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    If you are using Android then surely you’ve used voice search which is called Google Now. Have you ever think how it works? Maybe, same how Google works, right? Well no, Google now works totally different and gives you result different from Google search.

    Now if you have a website then it is a great opportunity for you to get ranked on Google Now. It is possible, and if you want to get ranked, then you will be glad to know that IndeedSEO will help you to achieve the same.Now before moving forward know that Google Assitant is another feature of Google which is generally mistaken with Google now. Let us tell you that both are different. Here is little difference between both of Google’s amazing product.

    What is Google Now?

    Google Now is a super intelligent personal assistant which is developed by Google. Currently, it is available for Android, obviously and iOS too. Google Now uses a natural language UI to answer queries and suggest recommendations. It will simply serve the best answers and opens your desired files and apps just following your voice commands.

    What is Google Assistant?

    Google Assistant is a personal virtual assistant which is developed by Google. It is a clear competition of Apple’s Siri. Google introduced it in May 2016. Don’t confuse it with Google Now because it can engage in two-way conversation.

    For better understanding try Google Allo app which is an independent Google messenger. Apart from that Google Assistant was initially introduced for Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones.
    Why You Need to Optimize Your Site for Google Now?

    Currently, we are running for SEO on our site, if you are doing this, then it’s great but know that meanwhile searching is getting bigger and advanced. As you know that mobile search is one of the things which you need to consider at first place if you really want to grow.

    Today most of the mobile search comes from Google Now, and it is because people, especially youngsters, are using Google Now and Apple Siri like personal assistance.

    No matter whether anyone wants to check current whether traffic or Google something they prefer to use personal assistance.

    Because people are moving to Google Now or Siri like personal assistant it is important to you that you need to optimize your site for such personal assistants.

    Currently, very few site owners are aware of this, and those who are working on it are getting a pretty good response.

    If you are not getting enough results even after implementing lots of SEO efforts, then know that it is a great opportunity for you to get the things on the right track.

    We helped many businesses to get a good result from Google Now especially those who are struggling with getting a better position in Google SERP. We build and optimize the site according to Google Now so you will get a better result.

    How It Works?

    Let us clearly tell you that it is not a rocket science to understand. In SEO we generally focus on keywords which are being typed by the user, but in Google Now user generally search or ask for anything by speaking that too not using keywords that we generally type but in plain simple conversational English.

    Sounds pretty easy but still, it needs perfection to perform. You can’t just rely on any SEO professional because it needs special experience and talent. A slight change in keywords will lose your current traffic too, so it needs to be implemented without perfection without affecting your current SEO.

    IndeedSEO’s SEO professional helps you to achieve the desired result from Google Now, and Siri so contact us without any hesitation.

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