Reasons Why Traffic on your Website Dropped


    Traffic on your website is deciding many things. This traffic is helping you to grow your website; you can make money through traffic that is on your web site, but what happened if your website loses traffic. You will come in trouble because you did hard work for making a web site and grow it. Then the question is raised that what will cause behind it that you lose traffic on your website. The best SEO companies in India will help you to get good traffic to your website.

    Here are those reasons that you can lose your website traffic and now you can escape from those problems, to learn from those points:-

    1. No updation

    Suppose, you make a website and you put good content on your website with specific keywords and resulted, your website is growing. Assume you do it daily, when time keeps going on, your first content gets old and you do not change your content, even your keywords still old. But your competitors changed their content on their web site.

    Eventually, you will lose your website’s traffic by that method, and your competitors will grow. Your ranking on search engines will down and your competitor’s ranking will be up on search engines. That’s why traffic on your website has low.

    So, you have to focus on those things that are the main reason to lose traffic. You have to be updated.

    2. Lost links

    That is another reason to lose traffic on your web site. If you have lost many links, then that reason can drop your ranking on search engines. It would help if you stayed; there are many tools to check your site’s lost links more than the last 90 days.

    If this thing is happening with your website, then many questions will be raised in your mind. Like, what happened with the site and with links, will these lost links situated on the same pages of your web site where you have seen a fall in rankings, how can I resolve this problem and maybe more questions can be raised in your mind? When you work to solve the problem of lost links, you need to go through some steps. Those steps will make it easy for your work. These steps are the following:

    If your links have been lost, then you need to find that from where those links are coming and why they are lost. You can do replace, remove, or retain lost links. Each link should be checked separately to decide your next steps.

    These lost links do affect your web site. You need to prevent it because that lost links will get your ranking down and if these happened then obviously, traffic on your website would be lost.

    3. Broken redirects  

    These broken redirects are redirects that create errors such that, 301, 302, and 404. They are pointing to the wrong position. For instance, when you search for something on Google and after that when you open any web site then you see sometimes “404 not found”.  

    Suppose, you have launched a new website, move your web site to a new server, or do any changes in your web site then you will see that your ranking will be dropped until you have a suitable 301 redirect plan in place. Broken redirects are an awful nightmare for every SEO professional. A 301 redirect is of the same kind as a change of address notice for the web.

    That notice tells search engines (Google, Yahoo, or Bing, etc.) that a page, many pages, or your whole web site have moved. You have sent to your visitors, your new address. That thing is making an impact on your web site.

    If you have done it in the approved manner, then you don’t lose your ranking on search engines, and you will not get penalized for second copy content because search engines are indicators of both old and new web addresses.

    If you do it,you can escape from losing traffic on your website, and if you don’t do it, then you can lose traffic on your website.

    4. Algorithm changes

    An algorithm is a process, in that rules have set and followed in problem-solving operation. For example, we need some steps to making a good recipe. In that crude ingredient that is input and after dish completion that is output or we can say, that algorithm is the list of steps.

    Search engines are always looking for ways to get better strategies and results by building algorithm changes. By these changes, extremely web sites have been harm by these algorithm changes, suffer from worse site rankings, and get low traffic on your web site.

    5. Natural changes occur in search

    When natural changes in search, then many people lose their search engine ranking, sometimes, you notice that your website’s ranking has dropped. But that is not your mistake, and search engines have often made changes in results based on user’s behaviour.

    For instance, if a specific topic will have a sudden increase in search, then search engines bring up newer results and older pushdown. We can divide it into two categories, if your content comes into the second category, you will see that your web site goes down in ranking.

    If this happens then automatically traffic on your website will below. So you can see a trend of different search engines (such that Google, Yahoo, and any other) to stay updated.

    6. Geo location divergence

    Your ranking will be dependent on your location, and your ranking will be different at a different location where the search did. If you check your ranking in one separate geographic area, then you must check your ranking in different areas that will make an accurate understanding of your rankings.

    That can be a reason for less traffic in your content because many people don’t know that geographic divergence. Maybe, you will have noticed that results come from different geographic places that are different on the same or a specific search. This geolocation divergence is doing an effect on the traffic that is on your website.

    7. Strong competitors 

    Nowadays, competition in every field is getting high. You are doing everything well, but eventually, you are losing traffic continuously on your website and always your ranking is getting down on search engines. The reason is that your competitors are doing a better job than you.

    You need to keep aneye on your competitors by examining and observe their social media activity, strategies, and content promotion. Once you understand what your competitors have done to increase their ranking then you can learn from their strategies.

    8. Page speed matters 

    When a user visits a website for reading content or any other work, page speed does matter since users want the page to be open fast. How fast the content on your pages loads will not affect your ranking and your website visitor’s user occurrence.

    When pages take a long time to load, visitors on your site will be disturbed, and users don’t want to wait to see your content on your website or web pages. If page speed gets slow, visitors will not open your website or web pages, and traffic on your website will be less.

    To check your page speed, you can use Google’s new and improved page speed tool. Your page ranking depends on the speed of your pages, how quickly they load. So, page speed’s role is significant to bring more traffic to your web site or web pages.

    9. Server concerns

    Seriously, you resolve any server concerns quickly. It can be scary for any website’s owner since it can do down the rank of your web site on search engines and lose traffic on your website. But you need to resolve this issue very early through any tool as if you take much time on it then can lose many things such that ranking on search engines, traffic on your site and you cannot earn money at that time.

    10. Internal steering

    Your website steering tells your visitors what and where they will find information on your web site. Try to have a plane, fine structure of two or at most free levels deep for your internal steering. Suppose users on your website have to click too many times to find what they appear for, and then can be more chances that your visitors leave your site.

    It can be possible that Google will stop crawling content that is deep in your website, this will do low your website’s ranking, and you will get less traffic to the content area and maybe on your website. Your internal link strategies should do match with user’s intention. So it would help if you made your internal links and steering that bring more traffic to your content or website.

    11. New website changes and redesign

    If you want to do redesign your website, it means that you want to lose the traffic and ranking that you build through hard work. Some specific steps you can take to help your rankings are:

    • Check the navigation of your inbound links to make sure they are working exactly on your new website.
    • You need to get some baseline metrics reports such as rank tracker, traffic, and site audit, before launching your site.
    • Make sure that all 301 redirects map out in the approved manner.
    • Suspicious scheduling and awareness are the essential components to redesign your project; you will avoid unenthusiastically impacting your SEO and rankings and can even make improvements.

    12. Meta Information

    Meta information or mega tags are used to notify search engines (such that Google and yahoo) what information your site gives. The title tag is one of the most important types of metadata that are helping to raise your SEO ranking. Other kinds of Meta information that will help your website rankings are headers and Meta descriptions.

    Suppose, if you change the date of a piece of writing on your site, be sure to modify it in the Meta description too. You want to avoid spare your Meta information or using pointless titles. If you use the same title for multiple pages, then it will do confused you and your users, and maybe, users will not visit your website. That thing can be harmful to your content, and your site as traffic will be least on your pages.

    13. Resource of traffic

    The traffic on your website depends on the number of visitors visiting your website, the number of pages clicked and the amount of time spent on each page. Traffic can come from many resources such that, Email marketing, referrals, direct traffic, organic search, paid search, and social media, or traffic can come from any other source.

    But your traffic can decrease from sources apart from organic search. The direct traffic will come when users type your URL into an address bar. You have to focus on direct traffic since these sources cannot get much traffic on your web pages.

    14. Second copy content

    If duplicate content has shown on your web page, then Google will do blocked your content. That content will be available on your web page for some time, maybe some users can read your content, or perhaps no one read your content.

    It will be harmful to your website and your content too. If you do it, you cannot grow your website’s ranking on search engines, traffic will be less on your web page or website. Your website will get penalized. Your website can be removed from search engines like Google and yahoo’s index, and it will no longer be found in search. So you need to escape from second copy content.

    15. Manual events 

    If you suddenly see a rapid drop in your website rankings, it can be a sign that yahoo is penalized your website. But if your website is ranking continuously, on other search engines such that Google and Bing then it is an almost confirm sign that you are going through a yahoo penalty. If your penalty is automatic then you should do solve the problem to remove your penality.

    It will do a heavy effect on your website’s traffic and ranking also. The best method to start is to look at notifications from inside your yahoo search console account. You can see warnings in the message menu and the manual event section.

    In that section, you can find a list of examples where yahoo employee has found that certain pages of your site are not in fulfillment with their guidelines. You will capable to find suggestions and information on how to solve the problems. Through that method, you can escape from drop ranking on search engines.

    16. Server burden

    Your server will be prepared to handle extremely traffic. If your server is not set up or ready to handle extremely traffic then it can overload and it will be crashed. Some people who use common servers have a high risk of going downward. If your website goes too much down on search engine’s ranking then it negative effect on traffic to your website. So, your server should be well-built that can handle sudden surges in traffic that is on your website.

    Final words

    These are some reasons why traffic on your site dropped. So you have to do focus on these mistakes that you are doing with your website and your web page. If you want to get more search engine visibility then you have to do a great number of efforts and you have to spend a lot of time with your work.

    Don’t try to take a shortcut because you could suffer through negative results like lower search ranking and least traffic on your web site or web pages. You need to keep informed about new updates. You have to do the greatest practices to increase your online visibility and to develop your business.

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