How to Select SEO Ranking Tracking Tools: A Guide


    In the initial phase of the SEO, the ranking was the primary source to measure the level of success.  SEO professionals of the best SEO companies in India focused on ranking #1 for their desired golden keywords and mainly focus on the tracking tools to analyze their improvement over time. Over the years,  SEO pros learned quickly that ranking alone is a poor indicator of success.

    Ranking #1 for a keyword depicts little when that keyword brings little relevant traffic or few conversions. A lot of research in this sector concluded that the combination of rank racking with other metrics such as organic traffic and conversions are also crucial for the success of the business.

    Should We Track Ranking?

    As google improved with the passage of the time that keyword rank has become more difficult for the most widely used search engines. It is one of the primary concern of the top SEO companies in India.

    Google Doesn’t like Keyword Tracking Tools

    Google has to spend a lot of money to keep the search engine alive. The primary source of revenue comes from ads and sponsored results. Rank tracking tools often use search engines and server resources. However, they do not put any contribution to Google’s revenue flow because they do not click on the paid ads.

    Google has also built Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) which permit developers to get the keywords ranking data without using Google’s interface. APIs also provides the rank tracking data developers need without any cost. The only catch

    The only catch is that Google limits the number of API requests per day. APIs provides the rank tracking data developers need for free.

    As a workaround, the most rank tracking tools scrape the result of ranking directly from Google’s result pages. When Google finds out this, it will display a CAPTCHA form to verify that a human-made the query. Since there are various tools to work around the CAPTCHA form, Google will temporarily block the IP address if there are rapid, successive queries from the same IP address.

    Google Displays Different Results in Different Locations

    Keywords will rank differently when the search is done in different geographical locations, especially if the keyword is about a local company, organization, or person.

    Keywords like “car mechanic,” “dentist,” and “plumber” often have local intent, and you can expect these results to be different depending on where they are searched.

    When looking for rank tracking tools, also consider if they are capable of tracking results from different regions, especially the ones associated with your target market.

    Google Delivers Personalization to Results

     Mainly Google tracks those results that you tend to click on and hit the back button over it. Google can do this whether you are logged into a Google account or not. Moreover, it can be more difficult when you are logged out.

    To unfollow it, follow the following techniques:

     1. Logging out of a Google account

    2. Using Private Browsing or Incognito Mode on your web browser.

    3. Adding the URL parameter &pws=0, which tells Google to disable personalized web search results.

    Ranking as a KPI

    If Keyword ranking seems to be inconsistent. No doubt, You can show an SEO client #1 rankings for the desired keywords, but when they search these keywords in their location or on their personal browser,  it may be rank different.

    The main factor to pay attention to is not the rank itself, but the trends. Rank shifts are important to make a note of regardless of the ranking position.

     Types of Rank Tracking Tools

    Keywords ranking tools come in different forms and can be installed based on their installation types:

    The three main types are:

    1. Web Browser Plugins

    2. Desktop Applications

    3. Web-Based SaaS Applications

     1. Web Browser Plugins

    The Browser plugins are add-ons that extend the abilities of your web browser. Indeedseo’s Firefox Rank Checker Extension is the only one of its kind.


    1. It is a highly useful plugin because it can mask the scraping tool as a web browser.

    2. As Google doesn’t like rank tracking tools, if it tries to identify the user-agent,  which acts an identification card of a web browser, it will appear as Firefox instead of scraping script because this tool runs within Firefox. This tool runs promptly, thus if you need ranking quickly, use this plugin and get the ranking numbers in the right way.


    1. No doubt, Firefox plugin has the user-agent of a normal web browser, the speed and queries behavior queries done from the same IP address will appear unnatural. Therefore, getting blocked from the search engine is common when you use this type of extension.

    2. This type of keyword Browser plugin ranking tools are good for small sets of the keywords, typically 100 or less, and when you want the results immediately.

    2. Desktop Applications

    Desktop applications are the program that you install on your computer. As a standalone program, they do not need a web browser.

    They are capable of running more extensive lists of keywords without getting blocked by Google.

    Desktop applications accomplish this in two ways:

     1. Follow the human behavior by inserting time and pauses between queries, copying a web browser user-agent, downloading all page properties (e.g., images), and not just the ranking results.

    2. Using a spinning list of IP addresses that you supply. This allows the tool to make it appear as if the queries are raised from different computers.

    For instance

    1. WebCEO

    2. SEO Smart Suite

    3. Internet Business Promote

     Many of these tools are not only for rank checking but can be used for various other purposes as well, such as backlink analysis and keyword researcher.


    Can run a more significant amount of keywords compared to the browser plugin tool without getting blocked by Google.


    Although it has various advantages such as human emulation and using numbers of IP proxy addresses if you are using this within a digital marketing agency that has multiple clients, then it will be challenging to handle them all. You can’t speed up the process because that will counteract the human emulation.

    You can attempt to increase the number of IP addresses, but this greatly increases the cost if you are getting new IP addresses just for the sole purpose of rank tracking.

    Desktop application rank tracking tools are ideal to use for small boutique SEO businesses, or for conducting SEO on your non-SEO business.

    This works when you don’t have a large number of keywords to track, and it will keep the cost down.

     3. Web-Based SaaS Solutions

    Web-Based Software as a service solution does not run on your local computers. Instead, they run on a subscription-based server. This will handle the problem of maintaining numbers of IP addresses.  Therefore, web-based SaaS is the better solution and that’s why many of the desktop applications mentioned above have a web-based version of their products.

    This really is a better solution, which is why many of the desktop applications mentioned above also have web-based versions of their products.

    Some of these web-based services focus primarily on ranking, while others have multiple capabilities. Therefore, primarily rank tracking tools:

    1. Authority Labs

    2. AWRCloud

    3. Stat

    Multipurpose SEO tools that include rank tracking:

    1. Dragon Metrics

    2. Linkdex

    3. BrightEdge


    Web-based solutions are more stable as it requires less maintenance and handles IP rotation for you. Many of the web-based tools can track local results within a city, as well as international results for different countries, which allows you to track ranking for your target market.


    Web-based applications tend to cost more than desktop application rank trackers and because they run on a server, most rank tracking is queued and scheduled, so you won’t get immediate results. Therefore, it is best to use these SaaS solutions when you are a large digital marketing agency or a large SEO company.


    As we all know, we are living in a  digital world where everything is revolving around technology. Similarly, Digital marketing also goes through trends just like anything else, but while some of these trends come and go without most people ever noticing, many of them end up becoming permanent features in the particular collection.  It is due to the advent of new technologies. The best SEO agency in India uses keyword tracking tools according to their requirements. There will be rank tracking tools that are capable of only rank tracking, and there will be some that are more expensive that do a lot more and possibly could replace some of your other SEO tools. Some tolls only focus on the US market while others focus on the international market as well.

    Some tools may have APIs where you can integrate the data with your custom-built tools. Consider all of this during your rank tracking tool selection process. Find the rank tracking tool that best suits your specific needs.

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