Most Important Tips and Strategies of SEO In 2021


    At the present time, if you have to survive in a digital world, search engine optimization (SEO) is an essential element for you. Well, Search engine optimization gives you the best exposure level in an online market by taking your website on top of search engines such that Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

    In this New Year, Everyone is looking for new tips and strategies of search engine optimization that will do grow the ranking of the website and web page. Don’t worry; I am telling you some latest tips and strategies that are using by top SEO companies in 2021. Hence, Here are some important tips and strategies for search engine optimization:

    Search Engine optimization

    1. Featured Snippets

    In recent years, Google provides an enhanced search experience for the user, alike through featured snippets. These normally emerge above the first organic result, generally referred to as “position 0” with the SEO community. So, when you will ask on Google, these featured snippets get generated on most of the queries.

    Particularly the ones having how, why, will, can, do, does, is, are, and many more as a preposition. According to a recent study on different questions, featured snippets generate lists, paragraphs, and tables. With a preposition “why” approximately 99% of queries generate “paragraphs” for queries.

    How does it work?

    So, If you think how to rank for featured snippets in 2021, you can use following featured snippets to rank your content:

    • For the most searched terms, write frequently asked questions (FAQs)
    • To present data use tabular format
    • Use unlisted and listed bullets within your copy
    • Need to write a short sentence
    • Structure of your heading tags should be in a pecking order.
    • Set up the structured data where appropriate

    It is not easy to find topics or key phrases where no snippet gets produced you will be lucky if you find one. You need to compete with the accessible ones, writing better and useful content from them.

    2. Voice Search and BERT

    First, you should know that what is BERT? The full form of BERT is “Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers”. For NLP (natural language processing), it is a neural network-based procedure that helps Google to comprehend context on a word-by-word basis and then to send better search results.

    This year into the ranking of Google and featured snipped algorithm with the incorporation of BERT, Google has taken a big step ahead into creating search about objective matching rather than pure string matching. Thus, approximately 50% of searches will be voice-based it means that typing will be less.

    This will provide hyperlocal searches and long-tail keywords. The Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers algorithm update with RankBrain will predominate in 2021 while considering the natural language through voice searches and processing the SERPs based on machine learning. Furthermore, as a result, your content will be converted into the next essential thing.

    3. Content for Readers, Not Machines

    You will be understood from the heading that “content for readers, not machines”. This line has described many things but here I provide you many aspects regarding this. Suppose, producing and meaningful content for your readers that will help you in 2021.

    When we write the content without a focus on keywords then we write quality content that justifies the topic. The objective of the content maker must have changed the state of mind to more of a topic-focus is to create content.

    This addresses an entire discussion holistically as opposed to just focusing around a single phrase or keyword on a page must have targeted. To get more backlinks from journalists and bloggers, consist of surveys, stats, or an industry study.

    Content clusters: – Whereas designing the content strategy, the content should be prepared in content clusters, in a holistic view. For instance, a site that uses content clustering in Hubspot.

    The critical intention is to have different sections of your content around particular topics creating a spoke structure and a hub. In this, around the same topic, you can connect other content pieces. It will help search engines to understand the rank of the page and core topic.

    Content length: – The content length also a topic of discussion. The long length of content can provide you better ranking on the search engine (Google, Yahoo, and Bing) result page. I also agree with long length content because if you write long length content, obviously this will be detailed. In this, you can cover all the aspects of your specific topic that you are writing about.

    The more keywords will give you better results. In detailed content you can share your thoughts or by using synonyms naturally, you can make the context clear for both search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing) and users.

    Video content: – Include video content in your search engine optimization strategy will be the top search engine optimization trend of 2021. According to recent research, video is 40 to 50 times likelier to show up on the first page of search engine result pages (SERP) than a web page with plane text. The video content can consist of a question, a detailed answer with a storyline of the prevalence and circumstances that can be related to your audience.


    On YouTube or your web server, you can also host a video. It will need a video player to be installed on your server for hosting videos on your website. Into the bargain, you should add crucial schema markups to your videos and can check a list of all parameters, and use with video schema markup.

    Adding a video transcript to your post will be great so that search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing) can recognize them better. Refer to a range of blog posts for YouTube optimization since YouTube videos can become visible in video search results, Google search results, and Google images.

    Frequently asked questions (FAQs) pages: – In 2021, you must have focused on frequently asked questions pages for content formation. In May 2019, Google declares new search results for frequently asked questions (FAQs) in search and Google Assistant. It provides a list of FAQs and answers on a specific topic as FAQs is designed for pages.

    This prearranged data helps Google to show questions and answers in a straight line on Google search. Through frequently asked questions users can easily get answers to their questions without visiting any website. 

    Google passage: – In October 2020, with Google passage update; will rank passages of your page solitarily. Google sees every section of your page. Thus, each one of the sections should cover up a particular topic. Some tips:

    • Try to write short sentences
    • Use subtopic level keywords
    • Use hierarchal title tags configuration

    4. Technical Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and User Experience (UX)

    In general, technical search engine optimization is all about crawl ability, how the search engine spiders can index your website pages and crawl. Technical is all about optimizing the communications of your website having no relation with website and content promotion. Need to follow best practices of technical SEO to rank your website in 2021. The list of some elements of technical search engine optimization is following:

    • Website structure and navigation
    • Hypertext transfer protocol secure (HTTPS) and secure sockets layer (SSL)
    • Set a favored domain
    • Speed of website (core web vitals)
    • Content delivery network (CDN) optimization
    • Hypertext markup language (HTML) optimization
    • URL structure optimization
    • Structured data markup
    • 404-page optimization
    • Optimize extensible markup language (XML) sitemap
    • Multilingual sites and pagination

    User experience (UX) targets visitors to your website, and technical search engine optimization moves toward search engine readability. Both UX and technical SEO providing users the best experience. However, UX and technical SEO are very close. UX provides easy navigation, better load speed, and faster response to user actions.

    5. Mobile Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

    On mobile devices, more search engines are searched occurs, so optimization for mobile phones is essential. You can implement your mobile website through dynamic serving, separate URLs, or responsive design, it is your choice. Moreover, mobile search engine optimization will conquer the world in 2021 and years after.

    Google move at a snail’s pace the mobile version of your pages and characteristics the mobile phone page configuration and content to position you on search engine result pages (SERPs) after the mobile-first index. So, your highest priority should be a great mobile page. You can lose rankings in both desktop and mobile results if your page does not load well on the mobile screens.

    Search engines propose that your website should be load in within a second for mobile users. For many industries, mobile search engine optimization will overcome in 2021 as an important component of their search engine optimization approach.


    It will be paying attention to the transactional websites having dissimilar functionalities that depend on the user events. In 2021, it is important to optimize your website for mobile devices some actions happen that are following:

    • Need to speed-up of mobile loading
    • Arrange your content that should be easy to read.
    • For animated content and video, use HTML5
    • Try to use small header images 
    • Configure “viewport content” label
    • Must use negative spacing amid buttons, design elements, and text.
    • As a tab bar use social sharing buttons

    The core web vitals: – Google search console launched the core web vitals report in 2020. The core web vitals give you an idea about how your pages perform based on real-world usage data (also known as field data). Thus, the report is based on LCP, FID, and CLS, these are three metrics. Therefore, Accelerated mobile pages (AMP) are designed to load quickly on mobile devices that are stripped-down versions of web pages.

    6. Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    In actual fact, non-AMP pages load about 4x slower than their AMP counterparts. For display content only sites, the accelerated mobile pages will be significant. To prioritize readability and speed is the main goal of accelerated mobile pages (AMP). Images are load upon scroll only because AMP pages are building up with sluggish loading of images. To show the content, AMP pages are heavily cached on the server of Google.

    Everyone is looking for local SEO with the increase of “near me” queries. In 2021, the local search engine optimization industry will grow multifold. According to Google, 46% have local searches. For most businesses, catering to the local reach has to turn out to be important. The demand is rising for local suppliers. Here are three core elements of local search engine optimization:


    Proximity: – You need to have a physical existence of your trade scheduled on Google my business in the area of your target viewers. Google selects some businesses based on their online status since in some cases you aren’t able to do. In such cases, you will be able to mention all the possible service areas.

    Relevance: – How search queries are relevant to your services and products? In your Google My Business listings, you need to expand the description of your services and products. Therefore, in respective sections, you can list each of the services and products with a concise description. A few long-tail keywords can be a target in these descriptions.

    Prominence: – It is about reviews. Reviews will play a significant role in the local search engine optimization for businesses in 2021. Thus, you can achieve a high ranking with positive reviews on the local search results, or we can say that it will help you to grow your ranking on search engines such as Google.


    Also, for a better experience, you can post replies to the reviews that you have received. To learn from reviews, like if reviews are positive, you should thank your users and if reviews are negative, you need to try to reform their problems. Hence, if they satisfy, you can ask them about changing the reviews.

    Local reviews on social business pages, supporting content, and local directories are crucial factors of local search engine optimization in 2021.

    7. Backlinks, Branding and Influencers

    Usually, search engine optimization has divided into Technical, On-page SEO, Off-page SEO. When we think about Off-page search engine optimization then the first thing that comes to our mind is backlinks. So, I have noticed that people always asking about backlink strategies. So, the quality backlinks in 2021 will be the ones earned from ordinary backlinks by making public quality content.

    At the same time, in your search engine strategy, the branding elements and influencers will also play a key role in 2021. Over the last few years, influencer marketing was always trending topic. Therefore, Branding and influencer marketing assemble the share of voice from real people and it goes hand-in-hand where you promote your product on a lot of publications.

    Influencer marketing helps you to get backlinks and branding helps you to get brand mentions. Also, it will help you to rank up in the Google search if you are getting mentioned by your brand name or your business name by the people. They do not link back to your site.

    8. Google E-A-T & YMYL 

    E-A-T stands for expertise, authority, and trustworthiness andYMYL stands for your money or your life. Google had launched its search quality evaluator guidelines and provide us an idea of what is considered to be a low (or high) quality site, from the viewpoint of Google. YMYL and E-A-T became very crucial for search engine optimization, after updating its search quality rater’s guidelines handbook in 2019. Thus, making your money your life page with incorrect information then it can affect the lives of people.

    In other words, if provide deceptively or incorrect, it directly negative impact on the safety of readers. Hence, there are various examples of YMYL topics such as current events and news, government, civics and law, finance, shopping, safety and health, groups of people, and many more.

    E-A-T protects searchers from low-quality content that can impact the safety and health of searchers. Along with the website we need to make author E-A-T as well. Moreover, to tell Google about the author, you should also use author schema markup such as structured data markup.

    Final Words

    In 2021, you can prepare for search engine optimization (SEO) by using these strategies and tips according to your choice. Thus, I ensure that if you will follow these tips and strategies this year, the rank of your website or web page will grow.

    You are on the right track if you think to pursue these tips in 2021.Thus, in the last, if you have any query or question regarding SEO tips and strategies, you can ask us in the comment section. We will surely answer your questions.

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