SEM Tools, Why Invest in a Website in 2018?


    In a difficult economic context, investing in a professional website is not always a priority. Yet it can be a lever to launch or revive your business.

    Today the means of communication are not lacking: social networks, paper communication, video, etc. However, when it comes to representing your business, a website is an essential communication tool.

    Indeed, whatever your business,  a well-referenced website is a great way to promote your products and services. It contributes to your brand image and adapts to your needs, whether gaining visibility through a showcase site or a blog, acquiring contacts or selling your products with an online store.

    It is also an area of freedom and creativity that allows you to stand out from your competitors, to communicate the values of your company and to interact with your customers.

    Meet the expectations of your customers

    From the point of view of your customers, it is normal to find you on the Internet. For several years now, the French have integrated the Internet into their consumer uses. Few people still prefer to move or wait on the phone for practical information or discover your services.

    The first reflex of any consumer is to do a search on Google to see which company will offer them the best products or services. In more than 50% of cases, they use their mobile, which allows them to know instantly what is the activity of the company, what are the promotions of the moment, etc.

    So for a company, as small as it is, it is essential to be visible and accessible on the internet. This is an essential opportunity to present its services, products and make speak about its brand in an original way.

    But by the way, what is called a professional website?

    In fact, in a professional website, everything is studied and nothing is done by chance; There are many objective criteria, but I would say that it is above all a device designed to communicate effectively with your customers.

    Important criteria to consider:

    • A design that highlights your identity and company values
    • Studied interfaces and elements that engage users
    • Optimized, accessible and responsive code
    • A marketing strategy and quality content
    • Optimal SEO
    • An administration system that allows you to completely modify your pages and your blog.


    Although it is difficult to accurately measure the ROI (return on investment) of a site, the benefits are often at the rendezvous:  Sales, contacts, new business opportunities, are as many concrete benefits for your business.

    According to FEVAD statistics (e-commerce Federation and distance selling), for the year 2015, there are more than 600,000 companies of all sizes and all activities on the internet.

    Among these companies, 3/4 have physical sales sites and 51% have found a positive effect on their activity, namely:

    • 58% recorded an increase in sales.
    • 52% noticed more frequent use of their stores.
    • 55% offered better customer service.

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    Having a professional website offers all sorts of advantages, the most interesting being certainly having an “advertising” broadcast 24/24 and 7/7. Customers can consult your offers at any time and contact you .

    With good web marketing tools such as newsletter or reservation forms, it is possible to go even further to engage and retain your vvisitors.In the end, this type of advertising offers many possibilities and costs much less than other traditional media.


    Beyond gaining notoriety, the goal of your web presence is that your prospects call on your company rather than another. A professional website will help you to be competitive,especially if it offers a concept and original features.

    Depending on your competitive environment, it may be necessary to go further by distributing content on a blog or newsletter. This will generate interest in the long term and will also greatly improve your positioning on search engines.


    Another good reason to create a website is that you can have a special relationship with your customers. Indeed, you can collect their opinions on your products or services. You can answer the most frequently asked questions which will save you time, will reassure and promote the act of purchase.

    It may be interesting to offer more specific features, such as an agenda that will allow you to make online reservations and organize events directly from your website.

    In fact, there are still many possibilities for interacting with your customers, for you to imagine what best suits your users.


    If you are a power user of WordPress or other CMS and you have some notions in HTML / CSS you can create your site yourself. Many offers exist to host your site and choosing an open source CMS will get you started quickly. You will find many resources on web design and marketing to make it evolve.

    On the other hand, if you have specific needs for your business site and you do not have the time or the skills, do not do anything, contact our professional, who will find the appropriate solutions. and efficiently realize your site.

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