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    If you are in SEO industry for years, then no one can better tell you that how SEO change in recent years, if not then you will learn lots of new things here in this article. SEO sounds simple but is very difficult. Today you can’t perform all SEO task all alone efficiently. If you are really serious about your site ranking, then you definitely need to hire an SEO company who will handle your all SEO task without any efficiently after all it is not about the quantity but quality. Here we are mentioning some factors which will rule SEO 2018. Have a look at it and bookmark this page for future reference.
    SEO Trends 2018

      • Mobile First Index

    Today you can’t survive or rank in a search engine if you don’t have a responsive or mobile-friendly site.
    According to Search Engine Land “Nearly 60 percent of searches now from a mobile device.”
    Google rolled out Mobile First Index last year, and now after one year, it is fully prepared to filter out the sites which don’t compatible with its algorithm.

    If you still didn’t understand then know that mobile first index will make its ranking based on how mobile friendly is your content.

    This update may sound similar to Google mobile-friendly update. Yes, it is somewhat similar to it but know that it is much different when you go deep in both of algorithm.
    Here we are not going to explain both or algorithm but stay tuned to us as we will soon give you update on this till then know about next big thing in SEO.

      • Voice Search is On the Way

    Today most of the smartphone has their virtual assistant, for instance, Apple has Siri, Android has Google Now, and Windows has Cortana. The good thing is all these virtual assistant almost on the way to become an alternative to search engine, especially for mobile devices.

    Recently Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai announced that voice search in mobile queries are continuously raising and it is now making up to 20% of total mobile search.
    20% is such a big number to raise anyone eyebrows in SEO industry. Today it is very important to optimize your site content for voice search.

    Know that it is a bit tricky as you need to optimize keywords which are not for regular search engine.People are not going to give commands as they type in the search engine.
    For instance, if someone wants to check about food then he will type something like “restaurant near me,” but when it comes to voice search, he will use general query.

    It is pretty difficult to optimize your site for voice search as you need to understand the user behavior completely. We have analyzed and tested many voice search queries, and we are proud to say that IndeedSEO can optimize your site for voice search.

      • Link Building is Not Dead

    Maybe you’ve heard from many people that link building is dead. Well, it is not dead and is still here. People who are spreading rumors about it are those who just build links without any thought.
    Know that links are still the prime factor in Google search engine. The thing it Google now needs more relevant and strong links. If you don’t provide, then your site will be buried under million of the website.

    If you really want to make good links, then all you need to do is make a strong backlink profile on your site. Here you need not just to take care of outbound but internal links too. Eliminate all irrelevant links which are pointing to your site and see the difference.

      • Content is Still the King

    No matter how many updates will come quality content is always a thing which is unchangeable. A few years back it is enough to have 300 words in a post, but today it is not sufficient.
    If you go with competitive keywords, then you will found that most of the top sites have more than 1500+ words content.

    Today in the name of original content people are using article spinner like tools which are totally unacceptable. You can’t fool Google; it has so strong algorithm that it detects the spinned content with a snap and throw you out of Google search without giving you any warning.

      • LSI Keywords

    LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing. Hope you all have noticed keywords just below the SERP result. These keywords are related to your search term. It seems a feature of Google search, but you need to make most of it.
    If you are a content writer, then you need to take them as an opportunity. Sprinkle those keywords in your article but make sure not do it forcefully. Add just relevant keywords in your article.
    If you are doing a keyword research, then you can also consider adding in your keyword list. Few days of practice will let you play with lots of untapped opportunities.

    • Featured Snippet

    SEO and marketing experts like Eric Enge, Bill Slawski, Marcus Miller, etc. believe that feature snippet will be the next big thing in SEO 2018. Featured snippet not just look different but force the user to click on it as it seems more promising.
    According to Ahrefs study if you have featured snippet on your site then you are more likely to steal the clicks even there are top competitors over you.

    If you want more, then optimize your content for “People Also Ask” or Special Featured Snippet Block. The bad thing about it no one knows how they work actually Google algorithm picks the result which seems more relevant.
    For instance Google “top 10 cars” and it will show you a special box on the top of the SERP result. Just below you will find another quick result. All you need to optimize your content for it.

    To increase your chances proper format your content with numbers, bullet points, start your title in question for and more. Analyze such result and find out what are the reasons why they are getting a special benefit.
    If you don’t want to waste your time, then let our content writer do their magic. We will help you to develop content which ensures to get featured in these special boxes.

    If you are into SEO, then feel free to suggest about above SEO trends. Moreover, if you want IndeedSEO experts to do SEO on your site then feel free to contact us

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