Effective Tips to Improve Your Google Ranking


    Every businessman and website owner dreams that their business rank at the top on Google.  The reason behind this is clear that to reach at the top search or top 3 searches to enhance organic traffic of your website and business. It also helps to increase brands visibility and potential sales of your business to beat your competitors in the market. Thus, to achieve this goal, you need to hire the best SEO company in India so that you can get the optimize results.

    Inappropriately, high ranking happen by chance is rare.  Even though, the most skilled and knowledgeable marketers struggle with getting the top-ranking spot. So, how can a regular business owner hope to achieve this feat? While there’s no way to absolutely guarantee high rankings, this post will look at some strategies anyone can use to seriously increase their chances of claiming that #1 spot.

    Many times, it is very disturbing when you that your website rank nowhere despite of your continuing efforts.  Sometimes, it feels that it will not work, no matter what you do. You feel that Google hates your website and will never crawl your website in future as well.  Even, you do not have any idea behind this puzzle.

    It is really a complex and difficult task to achieve page one ranking on Google. Have you ever pondered, where is your website traffic coming from??  Improve search engine ranking is not a cake walk.  If you want, people catch you through a google search, then Search Engine Optimization should be your top priority.

    It is impossible to lead your business, if no one can find you, But there are 33% chances  that top results getting clicked. It is also true that more than 75% of people, don’t click on second page search. Therefore, your website should be displayed on page one only

    In this article, I’ll run through a systematic and straightforward way to improve your Google rankings and get more traffic.

     Let’s jump into these factors one by one:

     1. Go niche

    To get success with seo services, it is better to under process of SEO first.  As a small business owner, you do not to compete the large organizations those have huge bank balance.  While, there is always a chance that you can outrank them easily with your proven strategies without wasting much money.

    This is why it is important to go niche. Simply, it means rather than competing the big companies who are extremely popular and are using more general keywords. The only solution is drill drown and become big fish in a small pound.

    Do not forget that, this will often means to shift your focus of your business from general to the specific products. For instance, instead of exclusively offering general seo services, you could consider specializing in “free-auditing report” or “fix broken links.” These more specific keyword phrases will likely be much easier to rank for, which will mean you can start ranking that much faster.

    2.  Selection of Realistic Keywords

    Anyone can get the top spot in Google, if they target the right keywords. If you choose keywords that are obscure enough, it’s easy to rank. Of course, we don’t want to rank for obscure keywords; we want to rank for keywords that people are actually looking for. Real queries that someone typed in their browser.

    Using tools like Google’s Keyword Planner or  Any other look for relevant keywords that have a decent number of searches, but little competition. Once your website has a bit more authority and you’re ranking for a number of easier keywords, you can always move on to more competitive keywords that will earn you more traffic. The top seo companies in India know better how to find the right keywords for the business growth.

    3. Make your content effective and actionable

    A few years back, Google rolled out a major update to its algorithm known as RankBrain.  This algorithm helps to measure how Google searchers can interact with your site in the search results. If people show interest in your results, Google boost your ranking. If they not, it will drop your ranking like a stone.  From lots of research, I analyzed that each Google research demands for the actionable content.

    When someone is searching for something in Google, they do not want to read some random people’s opinion.  In fact, they want some actionable tips those can solve their issues quickly.

    And if you can give that to them, Google will notice… and bump you up a few spots.

    For example, when you search for the keyword “backlink”, you DON’T want to hear why back linking is important.

    You want simple strategies that you can use right away.

    Also, you need to have unique and original content published on your website. This is a must and one of the most important factors for a website’s success.

    Copying and republishing content from other websites will not work since content originality is very important for Google rankings.

    Does it satisfy the user intent?

    Each content that you publish on your website must have some specific purpose and this is the most important to satisfying the user’s intent.

     When a user types a query in the Google search box, it expects that the website those are at the top positions must deliver the accurate content.

    Make sure that your content should be good for the candidates. Evaulate your content woth other competitors to improve your content and rankings.

    Can search engines understand it?

    Besides making sure that you write content for users, you also need to ensure that search engines can understand it.

    This means that you need to learn how to write SEO friendly content. SEO friendly content helps search engines interpret the context of your content correctly.

    Don’t forget that search engine crawlers are computer programs and not humans and the only way to understand what a piece of content is about is through the signals that you give them through content SEO.

    The most important factor to know that is your content is long enough. The length of a blog post is a ranking factor. Although Google says that they don’t use the number of words in the ranking algorithm, they do state that content should be thorough and insightful.

    A number of studies has shown that long form content does better in search and get’s more social media shares. There is no magic numbers that show that you should be followed but according to the rule of the thumb, articles with the length of more than 1500 words will have more chance to rank at the top.

    4. Improve your link profile

    To get more attention, it is necessary to have links from other websites on the web that pointing out to your website.

    If the backlinks are coming from big organizations or the trusted websites, they have more value that can help to influence your Google ranking well.

    Link building

    Link building or off-page SEO is a huge topic but what is important to understand now is that incoming links are like ‘votes of trust’ from other websites and this is something that Google takes into account when deciding which web pages will get a higher ranking.

    5. Get accurate On-page process

    Besides getting high quality incoming links, you also need to make sure that your ‘on-page SEO’ is correct.

    On-Page SEO is a set of rules to make your website SEO friendly.

    Google love to read SEO-friendly website and it will be easier for it. The more information it can “understand” from any website, the chances are greater to achieve the good ranking.

    You can also review our comprehensive SEO checklist for more information on how to get on-page SEO correct.

    6.  Interlinking is must

    Internal linking is when you add a link to the web page that points to another web page in the same website.

    Internal links are a very powerful way to tell Google what a page is about, it is good for the user since they can find new pages in the same website and it’s also an incentive for Google to crawl more content from the same website.

    A good internal link uses anchor text that describes the linking page.

    7.  Perform a technical SEO Audit

    Technical SEO is very important in the whole SEO process. If there are issues with the technical part of SEO, your rankings may get affected in the negative way, even if you do everything else correctly.

    It is highly recommended that you perform a technical SEO audit every six months to ensure that Google can access and index your website without problems.

    The most important items to review during the audit include:

    • The index coverage report in Google Search console
    • Proper use of canonical URLs
    • Correct use of structured data markup (website and individual pages)
    • Your robots.txt file
    • HTML and XML Sitemaps
    • Broken links and 404 pages

    8.   Fast Page Loading time

    Although, it is also a part of technical SEO, it is true that a fast loading website can get better Google ranking than a slow loading page. Speed is a known ranking factor and very important for usability as well.

    Effective Tips to improve Google Ranking
    page loading speed

    You need to have a fast website not only because Google will like it more but because it has a positive effect on your bounce rate.

    9.  Mobile-Friendly Website

    Nowadays, more and more people are using their mobiles to search Google. Numbers of studies show the importance of mobile search for businesses and website owners. When we talk about the rankings, to have the mobile-friendly website is always a plus point. Google is now punishing the website those is not offering a mobile-friendly experience to the mobile user.

    10. HTTPS is a secure

    Since 2014, use of https is also known as a ranking factor. According to the Google, t is lightweight signal but still one of the easy thing that you can do and get an advantage over it.  Your website will always rank good as compared to the website that does not have SSL enabled on their website.

    In addition, in July 2018, the Google Chrome browser marks non-https websites which are not secured and this can drive customers and visitors away.

    11.  Tell Google about its Website

    To establish some kind of communication with webmasters, Google created the Google webmaster tools.

    Webmaster tools among other things, is a great way to give information to Google about your website and also find out what Google knows about it.

    There are several settings you can configure within Webmaster tools like preferred URL, target country, sitemap etc and also several diagnostic tools you can use like ‘fetch as google’ and ‘robots tester’ that will eventually help you rank high on Google.

    12. Social Media is advantage

    The role of social media plays an important role on the Google ranking for the SEO experts and digital marketing team.

    There are various opinions those has good effects on the ranking. As the successful social media marketing campaign it has a lot more things to offer to the website and it is something that you need to use and get benefit from it.

    Why you need a top ranking on Google?

     It is obvious that good ranking is very difficult to achieve. Also, you need lots of patience and hard work to get it. To know about the web page at the first position of Google you will get the motivation and power to perform better.

    1. High ranking is equals to more traffic

    Obviously the first advantage has to do with the traffic gains. The higher your ranking is, the more organic traffic you will get from Google.

    Have in mind though that statistically the first 5 positions get the majority of search traffic, more than 60%.

    2.  Trustworthy

     People trust Google and it is the main reason why Google has become the World’s most popular search engine. People trust it because they know that what they are looking to find will definitely get on Google.

    Google is using more than 255 signals and more than 18 years of research and development on ranking algorithms and they became very good in choosing quality websites to show in their search results.

    When users find your website in the first pages of Google they know that it’s a good website since Google is trusting it and showing it in their results.

    3.  More sharing and comments

    The website that is ranking at the top of the Google will get more comments and social media shares.  The top ranking website gets more traffic as we discussed above due to trust reasons. Once you get to ranking of your website on Google definitely, you will get good traffic from it.

    4. Good rankings on other search engines

    Google is not the only search engine available but it’s the one with the most traffic. Nevertheless, the other search engines have SEO rules which are similar to Google and once you get a good ranking position on Google, it is certain that good ranking positions will soon follow in the other search engines as well. You need to hire the top seo company in India to get the effective results.

    5. Don’t buy links, earn them

    Quantity and quality of the inbound links have a great impact on the website ranking. Buying and Selling of the links are against the webmaster guidelines. Furthermore, Google analytics are good to detect unnatural and fake links. Thus, if you are buying or selling links, it will definitely lower down your website’s ranking.

    6. Blogging

    There is no shred of doubt in it, If your website has more content, then it is easier to optimize on a search engine. It can be done with the help of the dedicated blog page.  It is highly recommendable; you should post a blog once a week, so that it gives indications to the Google that your website is active and encouraging Google to view it more favorably.

    7. Optimize your images

     Images and pictures represent your website. But make sure that these images should be optimized properly if you want to improve website ranking using these images. File format and size should be good. Heavy files may hurt your ranking so avoid them.  Resize and compress them for the optimization. You can also deliberately use keywords in the heading of your image as well as the caption or description. It helps to do a keyword research as well.

    Final Thoughts

    Google is constantly looking for the website for indexing to provide the best possible results to the users. A happy Googler will come again and again for the positive results. You major goal is to develop a website that provides the real values to the users to and ensure that Google can understand that what your website is about and prove to Google  that your website deserve one of their top ranking.

    If you recently started to focus on SEO, but you are little behind to follow these above-mentioned advanced tips, then don’t be late. Try to follow them as soon as possible so that you can get good Google’s search ranking.  Monitor your results regularly. It is not possible to follow all these tips overnight, but you should start from few then move to the others on by one for better on-page optimization in SEO. You can also consult, best seo company in India to achieve good ranking within a few months.

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