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    Social media is a great way to get traffic and leads. But it’s not a case of scheduling a few status updates. You have to do much more than that. This guide is going to unveil the industry secrets that generate traffic and leads on social media. If you’re a mature digital marketer, you know that follower count isn’t any guarantee of the value of a social media account. But at the same time, you also know, having a lot of followers is far from worthless. There are various best digital marketing companies who are working on this concept positively.

    Gone are the day, when we all say we don’t care about the number of followers we have on social networks but we all do!

    Believe it or not, but it is true that people do look at your follower numbers, which affects their decisions to follow you. In addition, the more followers you have, the larger the potential reach and influence you have.

    However, some tactics will put you on a solid foundation and trajectory for long-term, sustained growth. More importantly, they will give you a following that will actually benefit you and your business.

    There is no scarcity of posts and guides online about how to build social media followings, Thus, in this post we have collected some information related to increase social media followers. They are in no particular order, as which are best for any particular application will vary.

    1. Follow Legitimate, Relevant Accounts

    To get followed, you must first be a good follower. Finding and following accounts of real people and businesses who are relevant to your business is a first essential step to building your own following, and is a necessary base to make several of the other tactics listed here effective.

    Moreover, in some of the cases, you will also get follow back if your account is interesting and especially if your profile is completely filled out and your feed is full of valuable and relevant posts.

    But more importantly, following good, active accounts in your business vertical will give you a base of people with whom to interact, which as we’ll see below has value in several different ways of follower growth.

    There are a number of tools available to help you find such accounts (for example: Followerwonk, ManageFlitter, and Audiense, but they tend to be Twitter-centric, because that network has more open data than most others. But you can do your own hunting, and often that turns up the best people to follow anyway.

    Some ways to hunt good accounts to follow:

    Look at who influencers follow

    Do this only if they have a positive follow-to-following ratio; that is, they are followed by many but only follow a relatively few. That way you know they are selective about whom they follow, and the people they follow are more likely to be high quality.

    Best People to Follow on…” lists

    Search for published lists of recommended accounts to follow in your areas of interest. Be careful though; not all of these lists are well-curated. Sometimes they recommend people just because they are famous.

    Groups and communities

    Join groups and communities on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other networks that have them, and watch for those who consistently make valuable contributions. Follow them to reach to the more people.

    2.Have Something to Show & Share

    Your best followers will be people who take the time to check out your profile before following you. They’ll want to see that there’s something worth following.

    A complete profile

    Fill in every field that applies to you. On most social networks you should try to make your bio tell a story. Intrigue visitors into following you. On Twitter, where your bio space is limited, use keywords that you want to be found for. Also, have an attractive, close up head and a relevant cover image.

    A valuable feed

    Make sure your feed/timeline is always showing recently-shared, valuable content. Some careful users will browse a little way down your feed to make sure your active and that they won’t be getting junk if they follow you.

    3. Be Active & Engaged

    It is the number one tip anyone gives in any social media tip post, but it really is critical to building a valuable following of real people. Social media users are tired of link feeds. Commenting on and resharing the posts of others quickly demonstrates that you’re not a bot, and that you’re present on the network.

    Whenever possible, don’t just re-share someone else’s post, but add a remark as to why you’re sharing it, and tag the original poster. On Twitter, do this using the Quote option when retweeting. You can consult the best SEO Service provider for this purpose as well.

    Being active in the social threads of others, especially influencers, also exposes your value to new people, and can gain you followers also.

    4. Post Opinions, Data, News & Trends

    The post which is unique and valuable often helps to get the more likes or shared and increase the numbers of followers. I have paid careful attention over the years to the kinds of social media posts that get those shares.

    Since this is a business-oriented guide, will leave aside memes and other silly content that certainly can get big reshares.

    The kinds of posts that tend to increase your exposure and therefore lead to new followers fall into these groups:


    Expressing a strong opinion about an issue that matters to your audience can be risky, but it can also gain a lot of engagement, sharing, and exposure.


    People respond strongly to data that either backs up their beliefs or challenges them. They’ll share those things either way, and if you’re the originator of the data, and do so on a regular basis, they’ll want to follow you to not miss out.

    News and trends

    If you can become a good source for breaking news important to your industry, people will want to follow you to not miss out on what’s happening.

    5. Post Frequently, But Appropriately

    The hardest truth about social media is that no matter how popular you become, if you stop posting and engaging you’ll be forgotten in no time. You’ve got to maintain a regular presence, but you also don’t want to overdo it.Generally post less frequently on networks where the newsfeed is heavily controlled by an algorithm (Facebook, LinkedIn) and more frequently where it’s more “real time”.

    6. Assemble Your Subscribers

    If you have an email list that you regularly send content to include your primary social media links in your newsletters. And every so often make a special appeal for people to follow you there.

    People who think enough of you and your content to open your emails will probably gladly follow you on social media.

    7. Don’t forget to use hashtags

    Always look before you leap with a new hashtag. Search for it on the network and make sure it isn’t being used for something you wouldn’t want your brand associated with.Tools like Ritetag can help you find the best hashtags for each of you posts. Right hashtags are really helpful to get the right audience.

    8. Get Speaking Gigs & Interviews

    Best of all, the people at conferences and meetups are highly likely to be relevant to your business, and they just got a good taste of your value, so they’re highly motivated to follow you on social media.Include your Twitter handle at the bottom of your presentation slide decks, as long as the conference allows it. The same thing can happen from guest posting opportunities. It’s a safe bet that many readers who got something from this post will click through to my author profile and follow me via the social media links there.

    9. Build Partnership Campaigns

    Conferences, webinars, and guest posts are all effective ways to get your expertise in front of OPAs, but one of the best is through partnership content and campaigns. By that mean building relationships with non-competing companies that still have relevance to your business area and then pitching to them ideas for joint content and social media campaigns. These work best when each partner has something to bring to the table.Because each partner will be promoting the content to its own audience, each has the opportunity to gain new followers from the other.


    SEO is not a one day game. The tips which are mentioned above is not hacks and it is not necessary that you will get the social media followers overnight. To get the best results you need to hire the best SEO Agency, so that you can get huge amount followers by following these tips. For this purpose, you need to recognize your advertising requirements as well as to judge the services of dissimilar SEO agencies. Moreover, you can ask for the free SEO proposals to business owners, as today, most of good SEO agencies are providing them easy. Always choose an assistance whose recommendation, evaluations & skills suit you the most.

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