The Anatomy of Exact Match Keyword Placement


    The exact amount of keywords or the exact amount of particular type of the keyword for good ranking is still unknown even to the SEO experts. But, still, there are recommended practices of keyword placement throughout the content. SEO Experts after years of experience and a lot of trial and error methods have developed Google favored ratio of exact match keyword placement in the content throughout the website.

    Several Analytical report generator of on-page SEO of a website check websites on the basis of the keyword placement in these 6 places.

    1. Keyword in URL: If the exact match keyword is already in the URL, it is good, but if the Keywords are not in the URL, don’t go for the complete URL restructuring as the exact match Keywords in the URL have the minimal effect on the website ranking.

    2.Keyword in Domain Name: It was the first thing website owners did while deciding about the name. They looked the keyword focused domain name. After the EMD update, Google reduced the effect of the keyword focused domain name on website ranking.

    3. Keyword in Title: All SEO experts tell the writers to put the keyword in the Title. Exact match keywords are don’t help to rank any better. So, don’t push your writer to forcefully insert the exact match keyword in the title. If it is coming naturally in the title and not affecting the catchy title, then go with it, otherwise, leave it.

    4.Keyword in Meta Description: Meta description and exact match keywords are not correlated. Exact match keywords hardly affect the ranking. Many high ranked websites excluded meta descriptions.

    5.Keyword in H1, H2: Another misconception is to keep exact match keyword in the Headlines with H1 or H2 tags. Again, it doesn’t leave much effect on the ranking. 93% of the websites that are ranked high on Google didn’t even have the keyword in H1 and H2 tags.

    6.Keyword in the Content: What if we say that your website content doesn’t need any exact match keyword? Yes, it’s true, not a single exact match keyword in the content and website still manages to reach in the top rankings.

    So, now you know how much you need to focus on exact match keyword – absolutely minimal.
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