Long Tail Keywords vs Broad Keywords


    Keywordw are the foundation of the content that flows on the internet. Every search on the internet, the title of the content page, the meta title, meta tag, URL structure, first 100 words of the content, alt tags, all cannot survive in the competitive internet world without the keywords. When it comes to types of keywords, everybody has their own classification, but all comes down to sections only that are accepted by every SEO expert.

    1. Long Tail Keywords.
    2. Broad Keywords.

    Long Tail Keywords
    Long Tail Keywords are longer phrases that are company specific, industry specific, product specific, or service specific. They don’t cover a broader prospect, their competition is low, but the audience generated through is of high quality and offers easy conversion.

    Broad Keywords
    Broad Keywords are shorter phrases. Broad Keywords contain one or two phrases maximum. They are not specific and they have wider audience reach which increases the competition and lowers the conversion rate.

    Examples of Long-Tail Keywords and Broad Keywords

    • Long Tail Keywords
    • Broad Keywords
    • Internet Marketing Company
    • Outsource Seo Services
    • Internet Marketing Companies
    • Internet Marketing Seo
    • Web Marketing Company
    • Seo Marketing Company
    • Digital Marketing Companies
    • Digital Marketing Agencies
    • Digital Media Marketing
    • Digital Marketing Consultant
    • Marketing
    • SEO
    • Internet Marketing
    • Web Marketing
    • SEO Marketing
    • Digital Marketing
    • PPC
    • Advertising
    • SMM
    • SEM

    Getting high rank on long-tail keywords is easy because of the little competition. The only backlog of the long-tail keyword is the search volume. There are not much search queries on long tail keywords. But, you also know that today’s internet marketing is based on quality over quantity. Even when the search queries are low, the conversion rate on long-tail keywords remains high.

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