Quick Checklist for Creating SEO-Friendly URL Structure


    SEO is not one task or one practice based. A website’s every element contributes on on-page SEO. It’s up to you to how to leverage these elements and let them work in your favor. Today, we will focus on the top most search bar, where the URL is. Today’s focus is on how to create SEO-Friendly URL Structure.

    • Good URLs are increase the readability by the visitors.
    • Keyword in URL increases reach.
    • They increase brand value.
    • High SEO Value.
    • URL is an abstract for the whole content.


    5 Things to How to Create SEO-Friendly URL Structure

    1. Length of the URL
    Lengthy URLs are difficult to read and track for humans. Short and direct URLs are catchy and easy to remember. Keep only those words in the URL that are directly related with your post or the page you have made. Lengthy URL is not part of SEO-friendly URL Structure.

    2. Keywords in the URL
    There isn’t much space to use for Keywords in URL. But, that doesn’t mean you should not put any keywords in the URL. Keyword must be there. Never leave a URL without a keyword. Long tail keywords are preferred for good SEO-friendly URL Structure and if you are using short keywords, you can put up to two keywords in the URL.

    3. Readability of the URL
    Putting keyword is not enough. You got to put it in a way so that the complete URL becomes readable. The text in the URL must make sense. URLs that are only keywords are not user-friendly. Don’t compromise readability to put keywords.

    4. Canonical URLs
    Most CRMs auto-generate URLs from the page post and include the title, complete date, keyword in it. You don’t need all of that in the URL. Create canonical URLs with the title of the post in which there are already keywords inserted.

    The ‘s’ is the https is for secure. Web addresses that have https instead of HTTP are more secure. HTTPS – ‘Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure’. Google gives preference to the URL structure with https in it. This assures the security of the URL with the visitor too. The visitor will know that website is secure and nor malware infected.

    There’s more to SEO-friendly URL structure. Consult our SEO specialists to find the right keywords to focus in your website’s URL.

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