Impact of COVID-19 on SEO metrics and tips to manage PPC campaign


    As well all know, Coronavirus has spread around the globe and it has affected the entire nation in a bad way.  We have seen that this pandemic has make huge changes  in every daily life.

    The one question which is mainly hitting in everyone’s mind is “How this coronavirus is impacting SEO metrics?

    Actually, the truth is COVID-19 is affecting each and every industry in a different way.

    For instance,  people are avoiding to go to grocery store. Thus, people who are selling these products online and who has websites are getting  huge traffic on their website.

    This pandemic become good for various online vendors as their organic traffic is increasing day by day and their sales increases suddenly. You can also get help from one of the top seo companies in India to handle this crisis.

    Let’s discuss some ways COVID-19 seems to be affecting SEO metrics, and how we should consider responding.

    1. Ecommerce sites are surging up

    Everyone is noticing great traffic on the ecommerce sites with huge spikes in traffic and impression.

    This traffic is mainly coming from the people who are looking for toilet paper, masks, and sanitizers etc. As they are creating queries like “toilet paper store near me”, “best available sanitizer near me” etc.

    On the other side, we also noticed that there is a huge drop in the business related to the travelling or makeup etc.

    It simply depicts that things that are non-essentials become essential one day.

    Around the same time gyms started closing, we saw impressions and traffic spike for things like “ring fit” and other indoor fitness options.

    Or how about when employers started mandating work-from-home?

    How to Respond

    Demand is more than supply right now.  This demand is shifted to those products that people usually avoid but they are most essential thing during this pandemic.

    Ecommerce SEOs are creating a segment of high-demand product pages those are based on your impressions and traffic data to look up closely.

     Watch the query data for those pages to ensure that your content reflects  the most updating search intents.

    2.  Medical and Health related sites are going up

    The health and wellness both are the mandatory for everyone.  Google pays special attentions to those sites who suggest us for our better health facilities and holding it to a very high standard.

    As a result of COVID-19, the health and wellness sites are experiencing an overall surge in impressions and traffic.

    It looks like that’s primarily being caused by queries like “coronavirus symptoms.”

    On the other hand, many people are caring less about it.

    There also seems to be an uptick in queries for natural remedies like “antiviral herbs,”, “sanitizer”, “masks”, “antibacterial essential oils,” and “antiviral foods.”

    How to Respond

    People must get suggestions from the expertise that has authorities and trust with this type of the content which is more important than now.

    People are turning to search engines to answer their medical questions, a responsibility that can’t be taken lightly.

    3. Recipe Websites Appear to Be Experiencing  Good Traffic

    Due to this worst situation, most of the people prefer home -made food.  As outside delivery has been banned for the time being.  Therefore, recipe websites and you tube channel has got good response due to this reason.

    This is likely because more people are cooking at home as opposed to eating out.

    This may continue to increase the longer restaurants are closed or operating at reduced capacity.

    This is actually good for your health too. Now you can cook health y and fresh food for yourself.

    How to Respond

    You must create some standard format to enhance the way you recipe show up in the search results to handle the increasing demands of the recipes. You can get some help from the best seo company as well so that they can suggest you better ideas.

    Consider publishing or promoting recipes that utilize fewer ingredients and ingredients that are easier to get right now.

    4. Travel website Traffic

     Most of the people, including me think that travel websites will face huge decrease in traffic due to social distancing or restrictions on travel.

    In actual, these websites are also getting traffic. Many of us think that this is due to cancel, rescheduling and get refunds for their bookings.

    But the actual story is bit complicated.

    This huge traffic is due to cheap flights. Due to lockdown, vendors are selling tickets at the discounted rates. People are booking their tickets in advance at the discounted price.

    Hotel queries seem to be trending down, especially in locations that are closed off like Disneyland or San Francisco.

    Unsurprisingly, it seems like cruise-related queries are also trending down.

    The travel industry is diverse, encompassing flights, hotels, cruises, and more.

    The specific impact is going to vary depending on the sector.

    How to Respond

    You can get help from Travel SEOs can help this effort by closely monitoring their query data to see where their audience’s demand is shifting, and using that to inform support and PR efforts.

    Some major opportunities you should focus on

    Nowadays, world is in a state of confusion, panic, scared and locked up at their places.

    With the situation changing by the hour, it can leave you feeling lost and wondering what is going to come next.

    But, we have various ideas those can work well and help you to get through this.

    It is true that situation will not the same after this COVID-19.  The companies with good bank balance are able to bear this loss and plan for something new that will come put much stronger and will be helpful to recover this phase quickly.

    To start thinking about strategic planning post-COVID-19, here are some current opportunities that you can start working on now for improved SEO

     1. Follow the Google Trends

    People are at home, it means people are searching online. You can get help from Google Trends to search new questions or topics for which people are searching for the most these days.

    If you can stay on top of this data and really start to recognize trends relevant to your business, you can begin creating content around those topics. When sales pick back up again, and you’ll be ready.

    Your content will be out there, hopefully turning into the resource people needed; thus, improving your SEO and bringing more traffic to your website.

    2. Analyze Google Search Console

    It is necessary to monitor the Google Search Console and any tools for the keywords changes which are closer than you normally do.

    In times, there is a great demand and demand has been shifted to the other business, you often see shifts in search interest and user intent on individual queries.

    If you are not monitoring this closely then you might miss major opportunity to change your approach.

    3.  Create great content bank

    Consumer behavior is shifting day by day and this pandemic will be responsible to search and behave differently than before.

    Like everyone else, you have the time, so get to writing.

    Here you need to start it by prioritizing to and mid funnel content. While this content might not be convert in the short term needs. You need to present your services for the future needs as well. By having a stockpile of great content ready to go and out there ahead of time will give you a leg-up on the competition.

    4. Utilize this time wisely

    More of a “catch-all” for marketers is simply using your time wisely.

    While content is likely the first SEO task that comes to mind, now is the time to focus on SEO as a whole.

    • Ensure your page speed is where it needs to be.
    • Update your website with fresh photos.
    • Check your URL structure.
    • Create a user-experience exercise.
    • Ensure your content is easy to find.
    • And so much more.

    For all these purpose you need to hire the best SEO talent who can work for you and your business only to promote it to the next level.

    PPC advertising is the process of paid ads that show up in the search results and recognized by the word “ad”.

    Basically an ad is clicked only when the searcher is actually interested in what is being advertised or to get the exactly what he/she is looking for. Therefore, you are often paying for the social leads against to the unwanted traffic.

     No doubt, the advertising has changed virtually overnight due to the spread of the COVID-19.

     We are seeing most of the business has been shut down all around the world.

    This will need bold, unique, creative, agile and patient with our ever-changing environment. You need to hire the best seo companies in India those can help you to promote your business once gain.

    Even the Google SERP, you can check in the way people are searching for this outbreak.  Advertisers also know very well that  COVID-19  has put bad impact on many industries’ PPC campaigns but you need to understand how to cop up with this worst situation. You must have some solid tips so that these rapid changing trends can help you out and business agile during this tough time.

    Let’s jump to these tips one by one:

     1. Props and Message of Business Value

    In many cases, companies shift to promote the most demanding products and services in the current scenario.

     Can you service or product be a high priority right now or be considered as basic elements?

    The main trends for spinning the value of messages now:

    1. Social distancing

    2.  Home schooling or online classes

    3. Working from home

    4.  Streaming/ communications

    5.  Family togetherness

    6.  Essential medical services

    If your product or services are related to the above mentioning areas, shift your temporary plan to promote these ideas.

    Also, look into shifting into virtual services or virtual consulting and providing online workshops or webinars.

    Check out the current campaigns and define if the message is still a good fit for it and what more you should be added to accommodate the changing landscape, for example:

    • Review copy CTAs for “Visit us in-store” and revise.
    •  Display sensitive images with people in groups.
    •  How you are dealing with dangerous diseases
    • What are the precautions that everyone should take, so mention them in brief.
    • Mention shipping information with features of free, fast, etc.
    • Define working hours and any deviation from the normal services.
    • Messaging on your company’s response to the virus.

    Maintain your brand presence and endure to feed the upper funnel because it may be harder to recover later after losing momentum.

    It is possible to recognize the crisis and take a softer sales approach.

    Don’t make it difficult to ramp back up later.

     2. Expenditures

     Now, it is the perfect time to reevaluate your budget and bring together your budgets vs. spend.

    If you are willing to shift budgets into those services and products those have more demand during this national emergency.

    You will definitely want to shift budgets to best performing campaigns to maximize results.

     You should take some tips from managing PPC on a small budget.

    Take some time to review your budget versus actual spend to find out chunks of budget that may not have been utilized anywhere throughout the year and apply it to the campaigns that mostly need it.

    Depending on the platform, rather than your daily budgets, consider some setting such as lifetime spends  and monthly spends limits  for the better results.

     It will free up your most of the time and you can utilize it anywhere else.

    Smart Bidding in Google and other platforms offer automated bidding features.

    This allows the platforms to automatically adjust CPC bids in real time to match the advertiser’s goals.

    The best seo companies in India do smart bidding for you to enhance your sales and profit.

    This is an automation feature that can help you be the most agile as users’ behaviors quickly change.

    3.   Search Skills

    While people are adopting social distancing but still they are doing research, buy products and living their dream through online services.

    You must know which types of the services are delivering these days and what are the turn-around times for the delivery services.

    Use ad copy or ad extensions to communicate benefits like free delivery, fast delivery, curbside pick-up, porch drop-off, etc.

    Negative Keywords

     Depending on your industry,  it is obvious that you will see some minor or major changes in search queries triggering  due to COVID-19.

    It will require two major proven approaches:

    1. Reactive:  It means review your search terms and display campaign placements in the real-time scenario based on the COVID-19 keywords and content.

    2. Proactive:  It means to forecast the searches that may trigger your ads and create negative keywords lists that should be shared among all the campaigns and updated easily.

    For instance avoid COVID-19 related keywords like:

    1. Corona

    2. covid

    3. coronavirus

    4. wuhan

    5. pandemic

    6. virus

    7. epidemic

    Also   include job/unemployment, vaccines, home schooling, or any related consumer searches if you are B2B.

    A great resource with the latest information on search behavior is Google Trends: Coronavirus Search Trends.

    4. Networks

    Nowadays, people are staying at home and they are utilizing more new and videos. Moreover, they are using more online communication tools than before.

    Facebook is receiving 50% more messaging with voice and video calling is also doubling on Messenger and WhatsApp.

    Facebook says many of its features are not monetized, so they are seeing a decrease in ad revenue such as  messaging, groups, and livestreams.

    But, the truth is, most of the people are returning to  Facebook who had left this platforms due to privacy concerns.

    Also, the sales of many digital ad platforms have been decreased. Thus, there is a great opportunity for the advertising company to see less competition in the market. Therefore you can increase market share without changing any current budget.

    The opportunity to reach more people at the top of the funnel through PPC and paid social ads is now in full swing.

    People are consuming more content these days and it offers many opportunities to the advertiser.

    • Google Display Network offers Display ad expansion and Microsoft Audience Network.
    • YouTube and in-video ad placement options.
    • Pinterest helps the consumers to discover the products for purchase.

    5. Back to Track

    At some point, various bans and restrictions will be applied on various things.

    When that happens, consumers will be eager to get outside and re-engage.

    It is good to prepare for any and all future developments. Right now, it is good to stay at home and take care of your health at any cost.

    Final Thoughts

    The sad truth about the Corona-virus is that businesses are closing their doors.  If you are plan starting new business, then hire one of the top seo companies in India for it.  Those who were loyal to their company may find themselves without a home. It will go a long way to show that you are in a strong position, which will attract top talent. You also need to change the strategies of your PPC advertising so that you can target the right audience and help the businesses to earn good profit during this crucial time.

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