Why isn’t your website ranking well even after high-quality backlinks?


    This might be giving your sleepless nights. You have good quality backlinks on high PR websites, but still, your website isn’t ranking high? Why? Well, it’s not because of one reason. There could ‘n’ number of reasons. Here are top reasons of why your website isn’t ranking even after getting high-quality backlinks. Getting high-quality backlinks is on off-page SEO tasks, and your reasons for losing ranking could be lying under On-Page SEO.

    1. Short Tail Keywords
    Google, in its Penguin update in 2012, focused on putting the long-tail keywords. Short tail keywords are broad and don’t hit your target audience. They might have more search results. But their conversion rate is too less. Read our detailed blog on long tail keywords v short-tail keywords.

    2. Bad Content
    Plain, simple reason for not being ranked well on Google. Good content brings you up, Bad content pushes you down in the ranking. Forget good ranking and don’t even try to see the bounce rate, it only gets worse with bad content.

    3. No Crawling from Google
    Yes, this can happen due to a lot of reasons. An error in robot.txt could lead to blocking of your whole website. Any faulty customization in the coding can lead to non-indexing of your website. Let IndeedSEO’s SEO experts analyze your On-Page and check for such errors.

    4. Your Competition
    You have done all that Google has asked. Your marketing campaign is going great, but still, you aren’t able to achieve good ranking. Again, why is that? It is because you are not only one in your business niche who have a website and promoting business online. Competition is getting tough and tough with each day.

    5. Non-Optimized Webpage
    For good ranking, Google not only sees high-quality backlinks, Google checks every element on a webpage to rank it well on its search engine. If your web pages are not well optimized, Google isn’t going to consider it for good ranking.

    6. Excess of Everything
    Google ranking isn’t achieved over-night. It’s a natural and organic process that takes time. In order to achieve everything in one week, people start doing black-hat SEO and instead of getting a good ranking, they receive a penalty on their website. So, give it time. Let it grow organically and you stay on white-hat SEO.

    These are most common reasons for having a bad ranking of the website even after having high-quality backlinks. Your website would be losing ranking because of other reasons. Consult our SEO experts to know why your website is losing ranking.

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