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    On 8th of August, Google confirmed about its latest core search algorithm update. It has been successfully rolled out. Liaison Danny Sullivan tweets about it and said, “It’s done”.    In the beginning of  this month, they announced about the update and finally on Friday, they officially  released it. It is known as Medic Update, because  mainly it is focused on medical and health sectors. So, if you are outsourcing your work to the third party, hire best SEO provider who has a good knowledge about the latest update.

    It is one of the biggest news for the SEO community.Hence, there are various tracking tools those are  failing to pick it up. Some thinks that it is so early to implement.

    It might be one of the big search update by the Google. It is analyzed that it is pretty much heavy update. Thus, it will be slow down soon in terms of the fluctuations noticed by the webmaster.

    SEO community says, it is the biggest algorithm shifts from the Google.In any event, it does seem, at least over the past 24 hours, to have been starting to slow down.

    Google is calling this a vast,global and core update. Anyhow, it is based on the analyst and researchers. It is mainly focused on health and medical,Your money your life sites.Instead of this, there are various other websites  which got affected by this update.

    Although, Google says that, there is no need to do to fix website, but you should more focus on better experience, try to offer better content and a more useful website.In this blog, we will discuss  about its impact from Google’s official information and  non-official sites  from across the world.

    Information from Google

    According to Google,“ It is a global, broad core algorithm update and Google does these types of updates several times a year”.Google claimed from its previous updates that there was no fix for the pages that perform less.Other than to stay focused on structure of great content.Google also says this, with this update some sites may not gain or drops.Earlier, there was nothing wrong with the page who performs less well. Instead, this update is beneficial for the pages who are under–rewarded. This update will put impact on every search result, no matters what language and region it is. Companies should check the ranking of their websites continuously by using the keyword rank tracker tool.

    Google references give advice from the previous core updates and  saying that  there’s “no ‘fix’ for pages those have lower performance. So, it is better for the other remaining focused on building great content. Because content is king and  it defines your kingdom as well. Over time, it may be that your content may rise qualified to other pages.” Google also said, “As with any update, some sites has not affect on it as  it may not drops or gains. There’s nothing wrong with pages that may now perform less well. Instead, it’s that changes to our systems are benefiting pages that were previously under-rewarded.”Definitely, there are some pages who are performing well, but they didn’t get top ranking due to some constraints. Google is trying to explore those pages as well and want to reward them.

    Google’s also announced that “If content is produced by somebody with a great reputation, it  is according to the Google’s rules and regulations then Google  helps to rank that content higher than from someone with a bad reputation since it is generally a better user experience for the searcher. It all is done to make the user searches easy and rewarded them to reward best quality content. But it means many will also need to brush up on their bios, too. It is also worth noting that this doesn’t apply  to already written content, but other types of content as well, such as videos and social media.

    “Google’s focus with this addition is  about to ensure content that is created by creators with great reputations is ranking well, specifically in a world of fake news and conspiracy theories. Therefore, it is highly beneficial for those great creators with great reputations, but does mean some work for those without a great reputation or a limited one.”

    Another big change  that Google has made is about to focus on is what it calls “beneficial purpose” of content.  There are various websites those create contents only for the Google, without thinking about the user. They just want their content with  numbers of keywords by obeying Google rules and just to get good rank and hope the individual adapts when they get there, whether by clicking an ad or affiliate link, or perhaps going deeper into the site. But Google wants their raters should think about whether a section of content has a valuable purpose or not, and this is some what that any site owner, SEO and content creator should think about when writing a new content or reviewing current content on a site.”

    Who was impacted

    As we mentioned above, Google has announced it is a global update, thus it will affect every type of site. According to the various surveys, it is analyzed that it purely puts impact on the medical and health related websites.

    What is YMYL

    “Your money your life”, are those pages which focused on money and life events. Google has shared some guidelines for the definition YMYL websites. By analyzing data analytics of various data companies. It is concluded that maximum changes can be seen on the YMYL sites and generally there can be seen uplift and downfall to the some extent. According to the Sistrix, only medical and  financial  pages  has been affected due to this update. Even though e-commerce, automotive e and educational sites also fluctuate due to this update.These updates can be defined as:

    • Those pages that use personal information such as personal identification numbers, drivers license numbers,bank account numbers, etc., which could be used for identity theft.
    • If Pages used for financial dealings,  on which clients share their personal and banking information,for example, any page that allows you to buy something can be affected.
    • In any case,pages that offer medical or health figures that could impact your physical well-being.
    • These pages offering advice on major life decisions, such as pages on parenting, purchasing a home, a vehicle and so on.
    • Some pages  contribute to an advice on major life issues that could impact your prospect happiness and finances, such as pages giving legal or financial advice.

    Rank Ranger has also shared some data with the  fluctuations in the ranking and  changes in search results. All this happens  due to the recent update of the Google. According to their survey, it is analyzed that medical, home goods industry and finance industries show good rank movement It is an impossible fluctuation in the first Rank position but it is possible with the big Google update.

    Sistrix has shared some of its data and saying, “The majority of changes can be seen for YMYL-sites and even there we generally only see an uplift or loss of a few percentage points.”  According to survey, it is concluded that “Mostly health and finance pages have been affected by this update.”But it is not true that other educational, eCommerce websites were also affected. Their ranking also affected due to this update. Sistrix shared some of the positions that saw gains in rankings with this update. Notice the types of sites that saw losses:

    The above figure shows lose face by the companies due to this Google’s update.

    What can you do:

    It is the biggest question for those who got negative impact due to this update. According to the Google, there is nothing to fix. It will not helpful in any way. But Google keeps suggesting this that you can work on to improve the performance of your website. It helps to make your content better and  try to provide a better user friendly environment and experience. By doing so, next update will definitely increase your ranking. If your website gets affected with the latest Google update, do the following steps:

    • Don’t panic.If you are sure that you always work well  without violated any rules thinking users-first. Every day we see some important drops go up again. SERP’s are still moving.
    • It is a good idea to generate analysis report on a daily basis. Run a complete audit of your website.You can do it by yourself. Else,you can hire an SEO expert to do this. They can make a report for the rank which goes down or upwards. In many cases a decrease in rank does not correspond to a loss of traffic.
    • Read the Guidelines carefully. Make it clear that which guidelines are good or bad for you.It will give profit to your competitors and why.
    • If your website aims multiple national markets, apply these steps one by one. It is applicable for the individual market and analyze its ranking.

    Final Thoughts:

    Google has made a massive update for the core search algorithms. It  puts a deep impact on  website search and affect many webmasters, SEOs and site owners. It seems that it will have a high positive impact on health and medical sectors. Plus, it will effect various YMYL sites as well. By making small changes in content, better  user experience and performance  can improve your ranking. If you have a business and you want to make a website and perform SEO for it, then hire Best SEO Company in India to get the amazing results.

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