How to Kickstart Your Keyword Campaign


    If you want to grow your business then obviously it is recommended that you must have a website but having a website is not enough. You need to rely on SEO and implement it correctly without any excuses.
    Now the every SEO process starts with keyword research. Now, this is the thing which you find most of the blogs. Generally, they will recommend you tons of tools like Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, Moz and more. Well to use this tool you need a keyword to start so here we will tell you how can you actually reach to the exact keyword which you can further expand using keyword tools.

    First Understand Your Goal

    You need to think of it even you’ve already started your website and if not then this is the must follow thing which you need to follow.

    Do You Need Fast Result?

    As you are very much aware of the fact that SEO is a long-term process which takes months to implement so if you want quick result then prefer to pick keywords which have lower competition and more searches. Here quick really doesn’t mean within a week or month.

    Targeted Audience

    If you are selling any particular service or product, then you can simply limit your audience circle. This will not just generate quality traffic but help you to grow as an industry leader.
    If you appeal masses, then you need to very careful while picking keywords because it is bit difficult to rank in multiple niche

    Type of Traffic You Want

    Decide whether you are concerned about only traffic or you want to build a brand awareness.

    Blend Head with Long Tail Keywords

    Long tail keywords, well you know about it right but what are head keywords? Don’t feel confused. Head keyword or short phrases or keywords generally having one to three words such keywords bring millions of traffic but note that it is too much difficult to rank head keywords.

    Now targeted head keywords are not targeted today instead of this you need to blend head keywords with long tail keywords. It is good to blend both types of the keyword. It will ensure you a long-term benefit.

    How to Start?

    Conduct Your Initial Research

    Think about possible queries that an individual may look for a thing which you are providing. Here you don’t need to be too much exhaustive just pick few broad searches or categories.

    Use Keyword Generators

    When you jot down your initial ideas, then the next step is to use keyword generators. It will give you a clear idea of how many people are looking for that service.

    Create Master List

    When you have the bulk of keywords, import them on excel sheet and give yourself enough time to analyze them. Now you need to pick four to five keywords from them which you need to rank.

    How to Narrow Down the List?

    Consider below variables to narrow down your keywords.

    Search Volume: It will tell you how much particular keyword is searched for. It will give you an idea on how much traffic you will get on a particular query.

    Competition: Keyword competitions are of three types high, medium and low. To rank for high and medium competition keywords, you need to have too much patience and obviously with right and dedicated SEO strategy will give you the result but if you want quick result then go with low competitive keywords.

    Relevancy: Relevancy is very important you can’t go with any random keywords. If keywords are not matching with your goals then no doubt at the end you may achieve the rank, but there is no benefit because visitors will return empty hands from your site.

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