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    What is Digital Marketing?

    ‘Digital Marketing’ what pops up into your mind when you hear this word? Maybe you have many or zero thoughts. In this let’s find out what exactly digital marketing is?

    Digital marketing is also known as web marketing or online marketing. According to Wikipedia :

    Digital marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet, but also including mobile phones, display advertising, and any other digital medium.

    Want more? Well, digital marketing is kind of advertising that is delivered through digital channels like social media, search engines, mobile app, email, websites and more.

    Why Digital Marketing is Important?

    Today in the age of startups digital marketing becomes very important. The day has gone when to get the success you need a physical product, today one can get success even showing his skills or selling intangible items.

    If you are running a business, then you must be aware of the fact that you will not get the desired result until you came online. Have a look around you will find every single competitor of yours is online.

    If you don’t have any website or app, then you might consider building one for you. If you already have website or app then know that still, it is not enough.

    Digital marketing is the process which pushes your website or app in front of all. There are billions of website exist and without any doubt from them at least millions are your competitors.

    It sounds that you will not getting any chance as there are millions of websites already exists but you are ready enough to know the fact that only a few thousand are really concerned about marketing their product or services.

    Now no matter how much competition is you always have a chance to get business through digital marketing efforts. All thanks to Google algorithm which not always gives a chance to already existing players or high authority sites or big brands.

    All you need to pick right digital marketing agency which takes your online business in the right direction. Know that if somehow you hire a wrong company then you will realize it after 3 to 4 months or even more as it takes longer.

    Things Covered Under Digital Marketing Service

    Search Engine Optimization

    SEO is the most basic thing which is covered by digital marketing services. SEO itself a vast thing which sounds easy to implement but is not.

    SEO begins with keyword research and continues. Under SEO there are two main parts; on-page and off-page. On-page act as a base of the site without proper on-page one can’t get desired ranking or position.

    On-page covers meta description, title, page speed, keywords density, clean code and more. Once figured out what needs to implement on-page is few hour task.

    Off page is a bit tricky in comparison to on-page. It is all about link building. SEO expert will build links to your site through article submission, infographics, PPT submission, directory submission, and more.

    Off-page task continues along with your site existence. It is not like you have to hire an SEO expert for a lifetime, but if you can afford, then there is no harm.

    Any random SEO person will build links for you just tell him the quantity, and you will get links but know that things do not work like this.

    Quality links are pointing to your site matters instead of quantity. An experienced and professional SEO expert will never recommend you to get bulk of links instantly. Try to hire SEO expert who can build quality links to your site.

    Social Media Marketing (SMM)

    Social media marketing is one of the powerful strategies which you need to try definitely. In many cases, social media marketing completely replaces the SEO.

    It is not exactly an alternate of SEO. First, know the difference. SEO will help you to boost your online visibility. People will know about your website without knowing your brand. They land to your site on the basis of what they have typed on a search engine.

    Social media is bit different here people recognize you as a brand. Like SEO social media marketing is not easy. It is even more difficult then SMO especially if you are selling or presenting a unique product.

    Using SEO, you can push your potential visitors to open your site, but in case of social media, you can’t force people to open your site or purchase the products.

    Most of the people take social media very lightly as they don’t know the power of social media. You can find many examples where businesses are completely relied on social media. Single link or post brought them millions of sales.

    Social media marketing needs much expertise. Moreover, it also needs too much creativity as one can’t simply lure the customers by adding a block of texts or a simple link.

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    Search Engine Marketing

    Search engine marketing is another big thing in digital marketing. It is suitable for those who can’t wait for SEO or SMM to work.

    Search engine marketing promises you to give quick result but is not considered if you want to take long-term benefits. SEM expert will bring traffic to your blog through running PPC campaigns, listing your sites in paid portals and more.

    It is advisable to go for PPC if you want to sell something that is exclusively available for the short time of period. You can also go for this method if you are getting enough sales or target audience.

    You don’t need to fully dependable on search engine marketing as it lasts till you spend money on it. If you are not getting the desired result, then you have two options even stop spending your money on it or simply give a try to another SEM expert.

    Mobile Marketing

    Mobile marketing grows exponentially. It is the new thing in digital marketing. One of the biggest mistake that one digital marketing expert make is not adding mobile marketing to his list.

    If your digital marketing expert doesn’t focus on mobile marketing, then you can simply ignore him and move on to hire another.

    You can’t imagine today’s world without mobile as the whole world shifted to mobile from computer.

    Mobile marketing consists of promotional SMS, running mobile ads, building a dedicated business app, market business through WhatsApp or Instagram and more.

    Email Marketing

    Who says email marketing is dead? Well, it is not if your digital marketer knows how to approach the target audience then email marketing is one of the biggest methods to reach out potential customers.

    It is also the cheapest way of marketing the product. Many people find totally useless adding the email subscription box, but you will surprise to know that it could be your primary source of making income.

    If you are confident about the product you are selling, then there is no way you can’t get amazing traffic from email marketing.

    People are always looking for new products and service and no doubt an email with an attractive subject line force them to check out your product or service.

    Web Analytics

    If your digital marketer doesn’t know how to use web analytics then no need to say your site will take almost double time to reach your expected goal.

    Checking web stats is easy but extracting valuable data from it needs years of experience and talent. If your already hired digital marketer is good enough but doesn’t know extracting data from analytics, then don’t afraid to hire an expert data analyst.

    So you know almost everything about digital marketing but knows that this is a little guide in actual it is a vast thing. It is just like an ocean, and things you’ve seen is just a surface of digital marketing. We shorten it so you can understand things well. If you understand what is digital marketing, then comment below so we can bring you comprehensive guide.

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