Why You Need to Invest Your Time and Money in SEO


    Are you in favor of doing SEO for your site? Well, most of you reading this are in favor or SEO, but we asked this question because many of you reading this article are not sure whether SEO is essential or not. Don’t worry here we have sets of question which help you to clear your doubts. This blogs will convince you on why you need to invest your time and money in SEO.

    1. SEO is Not Dead

    If you’ve been into SEO, then you have surely heard from many people that SEO is dead, but the fact is it is not. SEO is still alive, more functional and sensible.

    People who believe SEO is dead are those people who used to get ranking in search engines by making few links.

    Today SEO methods completely change those who change their tactics along with time are still in the game. It is true that today getting top rank is a bit tricky as you can’t fool search engines especially Google.

    Over the year Google changes a lot. It makes it algorithm so strong that one can’t make it fool simply.

    Still, some grey hat SEO technique is able to get the desired result but beware if you or your company is following it then soon you will kick out by Google as it keeps enhancing their search algorithms.

    If your site follows Google guidelines then no need to say that Google will embrace you and reward with better ranking in search engine.

    A few years back number of backlinks matters but today quality matters. Make sure to provide quality to Google then no matter whether it is linked, on page, content, or more.

    1. Investing Your Time and Money in SEO Will Give You Long-Term Benefit

    You can’t expect a quick result from SEO as it is a long-term process. Today’s SEO is depending on tons of factors, unlike earlier SEO where it relies on few keywords and links.

    Today everything affects the SEO for instance how many links you are building in a day, length of content, quality backlinks, social signals, the authority of your site’s domain and its page, internal links, external links and what not.

    Know that Google considers more than 200 factors to determine whether your site is worth ranking or not. The magical part is Google does it with a fraction of seconds.

    If you are looking for any SEO company to hire then be prepare for, have some patience as you it might take months depending on competition to get the desired result.

    If you want a quick result, then SEO is not for you. Those who are looking for fast and quick result can go with PPC, email marketing like techniques.

    To get better result make sure you choose right SEO company as if you choose any random company then you will not get the desired result and when you realize its too late.

    As above said it took months to implement SEO, but it really doesn’t mean that after 4 or 5 months your site will pop up in the first position magically.

    When you hire an experienced professional SEO company like IndeedSEO, they will provide you weekly report in which you can track down the progress of keywords on which you want to rank.

    Better SEO efforts will bring down your keywords in top 50 even in months but after this real competition starts so better have some patience and give your SEO team full relaxation to work accordingly.

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    1. Better Return on Investment

    SEO is considered one of the services which promise you to give a better return on investment. There are other tons of services which offer better result, but they can’t beat the SEO.

    We are not saying that SEO is better than other techniques; actually, it all depends on the requirement of client or person who wants to get traffic or conversion on his site.

    If you don’t know whether you need to invest in SEO, then know it clearly that no matter whether you decide to take SEO service right now or after you have to invest in SEO.

    The only difference here is more time you neglect the SEO more time you are giving your competitors to rule out your niche.

    This is the right time to invest in SEO as organic traffic (visitors comes through search engines) matters a lot. If you have launched any new product or service or you want some quick sales or conversion then meanwhile you can invest in PPC, email marketing, SMO, ad campaign like activities.

    Know that other activities will only standout for your business or brand till you spend money on a regular basis, once you stop investing you’re all traffic also disappear on the same day.

    If you are getting enough conversion, then there is no harm in investing on such activities, but it would be a wise decision if you invest some part of the money in SEO too as after some time it will completely replace the PPC like a task.

    1. Rise of Mobile Search

    Mobile search completely changes how we are usually using the internet. Today it is impossible to imagine our life without mobile same goes with mobile.

    Google considers mobile search very important. Today if you don’t optimize your site for mobile then you will simply kick out by Google then no matter how strong backlinks you have.

    Mobile SEO should be considered differently. Most of the SEO professionals combine the normal SEO and mobile SEO which is wrong.

    Mobile SEO is not limited to keywords only as today voice search is capturing the market, and one can’t just simply rule it just because he has years of experience.

    Getting search result from voice search is a bit different as it needs completely different approach. At IndeedSEO we have a separate team who take care of voice searches.

    Hope you got your answer on why you need to invest your time and money in SEO. Now you might look for hiring SEO company. Well, no need to go anywhere as you are reading the blog of IndeedSEO which is the best SEO company in India. We can provide you best SEO services. Contact us now.

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