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    It is time to hire an SEO service with an SEO agency, an SEO consultant or even hire an SEO that works within the organization… Do you feel scared right? It is usual and very normal. Getting such web positioning services for companies and individuals that hiring one is an arduous and complicated job because if it is not done correctly, it can have serious consequences for the visibility of the brand in search engines and its positioning.

    On the contrary, if that SEO service is done well, it will take you down the path of success and of obtaining revenue, positions and organic search traffic. It is important to choose with great care and attention, and that is exactly what I want to explain to you in my article today. If you are thinking about hiring an SEO company, I have selected a series of questions that can help you make the right decision.

    You must ask these questions before hiring, so you know exactly what you will receive from that SEO agency, SEO consultant or even an SEO specialist to work within the company. Finally, it is not necessary to ask all the questions; you have to make a selection. That is why I will explain each one, so you can decide if that question is relevant to your situation or not.

    Types of most common SEO services…

    Before starting with the questions you have to ask before hiring any SEO work, it is very important that you have clear the different types of SEO services that are being offered on the Internet by professionals, companies and agencies. Although it may seem that they are the same, it has nothing to do with the interaction you will have with one and another:

    External SEO Consultant: These are freelancers or independent professionals who offer SEO services. They work for hours normally and it is usually the cheapest option, although it is important to search well with whom you are going to hire. Get information about the jobs they have done in the past (and, if possible, talk with previous clients) to ensure that they do not cheat. With this option, you can find impressive professionals.

    SEO consultant in-house: If your business is very big or is growing very fast, sometimes it makes sense to hire an SEO professional or a local SEO team, being able to have “the power” at home, or hire an SEO consultant to help put things in place and execute a primary strategy. The idea, although I put “in-house” is to have a person hired by the project, and not something sporadic that you can finish whenever you want. This gives security to the SEO professional and offers you the possibility of controlling the entire process of web positioning.

    Company or agency SEO: These companies or agencies have teams of several SEOs and highly standardized processes, which makes them work for organizations of a certain size (with low budgets of at least a few thousand euros per month for web positioning).

    Anyway, there is a new trend of agencies targeting small businesses that do not need as much budget. Yes, we return to the usual, you have to find out very well with whom you are going to work and the jobs you have done. My experience, like SEO at an agency, tells me that, if you are “small”, you opt for other options.

    The questions in this article are directed, mainly, to the first and third type of SEO services. There is a big difference between freelancers or freelancers and SEO companies or agencies. Some are very good, but others are very bad (in fact, the bad abounds). From my point of view, a good SEO should never charge low prices (if it does, it is a warning that they have little experience).

    If you are on the hunt for the bargain, you will most likely have an SEO that takes shortcuts, damaging your website in the long term. That said, a high price does not guarantee quality work either. Many SEO or Marketing agencies mark their prices up in a very unprofessional way.

    In fact, that you are reading this article shows that you are taking the initiative to inform you to avoid undesirable SEOs. While you ask the right questions and pay attention to the answers, you should be able to find an SEO service that has a positive impact on your business. Ready? Let’s start with the essential questions in the hiring of a web positioning service.

    Questions before hiring an SEO service

    # 1 How are we going to improve our web positioning?

    It is impossible to achieve significant results without a well-planned and executed SEO strategy. If you decide to work on a strategy focusing on random keywords or doing a link building without objectives, you may see some positive results, but never consistent growth of traffic. What this means is that all good SEOs have a process, whether they freelance, in-house or work for an SEO agency.

    They will not be able to tell you “We will get links from pages X, Y and Z “, but we will ” start with an SEO audit to identify the areas where you can obtain better results in the short term. Then we can identify the best keywords in the industry. ” Therefore, be careful with the answer to this question, because it is very important.

    # 2 How are you going to keep us informed of the changes made to the website?

    A good professional or SEO company will send you periodic reports to your mail. The most common frequency is once a month (usually at the end of the month), but some companies send weekly updates. Before you start working with any SEO company, the first thing you need to do is give them access to your website (always depending on the type of SEO service you hire, since analytical consulting is not the same as SEO).

    # 3 Can we see information and results from previous projects?

    Finding a good SEO company is the same as buying or contracting any other product or service. You will want to see opinions, comments, testimonies, studies and know with what companies they work or have worked. Do not expect that the companies that offer SEO services will show you their contact list or clients, although, there are many who will be happy to show you several examples of renowned clients.

    There may be a lot to process, but trust me, a good SEO team can be necessary to build a business.

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