How Digital Marketing Strategies are Useful?


    Nowadays, business is going through a huge transformation, you can call it revolution. It is driven by emerging technologies. Thus, entrepreneurs and marketers need to know, how to recognize, involve and delight their digital customers, distributing experiences that are meaningful in every moment of truth. If you have no idea about this field, you can consult Top SEO company in India to get the valuable information regarding this broad field.

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    During 2012 and 2013, an informal survey on how Digital Marketing strategies were conducted. The results of 2012 were very disconcerting: two thirds to three-quarters of companies did not have a digital marketing plan. Apparently many practice digital marketing without a prioritized plan of activities to integrate online marketing. SEO Services are important for the success of any business.

    Later on again a survey Digital Marketing Management Report, published in 2014, which were interested in seeing how this percentage was looking for an already defined template. In this survey, it is found that only 38% organization were saying that, Yes it is integrated together with our market strategy. 16% said that, it is in a separate document. 46% said that, we practice digital marketing, but we do not have a defined strategy.

    Therefore, latest research suggests an improved planning approach, with less than half without a digital strategy. Congratulations if you are one of those companies!

    It is also true that, Not every company is ready to adapt, while it is extremely easy to miss the mark, committing digital strategy mistakes that might kill all your efforts. When that happens – no matter what you do to recover-you will likely lose customers.

    Some suggested approaches to developing a digital strategy are:

    But what happens if you are part of the companies that do not yet have a digital marketing strategy? Well, They must have some alternative plans for the next step, but they are not an appropriate one:

    1. An unspecified digital channel plan.

    2. An integrated digital plan that is part of the marketing plan. The digital becomes part of the business.

    3. A separate digital marketing plan that defines the necessary transformation and creates an investment case.

    Lets’s jump into some some reason why we need digital marketing strategy.

    1. Stay digital Friendly:

    Google’s update its algorithms frequently for the goodness of it’s users. The most recent changes in Google’s search engine algorithm have carried the attention to the importance of a digital-savvy strategy. If you do not have a digital-friendly presence, with a special consideration for the mobile experience, then you are not talking the same language your customer talk. Google gives priority to the mobile version first as compared to the desktop versions. If you don’t have any responsive website then consult with companies who can provide you this. After responsive website, you can do by yourself or hire best SEO company in India for the optimization of your website and to rank well.

    2. Well-defined Address

    There are various companies that do not have a digital strategy and many companies have no clear objectives of what they want to achieve in the online market, in terms of winning new customers or building stronger relationships with existing ones. If you do not have objectives, then you probably do not put enough resources to achieve your goals and do not evaluate, using analytics, if you are fulfilling them.

    3. Gain Market Share

    You must aware about your competitors in the market and you also must know the latest trend in the market. If you are not focusing a lot of resources on online marketing or if you are using an appropriate approach, but without clearly defined policies, your competitors will get better ranking than yours.

    4. Do not have an online value proposition

    A clear definition of the value proposition online will help you differentiate your online services, loyalty to your existing and new customers.

    5. Personalize contents

    Personalization is the keyword that understand why you need to put all of your customers in the personalize content. Digital customers and millennials above all-refuse to be treated as one broad mass with undefined behaviors. They demand tailored content, served at the right time on the right device. Talk to everyone and you will end up talking to no one at all.

    6. Unaware of online market Share

    Maybe you do not understand your online market: the movements are different from the old-fashioned channels, with different types of customer profiles and behaviors, competition, proposals and marketing communications options. Customer demand for online services may be underestimated if you have not done research on it.

    7. No knowledge of online customers

    It is common to say that digital marketing is the “most measurable medium”, but Google Analytics and others similar to it will tell you that the volume does not reflect the feeling. You need to use other tools to get feedback from your customers online to identify your weaknesses and deal with them.

    8. Lack of knowledge of Digital World

    Insufficient resources will be focused on planning and executing e-marketing or electronic marketing and there is the possibility that there is a lack of specific e-marketing skills, which will make it difficult to respond to the threats of the competition effectively.

    9. You are not “unified”

    It is very common for digital marketing to be complemented by parts, be it a professional specialist in digital marketing, sitting in the area of ​​Information Technology and Communications or in a digital marketing agency. That way it is easier to offer packaged digital marketing in a package that suits. But, of course, that is less effective. Everyone agrees that digital media work best when integrated with traditional media and response channels.

    10. Avoid duplicacy

    Even if you have the necessary resources, they can be lost. This case occurs particularly in companies where you see that different parts of the marketing organization acquire different tools or use different agencies to perform similar online marketing tasks.

    11. You are not updated according to the technology

    If you see the most important online brands like Amazon, Dell, Google, Tesco, Zappos, you will realize that they are all dynamic. Everyone tries new approaches to win and keep their audience online. If you are working on the digital marketing strategies then you are losing your game in this competitive world.

    12. You are not optimized

    Every company with a Web page has analytics, but many of the senior managers do not ensure that their teams separate or have time to review and act on it. Once the strategy allows you to understand the basics correctly, then you can progress continuously to the key aspects such as search marketing, on-site user experience and email marketing and social networks.

    13. Your Voice

    It is important that you should know your position in the market. If you have no idea regarding your competitor at the first place, then you will never be able to connect with customers, create amazing content marketing and engage with meaningful experiences As perfectly as shown by the Lego success story, your company is defined not only by what you produce and sell, but also by what you are and narrate. Your archetypes and storytelling.

    14. Testing is Important

    Testing and learning, the last step of your actual strategy and the first one of your next strategy. Analysis should be inherent in everything you do with your strategy, and it is only by testing what you are doing that you will be able to refocus budget, goals and technological support. Ultimately learning from your mistakes in a looping cycle. Forever only lasts until tomorrow.

    15. Data is Everything

    Every science is deep-rooted in data. Marketing and digital strategy make no difference. The expertise that surrounds us produce a humongous quantity of information. Some are useful, some are just ground noise; it is up to you to tell good from bad, using data to understand your customers and learn how to engage them effectively. Big Data is not just a name for speculative analysis. It is a science in itself.


    If you look around, you will see that every single association is now elaborate in the endless search for revolutionary roads to become best-in-class examples of digital transformation. Gone are the days when ‘digital’ was unnoticed and sidelined as the weird cousin of traditional marketing. Innovation, today, inevitably translates into digital innovation. With the advent of technology, marketing strategies have been changed according to the latest trends.

    It is also a plus point for your business, if you are changing your strategies, according to the demands and latest trends. If you are sticking with outdated strategy, then you will never get an optimal result. Well, we have discussed 15 most important problems that can be avoided with a clear and well-crafted strategy. It is very important that every company, whether new or already have the presence in the market, has a good Digital marketing strategy. You can consult the best SEO company who is following all the above mentioned techniques to provide the best result to their customers.

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