Semrush: What Is It and How Does It Work?


    What is SEMrush?

    SEMrush ( go to the official website ) is an all-in-one digital marketing suite with tools covering SEO, PPC, keyword research, competitors analysis, social media, PR, content and more. Founded in 2008 SEMrush gained notoriety among the SEOs as industry standards for keyword research. More recently, they have developed software to include a wider range of digital marketing activities.

    It is a powerful tool for research and analysis, a Swiss army knife that allows us to discover many data concerning our site and that of our competitors. SEMrush is an indispensable tool for those who work in the field of digital marketing because sooner or later they will have to do various types of analysis, and this tool will be a faithful friend by his side.

    SEMrush allows you to find out how Google indexes your site, or where it places it within the SERP, allows you to analyze the most typed keywords from your customers, which sites direct their links to yours and in which way, and much more. SEMrush is a world unknown to those who are not in the industry, but if you deal with digital marketing you can not know and use this tool. It will be useful to find customers, because you will have the opportunity to see the feedback of your actions on the web.

    In all business types, numbers and analytics are essential: SEMrush will give you a lot of important data for your business and without which you can not make the right decisions to grow on the web.

    How does SEMrush work?

    • SEMrush can be useful in various ways, here are the main ones:
    • Analyze a market niche: I could analyze the number of monthly searches, the CPC, the difficulty of the keyword to be positioned, the “seasonality” of the keyword.
    • Analyze the data to create an AdWords campaign: you can study some data from your competitors’ campaigns and consequently make the right decisions by having their data at hand.
    • Find your competitors
    • Creating projects: the Projects section on SEMrush has its own set of tools separate from analysis reports in which it is possible to perform competitive searches and search for keywords. A project allows you to perform over a dozen analysis tools to cover every aspect of digital marketing for a single website. With just one project, you will be able to perform a Site Audit, set location tracking, monitor brand mentions on the Internet, collect ideas for your on-page SEO, plan and analyze posts on social media and much more. In addition to your project data, you can add widgets with dataGoogle Analytics if you link your account. It’s also easy to add images to make your report even more personalized or include screenshots from multiple third-party data sources. If you work with clients, these reports can also be branded and white labelled (with a Business subscription) to create a professional look.
    • Search for domains and keywords: it is also incredibly easy to search for a keyword in the database. Simply enter the word in the search bar and SEMrush will populate the “keyword overview” report with all the information regarding the search term. From here, you can click on top-level metrics to generate more in-depth reports with phrase matching keywords, semantic keyword groups, keyword difficulties, cost-per-clicks, and more. The Keyword Tool can generate millions of related keywords and put them in groups to help you mentally organize your search.

    Report generation: all the features we have listed you can have them in handy easy-to-read reports.

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    SEMrush: similar software and tools

    Are there any similar SEMrush tools?

    The answer is yes!

    According to our point of view, SEMrush is the best SEO tool because it is complete and works on an international market. But there are others that, if they are less, they are very little.


    In this article, you have therefore understood how to do SEO off page and how important it is to do it to try and position the pages of your site as high as possible in search engines . We have written many other articles on IndeedSEO where you will find all the information you need to understand the functioning of every single SEO factor.

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