Some Extra Juicy Benefits of eCommerce SEO, You Need to Know


    We all know that, SEO plays an important role to increase Google ranking. It also helps to get more website visitors and increase organic traffic and sells your more products. Despite the fact that SEO has the highest ROI of any eCommerce marketing campaign, most online shops are put together with little to no consideration of search engines. There are a numbers of the best SEO companies in India focus on this concept to get more profits.

    Instead, we rely on social media or paid ads. Which are great and all, but require a constant effort and stream of income. SEO, on the other hand, only requires effort up front — once you rank, you practically make sales on autopilot with no recurring expense. That’s a simplification, of course. But doesn’t the idea make you drool?

    First of all, Lets discuss some basic of the SEO

    What is SEO and Why Should You Care?

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the scientific art of optimizing your website around specific keywords in order to rank higher in search results such as Google. Google’s goal is to rank search results that answer all of the searcher’s questions so well that they don’t need to return to Google for another answer.

    What you need to do for this?

    1. Use better images, videos and best examples explain the points.

    2. Give the best answers to the wide range of the questions.

    3. Provide a better user experience via a faster site, a better mobile experience, a more intuitive interface, etc.

    4. Make better link building to get the desired results.

    For eCommerce, that means writing thorough, vivid product descriptions with beautiful, eye-catching photography and plenty of reviews to help visitors make purchase decisions.

    It also means making it easy for visitors to purchase by making the buttons big enough, keeping your site glitch-free, and showing social proof of your best products.

    Weather r your company is small or big, you will surely require SEO for the maximization of your webpage’s or company’s profitability. If you also want to SEO services for your eCommerce website, consult best SEO Service Provider in the region for their best services.

    Main Benefits of eCommerce SEO are:

    1. Customer Findings

    Having an e-commerce website without SEO is like a cake without icing. The way technology has evolved over the years has transformed the way consumers purchase products. Search is now an integral part of the decision-making process, Thus, ignoring SEO means you’re taking the risk of not being visible during your customers’ buying journey. When you aren’t visible on search results, fewer customers know about you, you sell less, and your growth slows down. At the same time, your competitors will increase sales and profits and make your competitors stronger.

    Therefore, look at where most of your traffic, conversions and sales come from. In many cases, the organic search will rank as one of your top sources of revenue. For many businesses, Google drives the lion’s share of profit-producing traffic.

    2. Grow your bottom line

    Paying for the web-page traffic can be costly, especially if you are involved in a business that has a lot of serious competitors. The money really gets wasted in things like banner ads and dollars per click etc. If you have an SEO which is effective, then this means that your dependency on this kind of traffic is much less.

    The buying of ads can be done there is no harm in it. However, for such ads you need to have a nice finance as well. In case of any kind of financial crisis the SEO serves as a lifesaver that helps profit and sales flowing.

    The traffic coming for searches of organic nature is free. There is no such thing like cost per impression or cost per click. The SEO nowadays is so famous that you can easily attract volumes of traffic which has high quality. The good part is that you do not need to make payment directly. The only cost which you may have to bear relates to the hiring of an SEO professional.

    3. Ever Green Effect

    SEO promises results which are measurable, targeted, long lasting and cost effective. There is no stopping in SEO as long as you keep paying for your advertisement, the traffic will continue. SEO builds upon itself to grow robust over time. You just keep on building and ultimately dominate the market.

    There are some cases where you divert your attention away from SEO however, once you return; you find that SEO is as effective as before. The point is that SEO has an evergreen effect with some maintenance.

    4. Customer Reviews

    Of course, a staple of any e-commerce site is customer reviews for each product.

    According to Internet Retailer, you can increase your e-commerce conversion rate by 14-76% by adding product reviews to your online store. Jupiter Research also found that 77% of consumers read reviews before purchasing online.

    In addition to increasing conversions, customer reviews also positively impact your SEO because more reviews = more content, and frequent reviews = fresh content, which Google loves to see.

    To obtain more customer reviews, you can use a reward-based plugin like WooTheme’s Review for Discount option.

    You also can send an email out a few days after you know a customer has received a product asking if they need any assistance, and, if not, would they please leave a review. Simple tricks like this will really help your SEO!

    5. Social Media Integration

    An e-commerce site wouldn’t be complete without social media! Social media signals with growing your community, engaging with customers, and sharing content impact your SEO. According to the Forbes, “Google has been explicit that social signals play a role in its algorithm. Twitter and Facebook matter some, but many of the search results from both networks are restricted. Therefore, the network that carries the most weight is Google+.”

    SEO For Your E-Commerce Site is No Longer Optional

    My biggest challenge when working with clients is getting them to see just how deeply Google is embedded into the day-to-day life of consumers. As a result of this, SEO has become critical to e-commerce business’ financial results. Since clients don’t always see the “problem,” SEO doesn’t get the attention and budget it deserves.

    This oversight means they are limiting their own growth. Instead of taking their business to the next level with professional SEO, they leave money on the table. They plan without correct analytics data, and then halfheartedly execute a few SEO activities without any plan or strategy guiding them.

    Investment in SEO

    Every dollar spent on SEO can directly increase sales every day of every year in the future. That’s a benefit your boss can relate to. If you can reduce your advertising spend and increase the ROI from your marketing, your boss will jump right on board the content marketing bandwagon-to infinity and beyond. Moreover, Keyword research is the first step for the SEO campaign.

    If you get this part wrong, one of two things will happen:

    You’ll target keywords that are too difficult to rank for, and you won’t make it to page one.

    You’ll rank for keywords that don’t get a lot of traffic or don’t cause customers to buy.

    Neither of these situations is ideal, which is why eCommerce keyword research is so important, it will ensure you target keywords that are fairly easy to rank for, have decent search volume and have high conversion rates.

    But there is more to choosing keywords than simply looking at how difficult it is to rank or how many people search for it.

    Blog Content is Important

    Keyword research is crucial to any SEO strategy. Since each page of your site should be optimized for only one keyword, there will be plenty of important keywords that don’t make it onto a page of your site.

    The way to rank for those keywords is through a blog. With a blog, you can optimize each post for a keyword that you aren’t targeting with the main pages of your site.

    As with your website pages, your blog posts need to be high quality and reader-friendly. You should hire an experienced, professional writer who not only understands your industry, but also has a basic knowledge of SEO.


    Search engine optimization has the potential to boost your e-commerce site’s sales and revenue and make you the market leader in your industry. And the good news is that your investment in SEO will even pay for itself in a very short time, while its effects will last for many years. These successful companies have a unique mindset. Their approach, preparation and planning is different. They integrate SEO with an overall marketing strategy, tying it in with activities like content marketing and social media marketing, guided by an experienced SEO consultant. If you want services for your eCommerce website, consult Indeedseo, the top seo company for the SEO services.

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