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    No doubt, you invest a considerable amount of time and resources on creating and publishing useful and informational content that your audience will find useful. Therefore, you don’t skimp on research and don’t compromise, no getting the detailed imagery to go with your post. You might say that your blog posts look somewhat like a work of art.  The best SEO companies follow all the steps professionally to make their blog post viral.

    However, most of your published content gets minimal impressions and even fewer shares. Therefore, it’s certainly not paying off on your time investment.

    If that looks good, it’s because it’s exceptionally commonplace: in fact, most of the blog and other content don’t get read. You can call it “oh Crap Moment”.

    Know more about Content Marketing

    Content marketing is one of the best strategies which is used to educate your existing customers, attract new customers and expand your overall business performance.

    Around 72% of marketers agree that content marketing is responsible for increasing numbers of leads and engagements.

    Therefore, getting the maximum eyeballs on your content is far more challenging than it used to be before years back. Thus, we are living in an era of content shock, depicts that businesses are producing more content than people have time to utilize it. As a result, most of the material gets wasted, as most of people have a lack of time to read it.

    In these circumstances, there is a way to receive maximum traction from your content, and that is to make it go viral. Going viral is key to minimizing the effects of content shock. Every top seo companies in India have different strategies, but what they get as an outcome makes the difference.

    What is Viral Content?

    Viral content is an article, image or video that is rapidly surging in popularity by receiving lots of re-shares and links.

    With viral marketing, you let others share your content for you. It encourages a practice where people actually love your content and share it with their family and friends because of personal satisfaction.

    What Makes Content Go Viral

    Viral content is content marketing gold. Every business desires it, but few are actually able to win it. Here are the top 5 ingredients of viral content:

     1.  To Capture what really matters to the audience

    This is one of the most important aspects of the viral content marketing. Rather than producing random content that you need to create, your aim should be to prepare it according to the demand of the audience and what they want to read:

    To better understand the way your audience thinks, create personas for each type of audience member. This will help you identify their likes and dislikes, preferences, style, and sensibilities, and will help form the base of your viral content marketing strategy.

    Here are some questions you can ask about your audiences:

    ·        Who are they?

    ·        Where are they going?

    ·        What do they care about?

    ·        What do they want to know?

    The answers to the above questions can help you prepare focused content that people will love to share.

    2. Generate Quality Content

    The most important things content should be of a positive nature as it performs better than negative content. The viral piece should create a surge in the emotions after reading or viewing. It should cause joy, laughter or irony. To be more specific, “AWE!!” is the most successful form of emotion for viral content. According to one of the survey, it is estimated that

     1. Videos that contain ‘hope’ have, the more viewers.

     2. Posts that depict nature, gratitude, vastness and art got more number of reactions.

     3. Articles that were longer and evoked positivity were liked and shared the most.

     4. Among movies and TV dramas, content that promoted ‘hope’ received a positive response from the viewers.

    As the research, advises positive emotions can bring to mind a ‘hope’ or powerful happy emotions like ‘awe’, ‘laughter’ and ‘joy’ are the biggest factors that make content go viral.

    3. Relatable Content

    The more people like and share your content, the more the traffic you will get over it. Creating content that people feel they connect with is also known as “relatable content.” This is the kind of content that speaks to the core. Here are the nine golden rules for creating relatable content.

    1: Choose the language familiar to your audience.

    2: Try to use more and more visuals as the human brain can process it more than text.

    3: Be original and create something unique.

    4:  Your content theme and visuals must be appealing and according to your demographic.

    5: Discuss the most challenging question that the audience wants to discuss.

    6: Leverage the power of storytelling to convey your message.

    7: Think about the personal level of the person and give the answer accordingly.

    8: Write about things that most of your audience can identify with in one way or another.

    9: Don’t just say, “this needs to be done” but also show “how” it is done.

    4. Relevant Content

    It is also important that your content must be relevant and useful.  People love to help each other and do goods for others. If your content reflects this, it will be much more sharable.

    What is the Skyscraper technique?

    What was the exact strategy need to be followed? How to use Skyscraper technique, steps are:

    Step 1: Find competitive keywords related to requirements using any keyword searcher tool and look for content that has gained most of the shares. Extract words or phrases from the title of the material that people might use in a Google search and save all the URLs that have good content.

    Step 2: Study the content pieces you found in step 1 and create something more useful.

    To produce something unique and compelling, give proper time for research. The essay should contain super helpful content. The piece should contain super helpful content and high-quality visuals. One great way to prepare insightful content is to develop a list of questions that people frequently ask related to your main topic and answer all such issues before writing the content. You can find the major pain points and related items that people ask on sites like Reddit and Quora.

    Step 3: Promote the content you produced. You can use various sites like Reddit, Quora, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and others depending on where your ideal audience might be present.

    5. Make Sure That Your Content is Shared By Influencers

    For most content, you will need a helpful push to get it to go truly viral.

    Influencers can provide this push. Content promoted by influencers gets more exposure overall, reaches a far wider audience, and is more likely to be shared.

    How can you ensure that influencers share your content? Follow these strategies:

    Network With Influencers

    Keep in touch with influencers and network with them. When you are no longer a stranger, you’ll get a more positive response. An outreach experiment found that a previous connection with the influencer boosted response rates by up to 63%.

    Conduct Influencer Interviews

    You must have a valid reason so that influencers share your content. Conduct interviews with influencers or quote them in your articles.

    Tag or Mention Influencers On Social Media

    Make sure to tag or mention relevant influencers when you share your content across social media. Tagging an influencer helps expand your content’s reach across the entire influencer community.

    6. Color Psychology in Marketing

    This topic effectively combines colour theory, psychology and marketing three topics you wouldn’t normally expect to find together.

    Take care of basics: Format for scanners

    You’ve got emotional, problem-solving content. You’ve got the channels and influencers to promote them. But you are not creating your content just yet.

    If you want to spread on social media, remember that social media users are bored. A lot of them are looking to kill time with some quick entertainment.

    That means your content needs to hook them immediately. On social media platforms, you’ll need:

    • A compelling headline. Pack your headline with emotion and suspense, ideally without being too clickbaity. Tell the beginning of an intriguing story.
    • An attention-grabbing picture or video. Joanna Wiebe, one of the best copywriters in the world, tested Facebook Ads and discovered that images are crucial, even more, important than the words of a post. Try to make sure that your content is formatted for the scanners. Long content is ok but you must ensure that the user is able to read all the content and share is properly.


    Before writing any viral blog posts, you want to make sure that you have systems in place to convert your visitors into customers or contacts. Otherwise, they’ll click onto your site, leave, and disappear forever and you’ll have nothing to show for your bump in traffic. Going viral can give a huge jump in the business, but it won’t have any effect at all if you don’t have the bottom of your funnel set up in advance. Going viral isn’t just guesswork. Grab attention, use emotion, and optimize conversions to create viral content that grows your business. You can also take help from the best SEO companies in India to make your posts viral.

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