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    The main function of SEO is to drive more unpaid useful traffic to a site that converts into sales. SEO is not a single day game; it needs time to get the best results in the region. If you want good SEO, you must pay well.  There is an absolute truth,  get what you pay for. More you pay, more exciting offers you will get. Most of the times, agencies claimed that they had attained rank #1 for your website, but after Google’s algorithm’s update, most of the client lost their top position. They have had to work extra hard and getting back to where they were the pre-SEO campaign.  It is an expansive scenario if you work with an online market agency for a longer time and expect ethical and exceptional at best SEO company in India.

    Before moving to the tips on how to create SEO-Friendly homepages, Let’s discuss some basics of the SEO:

    What is Search Engine Optimization?

    Search Engine Optimization involves the process of editing a web page’s elements to make it more likely web pages as shown up in research results when some type in the query section. For example, if  I had just typed, “ Social Media Marketing Report” into Google. Here’s the search engine results page (SERP) that are presented to me:

    All of the results on this page  which do not contain little green box next to them  known as  “ad” are pages that have been optimized to rank for the search query “social media marketing report.”

    It is concluded that, SEO has no shortcut. So you need patience and focus on those strategies that are working well and generate effective results.

    What are the SEO landing pages?

    SEO landing pages are those optimized for search engines. These pages have features that make it particularly appealing to the algorithms that decide whether or not a page is valuable to searchers. As most of the marketing campaigns are short, people assume that it is not necessary to optimize the landing pages.  Most of the drives are short, but they are inevitable. If you are launching an online promotion for the shortest period, then you will get, less online traffic as compared to the long-lasting developments.

    With the passage of time,  Google has learned more about what makes pages valuable to searchers. They’ve made many algorithms updates the big ones named after animals, like “Hummingbird,” “Panda,” and “Penguin.” Google’s updates gained a huge reputation for giving search engine optimizers significant headaches and wiping out entire networks of websites from SERPs. People used “black hats” tactics like keyword-stuffing, link farming, and sneaky redirects to shoot to the top of search results.

    Today,  most of the websites those are getting benefits from these techniques like that never recovered, and anyone who tries them now risks being blacklisted by Google a stark reminder that cheaters never prosper.

    How to create an SEO-Friendly  landing page

    When  you are wishing to make your next landing page, consider the following tips and best practices as an SEO landing page template:

    Customize Landing Page

    Many times when you create a page using a content management system, you’ll have the option to publish to a sub-domain of the service provider. For example, when you build a page using Instapage, you have the opportunity to post it to your custom domain. By publishing your landing page to your area, you get the added advantage of a small ranking to boost when people search for your page’s keywords.

    Determine your Keywords

    It is important to pick the right keyword and keyword phrases in successful search engine optimization. It must be your priority to increase traffic to your site, but attracting the right audience should be a necessity. Choosing the most effective keywords to connect with your target market can take time and research, but the results will be worth it. The top SEO companies in India focus on the critical keywords only to get the best results.

    There are numbers of ways through, and you can select and pick the right keywords that will attract the right people to your website. However, sometimes, it is tough to accept the right terms for Google.  They have been many changes in search behavior and search guidelines in the last few years, and they are continually changing. If you want your web pages, content marketing, and email marketing best and to provide optimal results, then you need to understand how to research and use keywords in the current environment. Make a list of the terms which matched with your page, and try to figure out what combinations of those terms (called long-tail keywords) someone might type into Google with the intent of finding what you have to offer.

    Long-tail keywords are more comfortable to rank for than their shorter counterparts and often produce a higher ROI.

    Include your page properly on your landing page

    Once you have decided your relevant keywords, the next step is to place them strategically on the landing pages. Let’s discuss some points if you want to get ahead on SERP’s:

     1. Title tag: Title tag depicts about your page. Focus on making your title compelling to encourage click-throughs. It’s the prominent blue link which represents a page on SERPs, and it’s displayed up at the top of the page in your browser’s tabs.

    2. Meta description: This is the short description of the page that you can see underneath the title in SERP’s.  It is helpful for the searcher to give an idea of what they’re going to find on the page if they click through.

    3. Header Tags:  Title tags are arranged in the hierarchy from H1 to H6 in HTML. Your page should have only one H1 ticket, and it should be your main headline.  If you are using sub-heading under H1, use H2s for this. If you plan on having subheadings under your H2s, use H3s, and so on. This optimizes your content. Putting words into an H1 says to Google, “These are the most critical words on my page.

    4. Image optimization: Always give the name to a file. Since Google cannot see your image physically.  An image title containing your keywords will help improve ranking as well.

    Length of the pages

    Traditionally, we’ve heard that search engines favor great content over the short. And that completely contradicts what we’ve all been taught about creating great landing pages. While data has shown that long content ranks highly in search engines, according to Neil Patel, the relationship is more about correlation than causation.

     Neil analyzes the reason isn’t because of its high word count, but because it’s well researched and full of valuable information which attracts more readers, more shares, and more clicks. All of these signal to Google that your page deserves a rankings bump.

    Secure backlinks to your page

    Getting people to link to your page is also one of the good way to get organic traffic.  To Google, if someone likes your content enough to link to it from their website, they are vouching for you. So how do you do this without creating groundbreaking viral content that reaches all corners of the Internet? Backlinks are the links that directed towards your website.  It is considered that more the backlinks more popular will be your website is. It is believed that backlinks are important for the SEO, because various search engines such as Google, give more credit to those websites which have quality and reasonable amounts of backlinks. This fact is accepted largely and integrated by the leading SEO Company in India, but there are digital marketing strategists, who try to avoid the significance of link building, but this is absolutely a wrong step. Hence, link building plays an important role in the success of SEO services, and it clearly defines that how Google would decide which sites should be reflected on the first page of Google search.

     For this purpose, you need to focus on:

    1.  Create Original Content

    2. Identify influencers in your industry

    6. Speed up your page

    According to the report, 47% of people expect pages to load in less than two seconds whereas 40% will abandon it after three seconds. This comes back to improving the user experience. It can be obtained by using the following methods. These are:

    1. Using smaller image files that don’t compromise quality

    2. Switching to a faster web host

    3. Shutting off all plugins or extensions your page isn’t using

    Make your content shareable

    Social indicators such as Retweets, Facebook shares, and “+1’s” were once thought to affect a page’s SEO directly. However, just because Google says that social indicators don’t directly influence SEO therefore, it doesn’t mean you should ignore social media altogether. Just the opposite. Again, it is helpful to produce high-quality content. Leverage social proof by including social media “share” buttons on your “thank you” page so that once your prospect has claimed your well-researched ebook, she can share it with everyone in her network.


     SEO plays a vital role in the success of your business. Always remember that you shouldn’t target a single, branded keyword on your homepage. You need to do everything with the power of SEO to understand the Search Engines what your company and product are about while at the same time giving visitors your USP and answering FAQs. Just focus on one thing that presentation is everything. If you want to hire the best SEO company for the promotion of your website, Consult, Indeeseo top SEO company in India and enjoy the fruitful results.

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