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    Do you have an eCommerce site? If yes then maybe you are then one who is not getting any leads or sales from your site despite having a full fledged site. Perhaps you lack something, or we better say you are missing a lot of things which you need to implement right now. You can boost your e-commerce site sales and performance by below tips. Implement them and thanks us later.
    Product Review
    Product reviews play a very important role in your sales then no matter where you are selling some product or service. More than 85% people trust on online reviews, and if you really want to increase your sales, then you need to get good reviews. Visitors tend to think more about the product which has reviewed in comparison to those which doesn’t have any reviews.
    Forget others let’s take inspiration for one of the biggest e-commerce site Amazon. Now when people think to buy any product on Amazon, then 90% of people are more likely to read reviews first. Amazon welcomes good reports that is the reason why you can get only good products with good reviews first on their site.
    If you want to sell any product and don’t have enough reviews, then you can redirect them to your blog post where you can mention the product on top with other similar products. Give a detailed review this will help your customer to understand the product better.
    You can also try with video reviews they work like magic. If you are selling products in any particular niche, then it will be very easier for you to make video reviews of your products.
    Target Long Tail Keywords
    If you are in e-commerce or any other business, then it will be really difficult for you to target small keywords or exact keywords. If you want to get organic traffic for your site, then you need to target long tail keywords. Today you can’t rank for exact keywords we are not saying it is not possible but for this, you have to make a very long and complicated strategy. So better focus on long-term keywords.
    You don’t need to put much effort on finding long tail keywords you can find it using free Google Keyword tool or other paid keyword tool like SemRush. If you want to get the best result, then spend your time on Google autocomplete feature. All you need to do is go to Google and type the initial keywords as soon you type your keyword it will give you suggestions; there are the long tails keywords which you can utilize for your products. Apart from it, you can also take help from LSI keywords that you can find below the SERP result. If you choose right keywords, then nothing can stop you from getting leads.
    Create Rich and Unique Product Descriptions
    Do we need to tell you that search engine loves original and unique content? Now maybe you know it but as you also know it better that it is very difficult to implement it on your e-commerce site as it has a large number of products. Now if you are listing products yourself then it will be easier for you to add a unique description but if you let the seller add descriptions then know that most of them are using duplicate descriptions which they are using on other e-commerce sites.
    Google and other search engines obviously don’t appreciate it and take a legitimate action on your site. If you don’t want to get hit by any algorithm, then make sure to encourage manufacturers to provide original, rich and unique product descriptions.
    Let make it bit simple for you. If you are selling something regularly, then you need to make surer to write an elaborative keyword rich description which is not less than 300 words. Now box of text obviously not liked by anyone, so you need to mention the product feature in bullets points. You can get inspiration from
    Optimize Images
    Page load speed plays a very important role in ranking your site in SERP. Now as we are discussing ecommerce site you need to upload high-quality images for your products so customers can easily check the product. It becomes more important when you are providing zoom feature on mouse hovering. Such features obviously don’t work well with low-quality images.
    As you need to upload high-quality images, obviously it eats more resources. Moreover, it affects your site load speed. To save your resources and increase your page load speed you need to add optimized images. To make your image web-friendly, you need to compress the image, rename without space. You also need to prefer to add only JPG images.
    Hope you find this blog informative. Now if you have some extra budget to spend on your site then we can help your ecommerce site to boost sale immediately. For this you need to take one of our PPC management packages. If you are interested then contact us now.

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