These User Engagement Metrics Influence SEO


    If you have a website then surely you are putting lots of efforts to brought your site in top result of Google. You’ve obviously read and implement things like SEO, email marketing etc. to strengthen your site but how many you are actually consider user engagement in your marketing strategy. Don’t feel shocked apart from your efforts there are multiple things which affect ranking and one of the top most thing is user engagement factors.

    Now before knowing which user engagement metrics influence SEO let’s have a look on top 10 marketing tools used by small businesses:

    • Website (56%)
    • Email (50%)
    • Social Media (48%)
    • Word of Mouth (48%)
    • Print Collateral (37%)
    • Internet Advertising (34%)
    • Direct Mail (33%)
    • TV, Radio and/or Print Ads (29%)
    • SEO (28%)
    • Tradeshows and/or Conferences (23%)

    Top User Engagement Metrics Which Influence SEO

    1. Dwell Time

    Most of you might heard “Dwell time” first time? Don’t be too scared it is not any new algorithm. Dwell time a kind of measurement which measures how long visitors stays on any page or site.

    Dwell time is very important for Google as it will help it to determine which pages are useful or which not for the user.

    In layman terms, more someone spends their time on your page more chances you will get to rank in Google. Let’s have a quick example:

    Say someone needs to know about types of SEO so he simply Google “types of SEO” now, as usual, he will click on the first link but after having a glimpse on it he realizes that this is not what he wants.

    The next action of him is checking another result by going back. Now say he is not satisfied with top 5 results but when he reaches to 6th result he found what he needs and read full article.

    It is now simply clears that 6th result is more relevant to the keyword entered in Google. It is getting stronger if multiple users do the same.

    Now Google will simply pick the 6th result and put it on top as it is more useful.

    This is one of the metrics which you don’t want to ignore. Actually you can almost control it. All you need to do is just purely focus on providing quality content.

    When you want to rank any keyword just have a look at top 10 results content and simply try to add more value to your content by adding better references, more words, etc.

    Want more tips? Here are some extra things which you can use increase dwell time of your website.

    • Increase the page loading speed
    • Your page needs to look attractive
    • Use plain English
    • Play with media like images, videos, infographics
    • Experiment with interactive content like polls, quizzes, calculators etc.
    1. Click Through Rate

    If you are into email marketing then definitely this term is similar to you. If not then you might know about it through Google Search Console or Analytics but what is this?

    When talking about SEO, CTR or Click Through Rate generally refers to the clicks that people click on sites from the search result.

    Google keep the record which links get most click from search result. Links that gets more click go up naturally in SERP.

    1. Return Visits

    Believe it or not, Google considers returning visitor very important for ranking factor and why not there is no reason Google will neglect it.

    Combination of CTR, dwell time, and returning visitor tells the Google how useful the website is for the user.

    If you want to know the returning visitors of your site then it is pretty easy to check. All you need to go to Google Analytics then click on Audiences then Overview. On the right hand side you can see a blue and green pie chart in which green one are your returning visitors.

    According to HubSpot “A healthy rate of repeat visitors is about 15%.”


    Most of the people running a website don’t consider comments important, and that’s where they are making one of the biggest mistakes.

    You can see many websites which don’t have comment section or sites which owner doesn’t have time to reply to comments.

    You will be shocked to know that comments actually add value to the content you have added. Hope you know that lengthy content perform well in SERP result. Now here is where comments works like a magic.

    Say you have written a 1500 words article and after a month it has 50 comments which accumulate 500 words so here for Google the total word count for that particular page in 2000 words. Amazing isn’t?

    Hope you’ve got the reason why you need to take comments seriously. After reading don’t start approving every comment. Know that most of comments are spam so check whether they are spam or not. If you approve spam comments then Google will penalize you for it.

    Now talking about getting comments then it is not easy. Try to ask question at the end of the article this will encourage the user to leave a comment as most of users needs a push.

    Another thing which you can do is reply to comments and help them what they are looking for.

    1. Social Shares

    This is the thing which is still debatable, but for us, it is one of the biggest user engagement metrics which is hard to neglect especially today where social media plays a very important role to bring visitors.

    There are many big examples where sites are getting there most of the visitors from social media. Yes, social media is that big.

    You will not believe, but social media can be an alternative to SEO to some extent. It’s hard to believe, but you can give it a try.

    Talking about social shares then it shows that how much content is liked by visitors as no one would like to post unnecessary and irrelevant content on their social profile.

    So there are the user engagement metrics which influence SEO. If you have knowledge of SEO then you very well know that you will need to have proper plan to get better user engagement which is not so easy, right?

    Well don’t worry we have a team of experienced and professional SEO experts who can help you to better result in less time. If you really don’t want to waste your time by experimenting things then feel free to contact us now.

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