How to Prepare your Market Plans for the Coronavirus Downturn


    By now, we all have heard about Coronavirus and its harmful effects on human beings.  This pandemic is a serious concern and will continue to spread for a while.

    Did you know that we are getting roughly more than 276,170 cases worldwide and it is increasing day by day. At this point, everyone should take safety precautions to recommend by the World Health Organization (WHO).

    No one really knows how many people will be infected or will pass away sadly, but it has caused the global stock markets to crash, which means as a business or even a marketer, you will be affected.  The top SEO companies will definitely find a solid solution to combat the Coronavirus impact.  

    Our businesses are facing major challenges times these days as the economic impact of this pandemic disease known as COVID 19starts to bite everyone.

    Businesses will suffer for a while

    In China, the virus is recovering quickly, but still, businesses took some time to get their previous positions. This is the worldwide effect and every business needs to work hard to make up their losses.  Companies like APPLE also shut down their store to prevent virus spread.

    This situation simply depicts less income, less store. Most of the MNC are going to pay their employees during this worst condition but not all the companies have good bank balance and they are not ready to do the same. This COVID 19 hits the travel industry badly. The virus is expected to lose them 820 billion dollars. The ports and beaches are empty and it will cost a huge amount to come up with this loss.

    It’s estimated that in total COVID-19 will cost $2.7 trillion to the global economy.

     Organic Traffic goes down

    Most of the best SEO companies in India are dealing with almost every sector. The data of their Google Analytics tool shows that the ratio of their daily visitor as compared to their various graph. Here, we not are talking about a single country or a single sector. We are talking about these global companies that are affected by this dangerous virus.  Along with this, the conversion rate of these industries also goes down and even reducing day by day.  From this huge loss, we can judge how much we are affected and how dangerous this virus is.

    Keep Calm and Optimizing

    This is not a time to get panic. It is time to fight this virus.  Many of the clients are close to their contract and shutting down their marketing operations without any prior notification. as their business sales go down

    This knee-jerk reaction is setting your business up for a long-term, uphill struggle to recover.

    Where you have Real Estate business, Restaurant, a small retail showroom or any other private business, you may face some losses in the coming months.

    We businesses varying from eCommerce to automobile, product or service business,  all will face major challenges in the future.

    “Squash the curve” is the only way to mitigate the tension of damage done by this pandemic. It will not only eliminate the number of cases but also help to prevent it from spreading.

    Organic search is a zero-sum game; your gains or losses are exactly balanced by the gains or losses of others in the SERPs.

    We understand paid search and social as a live auction but tend not to think of organic this way.

    No doubt, you will get business from many dependent companies but at a lower rate so that they can also get some profit during this tough situation.

    Digital marketing can help you to get back on track if you are facing loss in your business sales. It is true that every business means everyone is facing or will have to face some serious implications in the future due to this COVID 19.

    Must Take Business Activity during Coronavirus Downturn

    Let us discuss some pragmatic steps that every business must take to prepare marketing activity during this Coronavirus downturn:

    1. Work smartly to retain your existing customer

    If you are out of sight, it simply means you are out of mind.  You need to keep in touch with your customers regularly or you may lose them.  It costs less to retain tour existing customers as compared to hire a new one.

    Marketing automation:  It is one of the easiest methods with low cost and most effective way to make regular contacts with your already existing customers.  By adopting this method do not mean to send automated email marketing spam or broadcasting messages or call to get new customers. You require sending tailored, contextualized, beleaguered messages to existing customers who wants to listen from you. This is the main concept that best SEO companies in India adopting during the current situation.   Do not forget to get in touch with your existing customers at every point during this journey with the help of social activities by exploring the web.  By implementing this method automatically or in an organized way always helpful to ensure the jobs get done and will free up your more expensive human talents to deliver creative campaigns that will add even more ROI.

    Power of social media:  More engagement on social media means more conversions with existing customers. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn are the major platforms where customers give reviews and rating related to your products, discussing their purchasing decisions and exchange ideas related to your business.  Therefore, create a low cost plan to reach the customers at every point in the social media funnel.  Try to use these powerful tools to listen to your valuable customer, their requirements and what they are talking about. Learn about your market. Always remember that this is not for the advertising purpose – your contributions to the conversation need to be valuable and appropriate.

    2.  Get More Visibility

    Generate brand awareness to promote your business to the next level and get more visibility. It simply means drive more traffic to your website to make more sales. When they are searching for, what you are selling is the best time to convert your potential customers.  You need to rank at the top searches at every stage of the purchasing lifecycle from exploring new suppliers to evaluating more specific offerings.

    Exposure Effect: The ordinary exposure effect is the marketing technique through which consumers can grow a strong preference for your services and products purely because they are aware of it.  It is a good time to implement all the low-cost techniques that will help you to enhance your brand awareness and visibility.  Create high-quality content for the longer-term usage.

    Update your content:  Many businesses are based on strong, creative and unique content. That never become outdated and still has a strong value for the customers and for search engine too.  SO revisit your content, update it, refine it and add adequate keywords according to the requirement.

     Viewpoint: People viewpoint is always important for the success of any business. Leverage the authority of other respected experts is an inexpensive way to get visible in front of a larger pool of your potential clients.

    3. Focus on driving conversions

    The best digital marketing technique with less cost and high impact is highly used to focus on its conversion rate optimization. These small incremental changes to the journey of the user will give more traffic to the customer’s websites.

    • Post positive reviews and stories: These positive posts are highly helpful for your business. Revisit how you are making case studies, reviews and recommendations at each point in your marketing plans and take your time to implement these things on your website and share it actively on social media.
    • Customer Experience: Invest in your website to confirm that you are giving fast and user-friendly experience to your customers. To cut down the cost, make sure that small changes on your website will have a good impact on the final output.

    4.  Measurement

    If you are unable to measure then you can’t handle it. If you are unable to manage then you are pouring money down the drain.

    You need to measure sales, lead generated counting, upsells, or recommendations.

    Organize your Google Analytics in the right way:  It is helpful to confirm that you are wrapper all the fundamentals and you are using efficient data for better marketing efficiencies. Do you set up goals correctly? Have you associated with your Search Console? Are you utilizing all the free data that Google Analytics provides to you that can shape your strategy?

    Measure your social media ROI: It is important to measure your social media ROI.  Resource utilization should be properly handled if you have tight budget schedule. One wrong decision might put an allegation on your business growth. No doubt, social media is a time-consuming process and an optional or non-essential activity.

    Before taking any final decision, confirm that you have visited all the social media that are contributing to your success.

    5.  Test and Learn

     Finally, it’s time to test the entire puzzle.  You will have a lot of the solutions but can implement only those which have great output. You need to be creative and sprightly.  Measure your excess and learn from the experiment. The main tips are:

    1.The experiment should be fast, cheap and easy to deliver.

    2. If it works, then fine otherwise go to alternative options.

    3. In any case, it does not work so well then kill the experiment and move on and then no harm will be done. You will have tested something, learned from it, allowing you to move on and test something new.

    And don’t forget to put your Mask

    Everything will get affected due to this outbreak and some will face major loses especially businesses established in Italy and China.

    To interrupt this change, you need to break down it. For this purpose, you need social distancing and impending economic uncertainty are all serious stressors for business owners.

     You must have responsibilities of your employees, customers and other stakeholder but your personal take care is also necessary. People will care for others if and only if they are well and fit.

    Everyone has responsibilities to employees, customers, and other stakeholders – but you need to take care of yourself so you’re in shape to take care of those others, first.

    The WHO has published a document entitled Mental Health Considerations During COVID-19 Outbreak that must be followed by all of us and also recommend it to  

    Remember that “Prevention is better than cure”.

    Final Thought

    Every problem has a solution. Soon, we will also find a possible solution for this deadly disease as well. The main concern is how to get your business back on track and increase its sales so that people cannot face huge losses in the coming months. Focusing on the future is necessary and what we can do to prepare for recovery matters.

    If you are also facing loss, consult the top SEO companies in India those will definitely help you to get your business back on track with their proven techniques and strategies. Their services will help you to get more visibility, enhance your brand awareness, improve your sales and also increase organic traffic to your websites.  All these factors are important to increase your Google ranking. Once you are getting these services in a proper manner, you will get top Google ranking within a few months for sure. 

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