Some Despicable Facts About SEO That You Never Knew


    SEO holds numerous secrets for the novices, sometimes for the experienced one too. You need to update yourself regularly with the latest SEO techniques and tricks. There are several SEO facts and stats out there, with more or lesser-known facts. Here, we are arranging a list of surprising SEO facts that will help you to look at the SEO facts from a new perspective. Therefore, it is the list of collections of SEO statistics that will help to improve your SEO and your online marketing strategies as well. You can also consult the top SEO companies in India, so that they can guide you in a better way. 

    More About SEO

    Moreover, the quality of the content, page speed, backlinks, bounce rate, CTR and SSL security are the major ranking factors that play an essential role. Hence, employing the right technique is of utmost importance.

    Plus, SEO techniques can be divided into two categories: white hat which is welcomed by search engines, and a black hat which is not approved by search engines.

    It is trying to produce long-lasting results, without trying to deceive search engines. One of the benefits of white-hat is to create content for the users not for the search engines. The content is designed to be accessible by the crawlers and never try to trick the algorithms.

    On the other hand, black hat tries to improve the rankings in an unauthorized way to deceive the search engine algorithms. 

    These sites are mainly used to deploy a technique known as cloaking. It involves showing a different website to different users, depending on whether the user is a human or a search engine bot.

    Luckily, black hat SEOs and their techniques are used by various SEO service providers, and they are penalized by most of the search engines. 

     1. No Penalty for Duplicate Content

     Are you penalized for the copied content? No, is this duplicate content is harmful to your website? Well, it all depends upon various factors. Let’s discuss more it. Did you see duplicate content mentioned anywhere? No, it’s all about the matter of copied material. Google has a different treatment for copied content rather than duplicate content.

    Furthermore, duplicate content will not impose any penalty, while copied content could be. The best SEO company in India will help you to get the best results.

    Duplicate content is not always to hurt the SEO as most of the people are thinking of. Obvious, duplicate content is not an optimal set-up for the pages. However, most of the time, this duplicate content is not altered. If you use canonical tags to let search engines know the preferred material, you should be safe. The main point of focusing over it that various users have never paid attention to what Google is saying about the duplicate content. Therefore, according to the experts:

    1. Google does not impose any duplicate penalty

    2. Does it reward a unique content and correlate it with added value 

    3. The duplicate content can be filtered out

    4. Google loves to crawl the new material as duplicate one slow the searching process.

    5. If we talk about SEI, it is not a duplicate content that disturbs our ranking, but the shortage of unique content may be.

    You should send XML sitemaps if you want Google to discover your new content quickly. What’s the big G wants us to do is to concentrate signals in official documents, and optimize those canonical pages, so they are better for users.

    Do not forget that, if any website is duplicating your content and you both have no agreement upon it, then you can fill a request to remove that content under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Having canonical tags is the best to avoid it. 

    It is one of the simple ways to tell the search engine that, here is the first version, where it officially appears. You should keep count of the duplicate content related issues anytime, whenever you start shaping out your content marketing strategies and when you want to analyze your SEO rankings. 

     2. Link as a ranking factor

    The biggest search engine of Russia, Yandex is not taking links as a ranking factor. To know more about it, you should stay in Russia, and then you might know that Google might be heading in the same direction. The Russian commercial SERPs in Yandex and Google use most of the spammed keywords, where black hat SEO techniques are applied to get quickly rank shady sites. Thus, by analyzing the situation, Yandex announce that their algorithm will be a 

    “link-free” Will the other search engines follow?

    Will Google eliminate links from their algorithm? It seems like Google wants to rank websites based on facts instead of links. They even discussed with the idea of excluding backlinks from the Google algorithm.

    3. Top ranking positions have more Facebook activities

    In general, there are many secrets and mystery related to the influence of shares, comments, likes etc. on SEO.

    Various correlations show that how you were ranking depends upon the social media platforms. Yet, the strongest association was between a high number of Facebook shares and better ranks.

    It is true that correlation doe not show any causality, but this high level of the correlation cannot be ignored. Facebook interactions indeed put a significant impact on Google ranking. Therefore, the social network not only helps to provide engagement to the audience, but it also affects the measurable outcomes more than engagement, including higher search resulting ranking. To know more about it, you do not have to be an SEO expert to know more about that organic listing that is not easy to gain without the help of SEO tactics and social media strategies. Yet, any little advice that will improve your search traffic helps. 

    4. Rich Snippets Do not put any direct impact on your rankings

    Rich snippets, when they appeared first in 2009, have been a sneak preview on the SERP page. Now, the main question is: Do they have a direct impact on your ranks? Well, not really. 

    Rich Snippets help to add some extra information to the list of the searching, but Google says that it does not have any impact on the ranking. Moreover, many times Google has stated that rich snippets have no direct effect on site rankings at the moment. So Google said it all. 

    Rich snippets do not impact directly, but indirectly, it could be. This does not mean that it cannot generate any SEO benefits, but it helps a page to be indexed easily or show useful information to the reader. Rich snippets will indirectly help you to get more people to visit your website, and that, in turn, might further assist you with your rankings; yet rich snippets have no direct impact on your ranks. 

    5. Not all the top-ranking sites containing content

    It is proved that the most popular sites in September 2019 were: Google, Facebook, Yahoo YouTube, Wikipedia, Amazon, Twitter, eBay, Bing and MSN. Here, what we noticed that only Wikipedia and YouTube are truly content-oriented websites. The other is “content gates”, it means they are not offering content directly as other websites do. 

    Most of the sites from the above list give score users something to do, not to consume. According to Carter Bowles, they are not only for passive reading or video watching, but they provide tools to the people and places so that they can use them for something. These websites are popular because the action required from the core user does not stop at consuming content.

    Google is a tool that helps the users and gives a chance to them to quickly search the whole web to find out something that they want. They are not accessible due to content or fantastic link bait but as a result of the interaction. So, we might ask ourselves.

    Furthermore, we are not saying that content marketing is not working anymore now. Quality content is always great and helpful to grow your business. What we are stressing on is the fact that interaction seems to be working wonders. There are many other factors also available that help to grow this business along with content marketing strategies as well. 

    But what facts prove to us is that the most outstanding sites out there place tools, communities, and interactive platforms before content. Even more, those two content sites that are at the top of popularity, YouTube and Wikipedia, are still making use of interactive platforms.

    6. Object Detection is also important

    You may know that Google is smart enough to identify objects in images, but nowadays, object recognition is now tracing the signals that can affect any of the business. A few days back, Google will fetch and rank images in the upcoming days. Well, it seems that those days came. It is also true that there have been various studies with complex equations and algorithms for image recognition since 90’s so we can say that the subject has appealed to researchers ever since search engines appeared.

    The idea of image optimization should be interesting for the users, not in the way of adding title tags and alternate text. This feature allows search engines to detect what content is inside the images that you post on your websites and rank them accordingly.

    However, this is big for the SEO industry as object recognition: 

    · It will help Google to show a lower number of false positives when searching for particular keywords.

    · Can strengthen the ranking of a page 

     7. Use Search Evaluator to analyze its results

    Till now, we have discussed a lot about various algorithms which are used by Google to rank websites in a better way. You might be surprised to find out that to analyze the quality of the search results that Google hired people who make around 40,000 precision evaluations. These search evaluators have to establish the quality of results for various searches. The guidelines that they use to rate the results are explained in a rather dense document that can be found here.

     Most of the people think that the engine will be able to apply penalties that are not in the universal language. For the moment, by Google’s estimates, the Penguin algorithm affects approximately 3.1% of search queries in English, about 3% of questions in languages like German, Chinese, and Arabic. These trained experts might be able to catch spam in more words and therefore affect the overall ranks.

    8. A video will help to rank faster 

    Last year, YouTube was marked as the world’s second-largest search engine and also helped in the online marketing and advertising. Is everybody likes video? No doubtvideos are instantly more eye-catching than text for many people that Google holds a special place for YouTube in its heart. We should also take into account that, after all, it is owned by Google.

    Is it a good idea to have videos on the home pages? Will they help in a better way to rank well in the organic search. Indeed, a high ranking on YouTube results never confirms to rank well on Google. Yet, it seems to be a precondition. Also, whether it is direct or indirect, videos are an actual SEO tactic and digital strategy that will help in your ranking. Aside from keeping your visitors engaged, it will give them something they can easily share.

    A video can help you to keep your visitors more on the website, and also consider it as a ranking factor by the search engines. We should also consider the possibility of visitors that share a page to contain the video on social media and this will help to increase the chances of receiving more visitors links from the users who notice that. This will undoubtedly add value to your SEO. Thus, it will help to improve your ranking as well.

    Why You Need an SEO for Your Business?

    You heard a lot of SEO and its services. SEO is not a one-day game. It takes much time to reflect its results. Moreover, SEO has various benefits for the business such as 

    1. SEO Is Not A Cost But An Investment

    SEO is a long-term investment that offers a high-return. You can also analyze various keywords with excellent conversion rates for which you can rank only on page #2 on Google, and you will come to know that you have invested good money on everything.

    Enhance your ranking to the top 3 spots on the first page, where you will get the most clicks to go, can provide a massive return on your modest investment into SEO.

    2. Marketing is Important

    SEO plays a vital role in the marketing process, as well. SEO is the master when it comes to pulling in prospects and can help to boost your conversion as well. Therefore, SEO is not a single game. SEO alone cannot help you to reach your highest marketing potential. Social media, marketing strategies and other marketing help your business to arrive at the top. This combination is strengthening and reinforcing each element to grow your business exponentially.

    Thus, your aim should be to focus on your services with proven SEO strategies. So, that you can integrate SEO into your marketing mix to get the best rewards.

     3. SEO can improve your Sales

    SEO helps to improve your sales without increasing your marketing cost. Therefore, you will get profit with the passage of the time. With the help of SEO, you will get business goals at a better ROI as compared to the other online marketing to make your conversion rate better and improve your sales as well

    It also helps to increase your brand awareness and think that you are in the best place and to buy any mistake can cost you a lot. People are constantly researching. Some good deals and using some social-driven web application for the comparison purpose.

    And, price-conscious shopping behavior is more common in tough Financial Times, when consumers spend their money more cautiously.

    Thus, SEO plays a leading role in this research and buying cycle. It is like a magnet that attracts potential buyers to your website with the help of relevant keywords. Also, critical phrases that rank high in search engines where searchers are already looking for information about them. It’s about being where your customers are and directing them towards solutions, and you offer them.

    Final Thoughts

    SEO can let you reap what your competitors sow! When your competition has a low marketing budget, they will make mistakes. Therefore, Good SEO can help you take advantage of these weaknesses. SEO is a smart game that can help you to reach the next level if you utilize it properly. For more information, consult a top SEO company, India to get more information about SEO.

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