online marketing business.

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