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    Search Engine Optimization has been in practice for quite a long time. To reach in Google’s top ranking, website owners are continuously making their websites search engine optimized for On-page and Off-page. Here’s what most of the companies do. They hire a good source for their website’s SEO at the initial stage, and when the desired results are achieved they try to take things into their own hands. They think they have learned all the SEO skills in that meantime and can handle all by themselves. It’s not a good step. It’s actually a mistake. Here’s why you shouldn’t manage your website’s SEO yourself and leave it to a professional.

    1. SEO is More than What you Think
    If you think that you can perform all the tasks by yourself by just seeing the task list, then you are mistaken. SEO is more than the task list you see. There’s a lot of difference between what to do, how to do and how to do it efficiently.

    2. SEO is not Fixed
    Another misconception people have is that similar tasks, plans are needed always for all projects. But, Google keeps on introducing new algorithms time after time. Every SEO expert needs to work as per the guidelines suggested by Google. SEO experts keep themselves updated with these guidelines. You, on the other hand, are not that much initiated for such knowledge.

    3. Results of Wrong Doings
    When you will see the results of your SEO efforts, you will say that the decision of managing SEO by yourself isn’t bad, but worse. You can even get your website penalized. Google can ban your website for following wrong practices. Fake backlinks, keyword stuffing, duplicate content, cloaking and there are a lot of wrong practices you can by mistake follow.

    4. The Tools Inventory
    SEO experts do the job easily because they know the right methods to do it and have the right tools for it. You, on the other hand, don’t know the right tools to accomplish the job. An SEO expert’s work experience lets him fill his inventory with all the latest tools that ease the job and bring website’s rank up in Google.

    5. Analytics
    Measurable plans are an essential part of SEO. SEO experts regularly check Google analytics to measure the results of their SEO efforts. Not all can understand every metric shown in Google analytic. Future plans depend a lot on analytical reports.

    Still need more reasons to not managing your website’s SEO by yourself and hire an SEO expert for it? Contact IndeedSEO SEO experts to have in-depth knowledge of SEO that your website needs. Hire IndeedSEO SEO professionals for your website’s SEO.

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